“Bridge-builder” Cao renxian

Polaris solar PV net news: a few days ago, Sun power source disclosure notice of 2014 results shown: net profit for the year attributable to the shareholders of listed companies reached 2.72-312 million Yuan, an increase of 50.25%-72.35%, continued health development.

In 2014, the sunshine PV inverter power domestic shipments hit a record high, reached 3.8GW, accounting for around 2014 domestic 38% of new markets; global shipments 4.23GW, 3.8GW more than a year earlier 430MW, ranked second in the global manufacturers sold an estimated; by the end of 2014, cumulative application of PV inverter device in the world of 12GW. In addition, Sun power recently announced yet another set of data: Conflux boxes, distribution cabinets and other Super 15GW PV solution throughout the ordering, shipments exceed 12GW.

Power plant projects, business development effective 2014 development almost 200MW photovoltaic power plant. Including Shanxi, Yu 50MW, Hefei national demonstration area of distributed PV applications Yongqiao District, Suzhou, Shi Tang Zhen 40MW, 50MW, feidong 40MW.

In outside increasingly more of talked about “energy Internet” and “PV smart of” of when, many people think Sun power in future will more focuses on Yu station development, and engineering construction or station management, business Shi, Sun power General Manager Cao renxian is serious to said: “equipment manufacturing works is Sun power of fist business, always company of core business, Sun power must put inverse variable device firmly do market first, no inverse variable device we what are not! ”

“We depend on the inverter, and lose, basically, nothing. “Cao renxian, said in an exclusive interview.

In those years, we used light inverters

In 2015, the Sun power enters its 18th year. Inverters for the fulcrum, leveraging new energy, including wind power, photovoltaic industry, is Sun and Cao renxian power all over the year. At least once a year to launch a new product, virtually every product has become the industry’s mainstream models, fine-tuning the details on average once every three months. Sun power Vice President Zheng Guibiao said: “every time he comes to the Sun, you’ll find our products are not the same as before. “Sun-power photovoltaic inverter was really after” 72 “, which also make it from start-up, leading followers abroad into a technology-driven company. “We are glad that, through research and development, able to keep up with industry trends and meet market demand. “Cao renxian said.

These 18 years, photovoltaic inverter conversion efficiency from the early 90% to 99% now and prices from a dozen dropped to 0.3 Yuan per watt, solves the cross, zero voltage across low voltage, high voltage tolerance, the arcing detection and protection issues, landmark progress in these sectors, the vast majority are from Sun power.

This generation of products has witnessed and contributed to the development of the photovoltaic industry and improve industry standards and thresholds. Today, photovoltaic inverters no longer has no industry experience who can invest millions of profitable projects, those who keep up with market developments for a large number of inverters manufacturers gradually die out.

In the latest design, the Sun power has basics like excessive show performance, but from a practical perspective. The end of 2013, Sun power launched a classic box-type inverter–SG1000TS ten feet, became the most widely used model in China to date. Four door, easy product maintenance; covers an area of small light weight free forklift trucks transport the setup standard box, patented technology, dust-proof heat integration design, in my opinion, best feature of SG1000TS, is the inverter, communication and distribution cabinets and other compact equipment integration, program integrity, practicality. Integrated function gives the future market much to the imagination.

20 years old: a code rings

Chinese inverter company born in Robin Hood, taking advantage of rising on all fours, continuous improvement to today, leading companies are leading, because more tuition. “A lot of lessons learned, a lot of practice. Improvement of reliability, ease of development, and requires a lot of accumulation. Application experience to determine which features to customers through a large number of useful, exploring our future direction is Sun power has been doing for 18 years. “Cao renxian said.

PV inverter essentially still more like the software industry: most inverter manufacturers do not produce hardware. The inverter is good or bad, in addition to the components selection, strict assembling and testing, more of an eye to revolve around software. So most emphasises the value of the inverter. Research design, research and development personnel in charge of development experience as well as returned by the application from the end user feedback is to determine the quality of the inverter design standards. “The practice” and “time” is the only two methods of improving the product. Sun power research and development team of more than 300 people, core team members have over 20 years of experience in research and application of power electronics and inverters.

