IHS:2015 distributed PV in China is expected to reach 4.7GW

Polaris solar PV net news: well-known forecasters IHS solar team top ten 8th, 2015 solar market forecast, saying the 2015 global installed capacity growth 25%. Distributed PV in China is expected to grow from 20% to 4.7GW.

Based on cost reduction, IHS think 2015 global solar cell market is expected to maintain double-digit growth, expected growth of 16%-25% of 53-57GW. The biggest market is China, Japan and the United States, the fastest growing are China, the United States and India. Second, concentrating solar power plant fast-growing, IHS predicted in early 2015, new expected large-scale centralized power plant growth 37%, 250MW.

The industry believes that under the promotion of a range of policies, distributed PV in China in 2015 will be a huge development. IHS argued that distributed in China market will continue to grow, but still not as good as expected, and is expected to reach 4.7GW. “Distributed PV in China targets ambitious, market launch, policies and business models will contribute to that progress, but difficulties remain in the target. “IHS said.

IHS also predicted that Chile, South America emerging markets photovoltaic installed capacity is expected to reach 1GW. Jordan, the Philippines, Honduras and other emerging-market countries will usher in a growth, on the contrary, Mexico, and Brazil and Turkey and other countries of the market uncertainty. Technical aspects of instantaneous energy storage technology, the application of technology of single crystal growth.

Original title: IHS:2015 distributed PV in China is expected to reach 4.7GW

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