2014 China PV power capacity grew more than 200%

Polaris solar PV net news: China’s national energy administration, Liang zhipeng, Deputy Director of the new and renewable energy Division introduced 15th, 2014, the new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity 10.6 million-kilowatt, accounting for about one-fourth of new capacity. Among them, the national added PV power station 8.55 million-kilowatt, distributed 2.05 million-kilowatt. Photovoltaic energy output of about 25 billion-kilowatt kWh, an increase of more than 200%.

Liang zhipeng, photovoltaic industry development held in national energy Board on the day briefing to introduce, in 2014, the PV industry appears steady and orderly development of situation, grid-connected PV cumulative installed capacity of 28.05 million-kilowatt over the year, an increase of 60%, where the PV power station 23.38 million-kilowatt, distributed PV 4.67 million-kilowatt.

He said that in 2014, the PV application mode innovation and 30 distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project model leading role into full play, presently 500,000-kilowatt, building size 600,000-kilowatt, lead the community to invest more than 10 billion yuan.

But at the same time, PV development in China still face some constraints. Liang zhipeng, noted that of distributed PV development issues include: power systems control state subsidy funds application and identification process is more complex, distributed PV subsidies in place in some areas is not timely; the project is small earnings uncertainty, financing, financing your problem has not been solved. Photovoltaic power plant, project management is not standard, and efficiency is not high enough, photovoltaic power plant and power grid construction of mismatches.

Liang zhipeng, in accordance with the objectives established by the National Energy Conference in 2015, China aims for new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity 15 million-kilowatt. Photovoltaic industry policy this year will be more stable. National Energy Board promoting the field of PV financial innovation, promoting the subsidies in place in time, promote financial institutions actively involved in PV investment. Meanwhile, in conjunction with relevant departments, in demonstration zones, new energy cities, promoting the establishment of the distributed power market.

He also introduced renewable energy quota system is an important institution promoting the development of renewable energy and renewable energy law requires the development of complementary policies. At present, the quota system related files have been submitted to the State Council, also revised and improved. In 2015, the National Energy Board to promote PV industry focus on the technological progress and industrial upgrading, special market support for advanced technology products, promoting the quality and efficiency of transformation.

Original title: 2014 China PV power capacity grew more than 200%

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