Program code is one of inverter application experience, a good program, accurate fault diagnosis of high power, low loss and easy maintenance are essential. Application performance parameters selection models and parts combining code reflects the accumulated 20 years of practice. Over the years, key code and constantly update, optimize, to paraphrase that classic advertising slogans: “who I am, you can’t see me, I am the sunlight power inverter is a 20 year old code. ”

An interesting story highlights the importance of code: power of the Sun over the years each main product at the show influenced by peers and customers gather around, many companies go back to imitate it. But they had found a corporate access code by copying the past. Sun Chief Technology Officer knocking on the inside of the power supply line of meaningless code, a few months later, this line of code appears in the other competitors in the machine. Sun power followed a comprehensive upgrade of security measures.

Sun power source before the annual research and development spending accounting for sales of nearly 10%, this years sales have increased rapidly, and nearly a billion dollars of investment in research and development every year. Talk about enterprise development, Cao renxian says: “research and development is not easy, matching resources to complete, if there are so many resources, talent and funding. Some companies merely wealthy can’t do the research; some have no money, you can pinch pennies to do management well, but due to financial constraints, and research and development will be powerless to question. ”

Inverter’s gross profit margin is getting lower, develop more stringent, Sun took precise, predictable and sustainable development strategies, the IPD model development process is rigorous, demanding, on time, meet the requirements change. “Experience in research and development, management, process control and other factors is cured within the enterprise intangible assets. “Cao renxian,” said Sun safety in this years winter, but still want to remain jittery if our research does not match with strategies and developments in the industry, businesses died.

“The bridge” and “blossoms in the dust”-the wisdom of the subtraction and addition

Energy seemed to arrive in the Internet age, plant intelligence is more and more high. Solarbe the reporter asked Sun power will conduct the business of the future to adapt to the market demand, Cao renxian “bridges” to generalize sungrow power supply location.

“All of our development is around to provide support, inverter connection is the role of generation side and both ends of the power grid, as well as bridges. Our products and services is how to make the bridge more efficient and stable by passing an electric current. Meanwhile, we should shoulder some social responsibility hosted by power grid. This bridge when it comes to power, to do the work, the complexity is much larger than the work of the component-side. Zero-voltage ride through, lvrt, emergency power, grid energy storage power quality, Harmonic, voltage support, should be taken into consideration, such as comprehensive. “He thought for a moment and added:” keep low profile, baton and setters. Attitude must be low, Sunshine power cannot steal a customer’s business. ”

If Cao renxian is not theoretical, but Liberal Arts background, probably applies the words of Zhang Ai-ling’s quote: “see the customer, we get very low very low low to dust, but we are happy, from the dust in bloom. “Keep a low profile in front of the customer’s power like the Sun” blossoms in the dust “, and firmly maintain close relationships with customers.

Sun has some interesting strategic power: their strategy is not excessive taking into account strategies, concentrate on the product itself to the extreme. In order to achieve this goal, the CAO renxian machetes cut down many profitable businesses, also hang in the core business suffer.

UPS is Sun Power’s Taurus business many years ago, at a time when profits were Cao renxian reluctantly let go. “Because it is not present in the new energy industry, we’re rooted in the consumer. UPS is out of the scope of new energy industry, customers do not overlap, I think was doing subtraction, in glorious time to do a little and subtract, decay, such as when it was too late. ”

While 2012 is a large inverter manufacturers hardest year, almost red under sunlight power subject to the dual challenge of internal and external. “When we went public the next year, says market slump hits gives us, a lot of people are beginning to shake. But as business owners, to give you confidence, and on the anticipation of an industry, I think the market will gradually recover, in winter, but also to practice skills. Us from technology stocks, staff training and cost control, and so have made a big effort. “Cao renxian recalled,” a lot of good things from that time to build and nurture it. If we were in transition, that will surely die. “Adding to core business in difficult times, when business profits takes away the edge, is Sun power to get to business intelligence.

Maybe the Sun power will not necessarily be a corporation that has the Internet thinking, but it’s going to be an entire energy one of the cornerstones of the Internet: a clear idea of what kind of business model may need only a few hours, good inverters can be time spent a dozen years.

The inverters of the future: synchronous and non-destructive

Cao renxian answered PV inverter situation summed up in four stages of development:

The first stage, early industry, inverter, enterprises can make a basic function of the product as the goal.

The second phase, to the reliability of the product as the goal.

The third stage, ease of product as the goal.

