China PV module shipments in 2014, substantial growth in the fourth quarter compared with the first three quarters

Polaris solar PV net news: Beijing, February 11, 2015-research firm Bloomberg new energy finance photovoltaic shipments index shows that China’s Mainland and Taiwan photovoltaic manufacturing companies had a very busy December, reflecting the County quarter PV installations reached an annual peak.

In covering the Chinese mainland and Taiwan region and 24GW battery capacity 23GW capacity of monthly shipments survey, city, component manufacturers shipments and capacity reached 113% (including outsourced production), the battery reached 101%; Taiwan battery businesses reached 94%. Among them, the participating City Assembly in 2014, the fourth-quarter survey of shipments reached 5,843MW per cent from 4,259MW in the third quarter increased 37% (pictured below).

Chart: mainland Chinese companies participating in the survey module shipments and shipment/productivity ratio, December 2013 – December 2014 (monthly, MW shipments, shipments and productivity ratio%)

Since July 2014, city, capacity utilization ratio rose steadily and peaked in December. But in the last three months of the end of shipments are key to growth due to strong demand in the Chinese domestic market. Although project developers only need to start construction within a certain time that is able to guarantee subsidy eligibility, but if outstanding 2014 around the scale indicator, its 2015 target, or may have been lower.

“Not as rigid as 2013 2014 years incorporation of timing constraints (2014 fixed feed-in tariff was turning down)”, Bloomberg new energy finance China Duan Zhiyu, an analyst explained, “but local governments still want as close as possible to the scale indicator to ensure construction of more projects in 2015 targets, spurring economic development.”

China energy Administration estimated that 2014 grid-connected PV capacity just under 10GW, approaching its hard targets, but far less than the annual 14GW of scale indicators. As of January 31, 2015, Bloomberg new energy finance project database to track China in 2014 all new PV installed capacity of 9.5GW and about 2-3GW projects completed in 2014, is expected in 2015, grid-connected in the first quarter.

“January 26, 2015 has news said, Energy Council plans in 2015 achieved 15GW PV project grid, which including 2014 starts but still built project”, Duan Zhiyu explained road, “but this year not too may appeared like 2014 late Rob loaded peak, Energy Council requirements around party in a quarter within determines and reported annual plans grid of project listing, so in next of three a quarter within developers has ample of time for project preparation and eventually achieved grid. ”

Although the volume and capacity of December 2013 low of 5% per cent, but the module manufacturers surveyed 6GW capacity was increased through expansion and acquisitions. These companies primarily by Bloomberg new energy finance level component and a number of secondary manufacturers, they are a perfect enterprise reporting system.

Bloomberg new energy finance 2015 global new PV installed capacity is expected to increase from 46-48GW in 2014 to 53-58GW.

Original title: China PV module shipments in 2014, substantial growth in the fourth quarter compared with the first three quarters

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