Li Tenghui 2015 1GW of grid-connected PV power station engineering construction tender pre-qualification announcement

Polaris solar PV net news: Li Tenghui to 2015-about 1GW of grid-connected PV power station project construction for the domestic public tender invites interested potential bidders (hereinafter the applicants) submit a prequalification application. Tendering related matters are hereby announced as follows:

1, scope of project profiles and bidding

1.1 construction scale: 1GW (mainly located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hebei, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other areas);

1.2 scope of tender: the tender for electrical and mechanical engineering and civil engineering construction contract bidding, in General is divided into three sections, as follows:

Marked segment a: solar array column regional construction engineering, work interface for: field within of all equipment installation, and basic site flat, and cable laying, and debugging, engineering construction content, as piling, bracket installation, component, and Confluence box, and inverse variable device, and box variable, electrical equipment of installation debugging, and all line cable laying and connection (containing video monitoring line cable, and communications cable, and melt fiber); regional, and equipment, and facilities marked and anti-Thunder grounding engineering,. In this section in addition to the tender offer materials and equipment, all main and auxiliary materials supplied by the contractor.

Marked segment II: in the controlled floor of civil and the decoration, and equipment based, and boost station distribution electric regional within of high low voltage switch cabinet, and station with variable, and SVG, and main variable (not containing main variable ontology in place), and GIS (AIS), and II times equipment, and lightning rod, and grounding variable, all electrical equipment installation (containing discharge in place, and Group screen, and on side and the this side melt fiber; equipment, and facilities marked), and debugging. Main equipment supplied by the tenderer.

Section III: civil engineering, including House, Office building, fences, roads, water pumping stations, lightning protection and grounding (and main grounding grid connection), plumbing, HVAC, equipment, video surveillance in the field based and embedded pipes, water pipes connected to the municipal pipe network and other related construction projects. Contracting for labor, materials, packages, debug, package, and acceptance.

Applicant registration kit and marked section of ordinal responses.

2, the applicant eligibility requirements

2.1 in the people’s Republic of China in accordance with the People’s Republic of China law, with legal personality and ability to complete registration of the units in this project.

2.2 installation qualification requirements applicants in this bidding process:

Section one: applicant must have a mechanical and electrical installation of tertiary or above qualification, installation (repair, test) and electric utilities license qualification.

Section II: applicant must be one of the following qualifications:

a. Power transmission and transformation Project Professional contracting qualification.

b. Mechanical and electrical installation of secondary or above qualification, installation (repair, try) to permit qualification of power facilities, construction with more than three levels of construction and installation and construction quality, production safety management qualification.

Section III: civil construction must have more than three levels of construction and installation and construction quality, production safety management qualification.

Above qualification documents must provide original documents to verify at the tender stage.

2.3 the project does not accept the Consortium bid, but with more than one qualification units can respond to multiple sections of the tender requirements.

2.4 the applicant should be in terms of personnel, equipment, funds, with the corresponding construction capacity. Experience in one or two paragraphs with or similar power project construction and performance priority list.

2.5 the construction site of the project the project manager must have national or international project manager qualifications, project managers have experience in construction of large, complex projects, and should be for the actual project management responsibilities who entered project construction field technician, quality inspector, security staff must have a post certificate.

2.6 applicants must be a violator’s business license, safety construction permits, company as an independent legal entity.

2.7 with registered capital of RMB 10 million Yuan (or equivalent) and above.

2.8 Bank credit record is good, healthy financial position.

2.9 the applicant should have a good business reputation and performance, no bad record contract, no bad record of the proceedings, no records received in the tendering and bidding activities with breaking the rules, having no record of poor construction quality, no farmer workers ‘ wage records.

2.10 outsourcing is not allowed in this bidding process.

3, prequalification method: the pre-qualification uses a qualified business.

4, prequalification documents to submit

4.1 applications for prequalification documents submit deadline:

17:00 on February 6, 2015 (Beijing time).

4.2 prequalification document modes: phone, paper documents or electronic documents, mail submission.

4.3 delayed pre-trial applications for documents, the tenderee is inadmissible.

We welcome applicants to Li Tenghui visited the company in Exchange!

Tenderee: Li Tenghui in photovoltaic technology limited

Location: town of Changshu city, Jiangsu Province shajiabang 1th Teng-hui Chang-Kun Industrial Park Road,

Contact: 0512-82355289 Chancay

Xiaofeng Wang 0512-82355309

Email: [email protected]


1. the application for pre-qualification of bidders

2. prequalification form

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