Phase IV, after the first three stages, targeted at reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

“Right now most of the inverter in the second stage, strive for reliability, we have in the third phase. “Talk about inverters, Cao renxian doing my part,” the next inverters will move toward a more efficient, more reliable, more intelligent, more convenient, smaller, more powerful this direction, these are hard targets. While solar power station will be combined with other new energy sources such as wind and solar thermal electricity generation and energy storage technology, becoming a 24-hour power of photovoltaic power station, this is the ultimate direction of PV power plant. On this basis, extends the intelligence and information technology makes sense. ”

“The inverters are our lifeblood, and we can only do this thing, we need to work to further improve efficiency, costs drop further, provided the perfect solution. Our inverter industry cannot afford to let the PV industry progress down, we took the grid of a bridge, between the grids and components, our own reliable, while higher conversion efficiencies, cut their energy consumption as much as possible. “Cao renxian inverter industry still have a steady drop in costs, and increased performance space.

In 2014, the sunshine power in terms of new product promotion of fruitful and the commercialization of the world’s highest conversion efficiency 99% string inverter, household type and string inverters; module-500KW centralized inverters, outdoor single centralized inverter 1000KW; also in distributed systems monitoring products. And made “non-destructive inverter” concept, by means of electric and electronic technology and micro-electronics technology, design optimization, minimizing transfer chain and transform links section, improving the efficiency of the power plant.

“Inverter companies to think more about the grid side of the situation, remove ‘ spam ‘ Hat’s commitment to more flexible than conventional power technologies and intelligence operations. Microelectronics and power electronics of the charm can be adjusted at any time, programmable. “Cao renxian Solarbe showed reporters the Sun power the latest generation of technology–virtual synchronous motor with storage link, distributed power supply simulation based on grid-connected inverter or partially simulate the frequency and voltage of the external characteristics of the synchronous generator. Application of the technology is more energy enters the network key technologies, micro-grid demonstration power plant completed in 2014 at cuoqin County, Tibet, enabled the Sun inverter being used.

Reflection on the boss: based on synergies

Components, power plants to buy links or in “big trouble”, the Sun power and now has a dozen years as a Chinese inverter boss. If the PV industry and the marathon, “boss” as runners tend to be unable to control the rhythm. Dramatic fluctuations in PV industry, PV manufacturers do not like other industries had built after the first but must forge ahead, continuously adjust strategies, but tends to lose its direction. “Boss” for peers to explore directions for industry to maintain order and to pay more in order to occupy the commanding heights in the technology, but often because of bad judgment, or even simply estimated earlier trend of coming, suffered heavy losses.

Cao renxian said, “a ship, exactly which direction to be adjusted to ensure boat off course? Always self-examination and self-analysis. Focused on the trend where, who go against the trend will die soon. This requires a wealth of experience and depth of understanding. We have been doing these few years rolling three-year plans and targets, using technology tools to assist, preliminary forecasts and judgments on the industry, IBM gives us a lot of suggestions, which are determined not to do, which strengthened, which are difficult to hold. ”

“Sunshine before the power supply business, has to consider whether there is synergy. We have set up a separate operation and maintenance agency independent of the marketing, leasing, provision of micro-grid energy storage device solutions business and launched the latest troubleshooting scenarios, through a partnership with IBM, the global photovoltaic plant can power the Sun headquarters for diagnosis, we have developed the highest conversion efficiency new energy vehicles control inverter and so on. Universal commonality is that all of these operations is around the inverter. ”

In the formulation of corporate strategy and key product design, always personally Cao renxian, r fighting is the norm. “In the Sun, great products and investment decisions, did not vote but fail. ”

Sunshine inside of the power supply really determines the direction of research and development are not managers or account manager, it product manager. “Research and innovation to advance mental consciousness. Customer account manager contact and collect customer requirements, customer satisfaction as the goal; research and Development Manager is on a technical level, to implement functionality and enhance stability as the goal. In between these two groups, judgment, about need control over marginal cost, availability of customer value judgments, judgments on product market competitiveness and the future of life-cycle, is carried out by the product manager. Coordinating account manager and Manager of research and development, decide what requirements do I need to achieve. ”

“Our strategy is to stay focused on its core business, collaboration and innovation around. Sun power diversity around diversity, for example, new energy vehicles, energy storage power station total solutions around new energy and electricity. “In a strategic layout in the Sun power, will always be the inverter is used to draw a circle of” RADIUS “. “Refer to inverters, customers will think of sunshine, this is our brand value. “Cao renxian has this confidence.

