Three GB solar thermal mirrors completed the draft for review

Polaris solar PV net news: on January 29, 2015, the deliberations on three national standards for solar-thermal power mirror will be held in Beijing, at the same time also held the solar thermal glass mirror-test method for the launch of a new national standard.

These three standards prepared by the building materials inspection and Certification Group Corporation of China to take the lead, including the solar glass: mirror glass product standards, the solar-thermal power test method for reflectance of mirror glass and the glass for solar-thermal power mirror test methods test method for hail impact resistance of two standards.

Will be considered by China building materials inspection and certification company limited auspices of glass xiaopengjun, Deputy Director, national standardization administration of China, the China building materials Federation and national technical Committee of standardization of industrial glass and special glass relevant leaders attended and delivered a speech.

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Including Wuhan solar technology co, Hai Duong in energy group company limited, Beijing sunshine Technology Co Ltd, Dalian, Asahi Glass Ltd, Rioglass, Zhejiang Daming glass limited, Taiwan glass yueda mirror panels limited, such as the number of mirrors and related manufacturers representatives participated in the hearing. China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy development, China Power Investment Corporation and other project developers representatives also participated in the review and from a consumer perspective for standards put forward their comments and suggestions, so that these standards was enacted to take into account the actual needs of customers more, the applicability and feasibility of raising standards.

The three mirrors standard compilation work officially started on December 14, 2012, after two years of preparation, revision and perfection of this meeting was the last three criteria before the formal approval of this focus, it also means that the threshold three criteria and approval procedures.

The solar thermal glass reflector-standard test methods are designed to further improve the standard of solar thermal mirrors series, standardize the order of mirrors, carried out according to the requirements of the national standardization Management Commission. Reflector which is a solar thermal mirror concentrating the most important indicator of the standards will fill a major gap, especially on parabolic trough solar thermal mirrors are significant.

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China building materials inspection and certification company glass Xiaopeng, Deputy Director of the Group army told the CSPPLAZA press here: “three mirror standards under consideration today is expected before the end of 2015 is expected to be formally released by the national standardization Management Commission, officially implemented starting in 2016. And photothermal reflection in the glass of the mirror-test method of this standard is expected in August this year will complete the draft, considered early 2016, by 2016 is expected to be formally released. ”

Mirrors as solar thermal project to develop one of the core products, relevant standards will help regulate and guide mirror the orderly development of the market, encourage the application and promotion of intellectual property products.

Development of solar thermal market in China is moving forward, but the lack of standards would slow pace of development of the industry and lead to disorderly competition because of the lack of standards in the market, reflector standards photothermal industry developed with reference to other standards of, solar-thermal industry should take warning from this, as soon as possible to promote other related standards and establish and improve.

Original title: three GB solar thermal mirrors completed the draft for review

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