Soitec have developed conversion efficiency of 46%, highly efficient solar cells

Polaris solar PV net news: Soitec, France manufacturing company, said it has been using technology to make microprocessor production has 46% set a record efficiency of solar cells, its light 1 time times higher conversion efficiencies than conventional battery technology.

Although this battery production technology is more complex, but through existing manufacturing technology, is expected to lower production costs.

Produced by Soitec Corporation hosted the 500 tiny wafers for solar cells, resulting in a new world record.

Ordinary solar cells using a semiconductor to convert sunlight into electricity. Battery 4 semiconductor studied by Soitec company, each designed to work against different parts of the solar spectrum. Soitec company produced its first four semiconductor cells are about a year ago. Since then, its efficiency increased rapidly, it could become the first milestone of 50% efficiency

In the past few years, solar power costs have fallen by more than 80%, largely because companies have found cheaper ways to make conventional silicon solar cells. But solar power remains of fossil fuels more expensive than in most places.

Soitec four semiconductor company plans to start manufacturing in large quantities in 2016 battery. Some existing problems of how production is still cheaper.

From Soitec, other companies are also to be the first to reach 50% efficiency. This year, Semprius company also has four-semiconductor 44.1% optical conversion efficiency of the battery, the company said, it is expected next year to break the world record.

Original title: Soitec development of super high efficiency solar cells

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