“Demand for customers to judge, choose products that are really useful to them. Once domestic enterprises requires DC-DC converter (DC-DC), then go into Exchange, said can promote 1%, but it turns out, do cost a lot, not reliability. “Cao renxian said,” diversity of customer needs, we also have missed opportunities, but next time you must correct. Choose the direction of research and development is a process of democracy, majority rules and criteria to the research and development capabilities, to the ability to grasp the tradeoffs. ”

Big data under the wave of calm reflection

Although the head of the photovoltaic industry, “green”, “green”, “Science and technology” and a series of rings, but Cao renxian think PV companies to clear understanding of the nature of PV plants and parts and industrial goods. “Unlike consumer goods, industrial products are boring and most users belong to a pure investment behavior. “Cao renxian says,” to be alert to the wisdom of photovoltaic power stations and smart components that may exist behind the foam. “On his body there was a static gas, it’s hard to see what his special dedication or obsession, of course, except the new energy.

“The United States has statistics, a $ 1000 computer, computer operation and maintenance cost at least $ 300 per year, the software is expensive. “Cao renxian said,” we are talking about the age of big data, but exactly which data is valuable to us and which is worthless information? We need to think calmly. Photovoltaic power plant does not mean that mobile phones, dull panels of customers after the novelty only needs a stable power to 99% data is only useful for certain professionals. Besides component power detection was not intervals as short as possible, technology use, most cost-effective and practical technologies will win in the future, too much fancy stuff will eventually be a blip. ”

Cao renxian said sunshine is expected not to pay attention to the power supply station of wisdom is a misconception: “in fact we have been accumulating vast PV data and informative, monitoring operation has been for more than five years and is expanding its database. Intelligence components, sensor device, combiner boxes, high voltage part of the contact, the accumulation of energy intelligent interfaces, the age of big data, we certainly don’t fall behind. But we want to offer customers an easy overall solutions, which similarly reflected in product design, simple and reliable, that is, the customer is responsible for. “Sun Power Inverter concept slogan shouting the same simple, even a bit dull:” according to local conditions, scientific design. “To say content, it seems that can only be explained as” site-specific “these four words and streamlined than the slogans, it can be considered exotic, but the Sun was hidden behind the power of the big moves.

“We in line with local conditions, scientific design solutions according to customer’s actual operating conditions, tailored to the customer. Now look at this set is valid. “What does this mean? With over 18 years of experience in technology and heritage, sunlight power supply’s solution is a good fit to the user demand for a diversity of applications.

“Solar PV projects from the ground to the roof, a hilly desert, high and low altitudes, hot and cold environments, various circumstances such as damp heat, UV, no device can look to the universally. “Cao renxian introduced sunlight provides customized power plant’s core advantage:” we have an extensive product line of different conditions of use, and develop the most suitable solutions. ”

“Solar PV industry in the era of change, from the capital to assist clients with the professional technical direction in the planning, will form the new normal in the future. 12 million-kilowatt form data, and vast amounts of information are central to the design. “Cao renxian said.

Sun-power in the hardware device providers, and strive to become a clean energy provider. Cao renxian revealed that Sun power are preparing for power trading platform, will be piloted in Hefei.

“Currently China’s power market is still not open enough, in some places in Europe and America have restored the power of commodity property. “Cao renxian said,” we work in technical reserves for the coming new era. Distributed electricity generation actually developed, an important symbol of energy market, the core of the current problem is whether or not these companies ready to face the general public consumer. “Cao renxian have time every month would have buried themselves in the Office and on the road, and different types of books recommended to company executives, averaging 3. Reading a lot allowing him to use a “overlooking the Earth from the Moon,” view of the PV industry. “All along, the PV business longer than direct sales, there is no established channel. Distributed generation PV industry a lot of business from industrial management model to the consumer models, established channels to build outlets, a series of questions need to be addressed. “He thinks photovoltaic industry should learn from the home appliance industry, studies off-site sales, distributors, dealers, consumers, consumer psychology, the photovoltaic industry is not ready to ready for the channel share. ”

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