Xue Liming: the origin of energy Internet of intellectual energy and human needs (part two)

Polaris solar PV net news: several points of view–on the development of the energy Internet

Hai Duong, Chairman of energy group, Xue Liming

For large and complex energy Internet how to find to a “portal”? Last article, I have come to the conclusion: “the integration of distributed energy resources development is an important fulcrum for leveraging the energy Internet. “If we go deeper level analysis of issues that we should consider is this: there are human in recorded history, trajectory and skeleton, human energy and the Internet source of intellectual energy needs are what?

First, human source of intellectual energy demand:

We together first simple recalled about has records of history: in first times and second times industrial revolution zhiqian thousands of years, human basic life in slash-and-burn of era, energy of using way simple and directly, although material form of life seems to than today of multicolored beautiful, but air is clean of, and water is clean of, bi water sky not needs to demanding everyone are can equal shared; compared about today of material world status, what which species life and energy of using way more wisdom some does? This topic might be back over hundreds of years,,,

Topics all topics, let us return to the reality today, what wisdom is needed for human survival and development of energy resources?

Our demand for energy source is not complicated: cold, heat, electricity and gas; brief description:

In summer we need refrigeration, electricity, natural gas;

We need heating in winter, electricity and natural gas;

May need hot water or other auxiliary supply all year round.

How to make energy there is wisdom? Basic premise is a must and consumer interaction with collect and optimization rather than undermining the future survival of mankind essentially time; this gives my review focused on “intelligent energy”!

Can renewable energy and clean energy is smart of distributed energy of core constitute, in currently stage of energy schema, and technology standard and people cognitive of status Xia, can renewable energy in the of solar, and clean energy in the of gas will is most for application of smart of distributed energy; Jeremy Rifkin in third times industrial revolution a book in the think each building building are is energy consumption body while also is energy producer, that is each building building are can became distributed energy of carrier, Or as a distributed energy stations, both dual energy acquisition and consumption functions but which derive some problems: how to gather energy for buildings? Gathering what energy?

Everywhere and present levels can collect energy are basically in two ways: solar and wind; strong randomness of wind energy and wind speed areas have higher requirements, focused on the areas of structures using Basic is not feasible; only solar energy.

That we on to solar for cases analysis international and domestic of application status and future a time of trend, in Europe regional especially to Germany for representative of developed, basically has achieved has most buildings Shang installation solar power system, small can renewable energy collection device; is in Germany can so fast of mass promotion except national robust of economic outside, people of survival environmental consciousness and building form planning are has its specific highlights ; Germany’s most basic similar independent Villa (big HOUSE), and either roof or the building itself is fully integrated in the design process to reserve “using distributed energy resources such as solar energy,” interface.

Certainly, China of conditions and Europe developed not too as, existing of building form variety, key limited points is design of early most buildings and no integrated or reserved can renewable energy of installation interface, such of reality status directly form Europe regional within of mode Basic not too applies; we to in full reference learning international advanced experience of premise Xia, for suit measures to local conditions of innovation and change, fumble and practice line out for we national itself of smart of distributed energy application way method.

Intelligent distributed energy resources of solar energy as led is unquestionable, the crux of the matter is how we can be efficient and cost-effective collection to convert solar energy into human daily?

Near ten years to we in the Haiyang of team has been in fumble and practice line, research and industry field are made has more fruitful of results; recently of 2014 years we independent development has solar Fusion application field international leading of RCPV system, through light hot slot type condenser and high performance PV battery pieces phase combines, formed “reflection type concentrated solar thermoelectric Alliance for” of series equipment; it not only multiples increased has efficient battery pieces by receives of light strong, also synchronization upgrade has photoelectric conversion efficiency; on the, Magnification concentrating the heat generated by the heat and cooling simultaneously warm water; this is the solar thermal system to form the basic thread.

Solar energy than other more suitable for distributed renewable energy promotion, but there are limitations of timeliness and the shortcomings of low energy density is more prominent; timeliness refers to no how to capture the time period of the Sun, energy flux density limits gain equivalent in energy per unit area is limited and is often used with the corresponding load demand gap.

How these limitations be solved?

Integration of renewable and clean energy portfolio is essential, perfect fusion of clean energy in the natural gas and solar power is a good choice.

According to the energy development strategy of the State Council recently issued plan of action (2014-2020) by 2020, natural gas consumption’s share in primary energy consumption to more than 10%, and converting natural gas into clean energy.

Previously articulated: the human demand for energy source is not complicated, hot and cold electric; if we can collect and consumer interaction with and optimization rather than undermining the future survival of mankind essentially time; this Union type “intelligent distributed energy” energy development must be our future!

Gas hot and cold electric triple for has is more mature of technology, plus in the Haiyang has development in the try and will in 2015 mass application promotion of RCPV solar thermoelectric Alliance for technology, such of combination will is future 5-10 years distributed energy line Xia of must distribution; this two items energy technology fusion of based Shang synchronization into line Shang platform big data management and interconnected interworking of cloud computing; regional energy Internet of prototype and application will in human on energy origin needs of cornerstone Shang sound sequentially forward……

Er, how to accumulate energy in the wisdom of the Internet-building first step

Energy Internet “pain points” and “entrance” I’ve done a brief analysis in the above, the remaining question is “how to accumulate energy Internet construction of the first step in wisdom” – how to step by step on the basis of the theory of practice and practice of implementing innovations and iterative process.

Energy Internet is an overwhelming project, Jeremy Rifkin defined it as the third industrial revolution of humanity, it is a necessity in the advancement of wisdom of concerted efforts and dedication of all involved, including at least the following aspects:

First, policy guidance and the organization. Currently is promotion of distributed energy, are also just is single of gas distributed or distributed PV station, no put both in policy incentive aspects is good of combination up; results is currently market each participation subject of enthusiasm not high; because from technology and returns two a dimension degrees analysis single fragmented of gas or PV distributed are has obviously of short Board, and both Fusion Hou these short Board will will completely disappeared.

Second, major enterprises in the energy sector cooperation. Is a focus on the distributed energy on solar energy and natural gas in the sequence of fusion between the if to say, are possible in the future combined cycle between the various renewable and traditional energy development, solar could jointly with coal? Can wind power and other traditional energy sources combined, and so on … … This must involve a lot of energy companies, which will play a central channel should be grid, leaving the grid company’s participation, below the line for interconnection will be struggling? Executive meeting of the State Council has just adopted in principle by the tone of the new reform package was “four released, one independent, and one strengthening”, release of the power transmission and distribution business other than price, new distribution business release, let go from electricity sales, power generation plans open, platform independent, strengthened planning; this series of electric pace of change new policy will be conducive to promoting the energy Internet startup.

Third, active participation in the Internet. Big data and I am a layman in the field of cloud computing, but energy is the energy of the Internet and how the Internet is perfect for achieving integration of offline and online, at least in the early stage energy and the Internet component 50%; later in the different historical stages of development may focus on different.

Finally, Association of Chambers of Commerce, financial institutions and the media, and propaganda. Industry Association and Chamber of Commerce is a bridge for all industrial development; financial institutions will provide new industrial start-ups and cornerstone development provide strong capital protection; the positive energy of the media propaganda on the energy concept of the popularity of the Internet, millions of people in the future time of environmental responsibility and active participation of the rise will have a huge boost.

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