Abandon wind up light and how does the water in China’s energy transition?

Polaris solar PV net news: in 2020, the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption reached 15%, strive to hydroelectric installed capacity reached 350 million kW, wind 200 million-kilowatt, PV 100 million-kilowatt, which is the energy development strategy action plan (2014-2020) set development goals for renewable energy. But the reality is that renewable energy and development of traditional fossil fuels benefit game, water, desert wind, abandoned and other attendant ills has also been difficult to cure.

Meanwhile, renewable energy has long relied on subsidies also began to loosen. Earlier this year, the national development and Reform Commission officially announced the results of onshore wind power price adjustments, first class, second class and third class resources area benchmark feed-in tariff of wind power decreased 2 cents per kilowatt hour. Recent news, photovoltaic electricity price subsidies will be slashed next year, renewable and traditional energy sources competitive advantage to further weaken.

Facing heavy resistance, how to realize the transition of China’s future energy goals?

Power conflict of interest

On February 5, organized by Greenpeace, “Sino-German Forum on energy transformation”, the transformation of various experts and scholars on China’s energy problem was faced by fierce battle.

“I always say why desert wind power, because who’s generation who earn money, you don’t let the thermal power generation, thermal power make money” Professional Committee of Chinese renewable energy society wind energy-General Qin Haiyan, with respect, dispute between renewable and traditional energy interests. Qin Haiyan said in Hami and other “three North” areas, some renewable energy projects haven’t developed, began to build up the power base. “If so, results of what adjustment? “Qin Haiyan express concern about the future of renewable energy.

In fact, some energy in the North-West Province, this conflict of interest between different power is quite common. Located well away from the load centers, locally abundant power resources is difficult to dissolve, can only be delivered by the delivery channel to use electricity in the province. But the reality is that outside construction is far outstripped the pace of development of renewable, this creates wind, solar and conventional thermal power grab channel problems if you leave space for the power plant, desert wind up light is not surprising.

Even among the different provinces with different power, such competing interests is difficult to avoid. Power company of Inner Mongolia electric power dispatching directors Hou youhua said Wu Kezhong, “Hunan provincial thermal power referred to the Department of energy last year, when our policies are, a lot of thermal power in Hunan province to rescue”, and our Lady of China, Hunan coal-fired power plants saved, mean that Sichuan hydropower water would have had to abandon.

Why the Hunan provincial thermal power is saved, a Sichuan water power will be in real trouble? In fact, as early as 2013, Henan had staged similar drama. At that time, situations of oversupply of Henan in the local thermal power, will still have to go according to plan when purchased from Shanxi and Northwest 20duoyiqianwa of electricity. Behind this conflict of interest, reflects that of a chronic lack of electricity market integrated of deep-seated problems. To put it bluntly, is the Executive planning and scheduling interfere unduly with market choices, resulting in a misallocation of resources.

Electricity price systems design?

For China’s energy difficulties of transition, Germany at Berlin’s free University, senior fellow at the environmental policy research centre Dr Hans-JoachimZiesing presented his own proposal, “consumers are more sensitive to price, without the price signals in the Chinese system, you can’t change a person’s behavior.” Hans-JoachimZiesing believes that China’s energy to be successful in transition, electricity prices will have to change.

“A few years ago Germany on offshore wind power is cheap, it was so easy to transfer over, now we are repricing of offshore wind energy, and it’s not set in stone, have to adjust”, referring to the Chinese tariff policy, Germany’s Federal Environment Agency environmental planning and sustainable development strategies Commissioner Dr HarryLehmann from Germany energy transformation case gives his own views. HarryLehmann believes that pricing system is not static, it is necessary to adjust, “we’re going to find in the right price range, higher electricity prices in certain sectors, if the industry too much power, too much load, will give a price signal.”

Hou youhua said renewable energy project first launched a few years ago, the core problem lies in the price guide. “PV is also now on everybody rushing, nor does it demand, it is essentially a price guide”, waiting our Lady of China believes that to be successful realization of energy transformation, it is necessary to design a reasonable price system.

Then is the proper price system is reasonable? Waiting Yow China on author said, at least should meet three points requirements: a is don’t caused power mass, and concentrated of construction, especially technology also not too mature of some power of mass concentrated horse, otherwise will brings many problem; II is makes related parties has a reasonable of price interests expected, but and cannot obtained profiteering; three is to makes price reflected out responsibility, is proceeds more high risk more high of principles, cannot only let everyone see proceeds and see not to risk, such will makes everyone construction process in the not rational.

“Marketing is the primary means of” wait for our Lady of China stressed that only system to make the allocation of resources to achieve a reasonable market price, and was able to attain the responsibilities equivalent to unify, if there is no such responsibility, reciprocal harmonization of relations, relying on artificially set prices, solve all kinds of problems in price, it was not capable of.

“Truly determine the energy is energy prices, so only the market price system can really make your energy system to the sound and direction you want”, and youhua said.

Original title: desert wind up light and water, how should China’s energy transition?

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