Anhui Province, Chief Engineer of the Department of energy: large scale “PV poverty” is still difficult

Polaris solar PV net news: October 2014, China issued the “PV pro-poor” policies. In creating “PV anti-poverty” pilot demonstration projects, intends to create “PV power application” the first city of Hefei city, Anhui Province, has been active in exploring “corporate farmers mutual investment, generating proceeds of” new model.

According to Anhui Province Energy Council Chief Engineer Qian Li home introduced, for upgrade family PV station of proportions, 2014 Hefei introduced has high of standard subsidies, on city range within town residents using promotion directory in the of PV component products built grid of family type PV station, Hefei city financial by capacity one-time gives 3 Yuan/w subsidies, single station subsidies not over 15,000 yuan; feidong County,, and feixi County, and Changfeng, and lujiang County, and, chaohu city, regional within of farmers, by capacity one-time gives 4 Yuan/w subsidies, Single maximum subsidy does not exceed 20,000 yuan subsidy funded by the city and County (City) financial in accordance with 3:1 of the common commitment.

Qian Li Jia said the subsidy policies favorable to farmers themselves come up with tens of thousands of dollars in investment projects of super long gains, difficulties is quite large. Need a variety of ways to help farmers solve money problems, such as electricity, such as mortgage, installment, Enterprise build mode.

Original title: Chief Engineer of the Bureau of Anhui Province energy: large scale “PV poverty” is still difficult

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