Obama’s State of the Union address: United States PV expansion path lit a lantern “traveling light”

Polaris solar PV net news: in his annual State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, United States President Barack Obama has stressed since he entered the White House, United States solar power sector overall pace of expansion.

“Today, we straight, grid-connected PV capacity will arrive throughout 2008 on a grid-connected photovoltaic capacity. “Obama said proudly, even though the President’s every appearance, seem to be modest and low-key.

According to the United States national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) data shows that in 2008, the United States added about 338 MW of solar capacity. However, grid-connected capacity only as 293 megawatts, NREL is expected to scale up to 45 MW of off-grid system.

United States President Barack Obama vows to never let Congress ‘ backsliding ‘ crisis, the health of future generations

In 2014, the United States on-grid solar capacity about 7.2 GW, mostly from photovoltaic (PV), the United States and GTMResearch solar energy industries Association in a recent joint report is expected. This means in 2014 every three weeks the new solar capacity reaches 415 MW.

Report predicts that since 2009 since Obama took office, about three-fourths of the United States installed capacity of solar power (PV and CSP capacity about 20 GW) grid-connected power generation. The vast majority of projects benefiting from federal tax incentives, Recovery Act grants or loan guarantees.

President, climate change is the greatest threat to future generations. Obama said: “that’s what the past six years, we are more than ever why efforts to combat climate change, whether it’s the way we produce energy, or is the way that we use them. “The President vowed to” refuse to let Congress obstruct our efforts, endangering children’s health. ”

For commercial, industrial and utility grade solar system 30% of the Federal investment tax credit (ITC) policies to cut the end of 2016 to 10%, residential tax credits will expire.

30% ITC launched by the Bush administration. (Translator: Bian Xiaoyun)

Original title: Obama’s State of the Union address: United States PV expansion path lit a lantern “traveling light”

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