Li Hejun’s richest person, Forbes said,

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, “beyond the MA has become the richest man” makes the name Li Hejun in major media, micro-circles brushes Panel. Its Hong Kong-listed Chinese films the generation of companies worth more than 150 billion yuan. The news that, combined with Sino-hydro and other assets worth more than 200 billion yuan, become the richest man in mainland China. However, this statistic is a solid, reliable, has yet to prove whether its worth more than Ma also needs to be a more accurate statistics.

China richest man easy main topic in global also is fire, outside media also followed cou has many lively, FT and Han can in recently on staged has one “love hate love revenge”, first earlier this month views Li Hejun signature articles, discussion can renewable energy and the China Development, on Li Hejun views big plus appreciates; then in 28th, and published articles, serious suspected its company operation… What is right or wrong, spectators will judge.

Just this morning, another old-line fortune, Forbes or spoken comments, published an article in the Chinese investors bearish questioned CEO promises to be more third-party deals, perhaps more reasonable value for investors. Here’s what Forbes Magazine Editor, RussellFlannery compiles the contents of the article:

Han Chinese films the generation Group of financial investors bearish reports yesterday questioned whether the company and the parent company of the “unorthodox approach”, in particular sales contacts between them. A day after, solo film shares rose 1.1%, and since November, its share price has turned more than 1 time.

I emailed today discussed with Hina, Chief Executive of film FrankDai shares rose sharply, non-affiliated or third party transactions, Chinese and overseas acquisitions and other issues such as the future business prospects. Li Hejun, Chairman of Chinese billionaires in last October’s Forbes mainland China rich list ranked fifth.

Q: your company’s stock rose more than 1 time since November last year, caused a lot of speculation. Do you think the reason behind it?

Answer: since November 17 Tong and Shanghai since it opened last year, mainland investors for shares in Chinese films the generation have shown keen interest. Of course, we cannot fully analyze the reasons for stock prices since November and more than double, but we estimate that Shanghai and Hong Kong Tong is one of the important reasons.

In addition, the policy environment to support renewable energy in China, issued the ambitious goals for solar power. National Energy Board planned this year, China’s total installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power generation will reach 15 GW, distributed PV accounted for 7 gigawatts, of which at least 3.15 GW will be installed on the roof of the building. We believe that many investors will take into account these positive policies plus because it 7 gigawatts of distributed marketing is our company’s strengths. Hina is very willing to change the energy use patterns in China and contribute to the world, investors made a positive response.

Finally, who is committed to clean energy’s roots can be traced back to 1994, we in hydropower, wind power, and now the success of thin-film solar power generation, and in the process has accumulated abundant capital and deep resources and technological advantages, we have the world’s best thin-film solar power generation technology, which helps to have strong investor confidence.

Q: Hina how third-party business Outlook for this year? Sales totaled how much market share it you want?

Answer: we have issued a trading statement on December 24 last year, Han can sell to a third party Fund five photovoltaic power station with a total capacity of 180 MW. The company will receive about 777.6 million yuan in net profit, the 2014-profits make a significant contribution to the company.

We believe this year’s Chinese film is very optimistic about the prospects of the third party business. Companies will continue to intensify its efforts to expand global markets and raw materials, from downstream third-party clients to explore new sources of income.

Q: about your enterprise from acquisitions in Europe and America, how is your technology integrate?

Answer: technology integration for Solibro,Miasole,GlobalSolarEnergy and AltaDevices is satisfactory. Who constantly strive to leverage our unique core advantage, synergies in human and technical resources, consolidating Hina the world leader in thin-film solar position in the world.

Q: who next plans for overseas mergers and acquisitions?

Answer: “hi-tech + energy” is a basic characteristic of flexible thin film solar power generation industry. We firmly believe that the thin film solar power generation industry’s future is decided by the technology. So, who will always strive to stand at the forefront of technology. Through mergers and acquisitions, we have access to the leading supplier of CIGS and GaAs thin film technology, and continued efforts to optimize these technologies, and their mass production. Our commitment to technology leadership means that we keep an open attitude of mergers and acquisitions in future, if we believe that an especially promising, it will be considered objective.

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