National PV this year proposed new 15GW exceeded expectations

Polaris solar PV net news: informed sources, the National Energy Board recently issued a 2015 national scale grid-connected PV annual plans to add a table (draft for soliciting opinions), PV this year plans to add scale 15GW 14GW is higher than the previous year, rose by about 7.14%.

These people say, 2015 plan added 15GW, current comments, final results for the National Energy Board to confirm, or there is the possibility to fine-tune the 2015 plans to add size, ground station to 8GW, distributed PV 7GW (distributed PV roofs less than 3.15GW). The message was also confirmed by the PV enterprise level.

Industry analysts noted that the 2015 large photovoltaic power plant plans to add scale to 8GW 6GW last year, showed that in 2015 the ground station is still the mainstream; but it plans to add the 7GW means Distributed PV will be matured, and volume growth.

In 2014, the National Energy Board planned annual capacity of 14GW earlier, but, according to industry data, because the policy does not improve, annual actual installed capacity is only about 10-11GW. According to the data, installed this year to achieve its objectives, will show a large increase.

Large Chinese PV companies jinkosolar is expected, in places such as Central America under the sustained volume growth photovoltaic market, distributing market will gradually catch up with the station on the ground, 2015 global PV installed capacity is expected to remain positive growth, reached about 55GW.

Original title: national PV this year proposed new 15GW exceeded expectations

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