New energy development which concern: the increase in installed capacity, inefficient

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014, China’s emerging energy installed capacity and average utilization hours contrary to rising and falling trends.

Figures released from the National Energy Board, in 2014, China’s nuclear power installed capacity rose 36.1%, average utilization hours reduced 385 hours; wind power installed capacity rose 25.6%, average utilization hours reduced to 120 hours. According to the China electric power Development Association Secretary-General Jiang Shaojun measure, in the case of solar installed capacity grew by 67%, using fewer hours on average about 240 hours.

Why the development new energy there a decline in the efficiency of power generation at the same time? Newspaper journalists of the doubts many interviews with people in the industry.

China energy strategy Research Institute Director Zhou Dadi told this reporter: “seeing substantial growth in our non-fossil fuel generation capacity at the same time, should pay more attention to the reality of high efficiency of renewable electricity. Especially in the macroeconomic climate, the slowdown in electricity demand, under the combined effect of increasing pressure on resources and environment, and effectively improve the clean energy power generation efficiency has become the present priority issues in the field of energy. ”

Increased focus on power supply and demand

Data show that China in 2014, new power generation capacity of 103.5 million-kilowatt. Among them, the solar-powered 67%, grid-connected capacity up to 26.52 million-kilowatt. Nuclear power 36.1%, with capacity of 19.88 million-kilowatt. Wind power grew by 25.6%, with capacity of 95.81 million-kilowatt. Under the new energy capacity and rapid growth, industry experts also expressed their concern.

China energy strategy Research Institute Director Zhou Dadi, told this reporter, said: “based on the developing situation in China at the present stage, the Government plans to try to downplay the idea of improving quantitative quantitative total capacity, improve. Due to forecasts of demand for energy in China in the past are developed according to high standards, with the economic restructuring and adjustment, society’s energy needs were lower than originally envisaged. “On January 21, the National Energy Board’s” 2014 national 6,000-kilowatt and above average utilization hours of power generation equipment “(hereinafter” the average utilization hours of “) and other data illustrates this reality. Figures show in 2014, 6,000-kilowatt and above average utilization hours of 4,286 hour of power generation equipment, down 235 hours. Among them, the average utilization hours of 7,489 hours of nuclear power, reduction of 385 hours wind average utilization hours 1905 hours, reduced to 120 hours.

Taking into account the balance between electricity supply and demand on this issue, in accordance with the logic of the original already seemed outdated. Total amount of unilateral emphasis on generating equipment, desert wind and neglect, abandon aggravation phenomenon such as light, water, resulting in decreased average utilization hours of power generating equipment, it is meaningless.

Zhou Dadi stressed: “power supply is demand determined. After the construction of a massive increase in power, and by encouraging and stimulating, such as increasing the consumption of electricity, to increase social resources and environmental burden of the logic is wrong.

Especially in some areas by up to stimulate economic development in the energy sector, it is not advocating that. ”

Greater focus on new energy efficiency

After combing the logical relationship between electricity demand and supply, in times of slowing growth in demand for electricity, then in power in how to choose? As early as January 1, 2006 the renewable energies Act has been enacted to give a definite answer: renewable energy generation, power grid enterprises shall, in accordance with such requirements to ensure that renewable energy generation full Internet access. But the reality is not the case, power demand slowed, after excess power, clean energy generation space was occupied by the traditional power of nature. 2014 average utilization hours reduced to 385 hours of nuclear power; wind power using fewer hours on average 120 hours, have their own objective reasons, subjective factors there are also common.

2014, China’s overall poor wind resource becomes the cause of lower average utilization hours of wind power, desert wind, however, abandoned the light has not been radical became clean energy generation limited subjective reasons.

It is understood that in 2014, China’s new million-kilowatt nuclear power plant put into operation a total of five, in original 17 nuclear units to complete the total generating capacity is essentially the same case, consists of 22 units completed, the average utilization hours of nuclear power units will naturally decrease. Coupled with the macro-economic situation have an impact on electricity demand, a smaller cake, cut natural proportion to the nuclear part of the smaller unit average utilization hours reduced to 385 hours you will understand. Nuclear expert Zhang Lu Qing on average utilization hours of nuclear power units to reduce the above analysis.

This is not a small question of how to cut the cake, the situation of slowdown in electricity demand, pollution from fossil energy for power generation can be controlled manually, and desert wind, abandoning the behavior of light is a waste of renewable energy. According to the law on renewable energy, when electricity demand is reduced, through curbs on fossil fuel power generation to reduce the burden on resources and environment, rather than through the allocation to reduce clean-energy efficiency in energy generation, this phenomenon should be paid enough attention in the industry.

The release of “the average utilization hours of” data, not statistics the situation for solar power. Jiang Shaojun told reporters: “according to official data, solar power generation capacity has exceeded the ‘ Twelve-Five ‘ planned objectives. Have been extrapolated, in 2014 when the solar power capacity of about 26 billion-kilowatt, is better than the ‘ Twelve-Five ‘ when planning 25 billion-kilowatt, 2014 average utilization hours of solar power at approximately 1100 hours. ”

Integrated coal and new energy development

Attention power generation, the pursuit of power generation efficiency point of consensus in the industry, especially in the current national resources and the environment under increasing pressure, attention to emerging energy generating capacity, enhance the effectiveness of renewable electricity to become the industry’s consistent demands.

Entered in January, Huaneng, Datang renewable energy, China Longyuan power released in 2014, generating capacity of three new energy listed companies announcement, total capacity up to two of the three companies fell. “Small wind year” and abandon wind power influences, while Huaneng new energy wind power generating capacity of 11675171.9 MW, an increase of 4.8%; while Datang renewable energy wind power generating capacity of 10114489 MW, a decrease of 5.51%; 5.28% Longyuan wind power growth.

“Ensure complete 2014 annual energy output indicators” slogan became a couple of new energy listed company’s concerted effort to target in the fourth quarter of last year. Many initiatives such as multiple, fast backward capacity in the third quarter before eventually dragged back to annual electricity generation reaching baseline. It is understood that the first three quarters of last year, China Longyuan power, Datang, Huaneng new energy power generation compared to the same period have declined. The first three quarters of last year, China Longyuan electric power generation declined 4.65%; Datang renewable energy down 9.61%; Huaneng fell 1.6%.

Compared with the improved power output for a short time, however, new energy listed companies ‘ profit margins narrowed, the trend has hardly changed at all.

December 25, 2014 national energy work Conference stressed that in 2015, earnestly do well in coal, electricity, oil and gas equipment manufacturing, new energy, planning, special planning and energy planning interface. Focus on electric power development plan, highlighting the integrated power grid development, coal and electricity and the development of clean energy, power generation and scheduling, power base and important power channel layout.

Original title: new energy development which concern: the increase in installed capacity, inefficient

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