Polaris solar network on January 14, 2015 highlights review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET Summary News January 14, PV flagging reselling chaos: 20MW can sell 8 million, including guidance on emerging energy industry credit such as photovoltaic power generation (revised in 2014), wind power, photovoltaic, Gansu province all delegated project approval record permissions, as follows

PV flagging reselling chaos: 20MW can sell 8 million

ICBC on PV and other emerging energy industry credit guidance (revised in 2014)

Wind power, photovoltaic projects in Gansu to approve all file permissions delegation

PV industry reorganization beginning “ending” battle

Invested 1 billion in technology and high-speed ride, such as power stations operating in North China platform

Solar panels and batteries are about to change the entire energy market

Zhen FA group acquire us solar company STR successfully entered the NYSE

Know more about Beijing matter of distributed solar power projects for the record

Zhejiang: PV breakthrough jiaxing punches

Central has confirmed that Noor ˙ bekri low-key as Governor

2015 solar markets in the Middle East more shine

China solar-thermal power enterprises financing case statistics (table)

Renewable energy without fear of falling oil prices

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