Distributed generation regulatory rules, Shanxi province (for trial implementation)

Polaris solar PV net news: Chapter I General provisions

First to promote the development of distributed power generation, promote comprehensive utilization of resources, in accordance with the interim measures for the administration of distributed power generation, photovoltaic power generation operations of the interim measures for the supervision, interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects and other relevant regulations of the State, these rules are formulated.

The second article of the rules applicable to provincial and lower energy departments (approved) management in accordance with the interim measures for the administration of distributed power generation (the change of energy [2013]1381) distributed generation projects under supervision.

Shanxi Office article III of the National Energy Board (hereinafter referred to as Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office) is responsible for the area of jurisdiction of distributed power generation regulation, establishment of a parallel dispute resolution mechanism, and effectively safeguard the interests of all parties.

Fourth section should be followed according to local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized distributed generation arrangement, using principles of spontaneous use, extra charge Internet grid regulate supplies, making full use of local renewable energy resources and utilization of resources.

Fifth article of any units and individuals in violation of these rules shall be entitled to complaints and reports of the energy regulatory office in Shanxi, Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office shall be dealt with according to law.

Chapter contents

Article sixth of Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office for regulation of power permits implementation of distributed generation projects. Meet national, and provincial energy competent sector provides, to record (approved), way clear of distributed power project (using ground places or agricultural big shed, no power consumption of facilities construction, and in 35,000 v and the following voltage grade access grid, and single project capacity not over 20,000-kilowatt and by electricity in and dot variable Taiwan district elimination na of PV station project can considered distributed power project), exemption power business license.

Seventh Energy Regulatory Office of Shanxi on the regulation of grid connection of distributed generation project. Distributed generation project customer opinion within engineering and project run by project construction, access the public network by in part by the construction of power grid enterprises to invest.

1. distributed power grid workflow for grid enterprises should develop in accordance with the “foreign” principle, to cities and counties (districts) was established and published the Declaration location and contact information. All levels power grid enterprises company (hereinafter referred to as company) for distributed generation projects should be connected to the grid application processing services.

2. grid-connected grid-connected distributed generation projects required to complete a project application form (Schedule 1), and to apply the relevant supporting documents and information provided by the power company.

3. grid-connected power company decision within 25 working days from the date of the application the project unit (owner) provides access to the system, since the project unit (owner) within 5 working days from the confirmation scheme of connecting, Comment Letter of offer grid project (owner) which the follow-up to project documentation and engineering.

4. distributed power project subject engineering and access system engineering completed Hou, project units (owners) to located powered company proposed grid acceptance and grid debugging applications (Schedule 2); powered company since accepted applications up 10 a days within completed mark power measurement device installation service, and and project units (owners) according to requirements signed purchased sale electric contract and grid scheduling agreement, illegal people (that personal) project can merged signed grid scheduling agreement, and purchased sale electric contract.

5. gateway electric energy metering devices installed by the power company completed within 10 working days after acceptance of grid-connected organizations to the project (owners) to provide acceptance (Schedule 3); acceptance criteria according to the relevant State provisions. If unqualified acceptance, power companies should propose solutions to project owners. After project acceptance through the direct incorporation into commercial operation.

Article eighth of Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office on the regulation of parallel operation between distributed generator.

1. the new distributed power grid security evaluation, network scheduling agreements and purchase and sale contracts, one-off registration management. Project Unit (owners) in accordance with the relevant provisions in the intermediary to complete security evaluations in the 10th after filling out application form (Schedule 4), network scheduling agreements and related materials, purchase electricity for sale Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office and submit for the record. Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office to confirm for the record after the documents are complete, the document certifying the filing receipt. According to the filing by the power company executive business feed-in tariff receipts of distributed power generation.

2. the company should give priority to guarantee normal operation of distributed generation, distributed generation in emergency situations should receive and obey emergency dispatch of power dispatch Agency.

3. distributed generation projects to establish and perfect the management rules and regulations. All investors, including individuals and home users, have an obligation, under the guidance of grid enterprises cooperate with or participate in the operation and maintenance, and ensure safe and reliable operation of the project.

4. distributed generation project during operation should be kept full of energy output and fuel consumption measurement data, while being inspected to provide running records, including the original data.

