Beat the gas! 2014 United States buy their renewable energy sources accounting for new generation capacity by almost half

Polaris solar PV net news: after a year of stalemate, 2014 United States buy their new renewable energy generation capacity of the United States 49.81% of the total generating capacity of the new home, beyond winning June natural gas for the first time, became United States annual generating capacity of the new home’s biggest energy forms. And this also means that afterwards the throne would have swallowed large areas of land by renewable energy and natural gas.

According to United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) newly released public building energy latest news (EnergyInfrastructureUpdate) report noted that 2014 United States renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal energy, and so on) have launched the new replacement generating capacity of 7,663MW, accounting for nearly half of all energy generating capacity of the new home, 49.81%, beyond the natural gas 48.65% (Generating capacity of 7,485MW).

Compared to 2013, natural gas accounted for 46.44%, new replacement generating capacity scale of 7,378MW; renewable energy accounted for 43.03% new 6,837MW for reset generation capacity, scale growth rate equivalent to 3 times as much as of natural gas.

In 2014 the renewable energy generating capacity growing, wind and solar plays the most important role. Wind new home accounted for 26.52%, increase power generation capacity to 4,080MW while new replacement ratio and the increase in solar energy generation capacity of 20.4% and 3,139MW respectively. As part of other renewable energy sources, biomass is 254MW, hydro-power, 158MW, geothermal energy for 32MW.

In addition, if we draw a comparison between coal and nuclear energy, the shale oil, 2014 United States buy their new renewable energy generating capacity is equivalent to the above 3 types of energy added 34 times.

However, the United States energy information Administration (EIA) data showed in November 2014, actual generating capacity accounted for 13.1% of all energy generation of renewable energy, power generation capacity and actual power generation is not the same as, decided that the actual energy type electricity generation capacity is the key factor. In other words, even if renewable energy generation capacity is quite high, but the actual output is still far less than the natural gas.

Even so, the highest proportion on the gas and power supply of the United States is concerned, new home of renewable energy generating capacity of natural gas can be said to be notable beyond a big step, but it also means that generating capacity scale competition will be in the future is the world of renewable energy and natural gas, coal, nuclear energy and shale oil, may never have a chance to become hegemon.

Original title: beat the gas! 2014 United States buy their renewable energy sources accounting for new generation capacity by almost half

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