Nineth of Shanxi on the regulation of distributed generation of the Energy Regulatory Office.

1. user investment in the construction and operation of distributed generation projects should be based on voluntary use. For distributed solar power projects, when the project record, spontaneous personal use, you can choose either to power, you can also choose full Internet; spontaneous personal use by the power-user power consumption significantly reduced or disappeared, can be converted into a full Internet access.

2. the power supply company allowance for priority scheduling and full purchase distributed generation grid capacity. Due to force majeure or power system security and stability-threatening situations, failure to full purchase, company shall promptly failed to full Internet access information such as time, cause written notice of the project unit and Shanxi energy quarterly regulatory filing.

3. user-owned distributed generation project cannot meet their own electricity needs, enough electricity to power companies to buy and sign a power supply contract.

4. economic development zone, industrial park, relatively independent of the service area, such as distributed generation of the Organization for the harmonization of construction projects, allowances Internet section available from the power supply in accordance with policies and conditions in the region’s other power users sell directly, electricity price for the negotiation, power company is responsible for transmission and settlement of electricity charges.

5. power supply company’s entire electricity generation for distributed generation projects, electricity, net capacity to measure, and the supply and installation of free electrical energy meter, Internet access and network capacity, respectively settlement.

Article tenth of Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office for distributed generation power price regulation of execution, settlement of electricity charges, and service fees.

1. distributed electricity feed-in tariff provisions related to implementation of the national development and Reform Commission and the provincial administration. Distributed solar electricity generation projects for personal use free of charge with electricity price levy fund types, and system standby charge and other distributed generation system stand-by fees, funds and additional implementation of relevant State policies.

2. Internet access tariff pursuant to the power plant and power grid of the interim measures for the settlement of electricity charges for enterprises (SERC wealth [2008]24) provisions for settlement. Settlement period stipulated in the contract, monthly, in principle.

3. cannot issue VAT invoice for the distributed power-generation projects, according to the State administration of taxation on companies buy distributed solar power projects to the national grid electricity product invoices and other related issues notice (circular of the State administration of taxation notice 2014 32nd) regulations

4. grid-connected power supply company access and run in all aspects to the project, the services are not units (owner) free of charge.

11th Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office on the regulation of distributed power generation subsidy payments.

1. wind, solar, biomass, geothermal energy, ocean energy, such as renewable energy distributed generation enjoys State subsidies. Among them: the whole electricity distributed PV subsidy policy, other DGs in subsidy policy in accordance with the relevant provisions.

2. list of national renewable energy grants distributed generation projects, completed after filing to energy regulators, grid electricity enterprises should be based on project grants and subsidies approved by the national standards, through the Fund in full, timely payment of subsidies for renewable energy development fund.

Chapter III supervision measures

12th provincial energy departments distributed power generation in the province should be integrated planning, distributed power generation project construction and operation information copied to the Energy Regulatory Office of Shanxi province.

13th provincial energy departments and below (approval) distributed generation of Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office project files should be copied.

Article 14th Shanxi provincial power company, jinneng group in the 10th after the end of each quarter to the newspaper Shanxi energy regulation sent the following information (table 5):

1. distributed power grid access conditions, including grid-connected operation item number, item name, connection voltage, capacity, access time and access detailed list;

2. distributed generation transactions, including electricity, own demand, electricity, network capacity, the price of execution, settlement and subsidies for paying the electricity bills and so on;

3. the main problems in parallel operation between distributed generator and recommendations;

4. other documents related to regulatory matters.

15th Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office checks for distributed generation projects may take the following measures:

1. check power grid enterprises and distributed generation projects;

2. ask the staff of power grid enterprises and distributed generation, requiring them to make a note about checking;

3. inspection, copy and check documents and information relating to the matter, may transfer, concealment, destruction of documents and information shall be sealed;

4. the inspection found irregularities dealt with according to law.

16th distributed power plant and power grid Enterprise for grid-connected electricity access, operation, performance of the contract, settlement and other disputes may apply for mediation to the Energy Regulatory Office of Shanxi province. Still fail to reach an agreement on coordination, by the Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office in accordance with the relevant provisions of decision.

Article 17th prepared every six months of the Energy Regulatory Office of Shanxi province, Shanxi province, distributed generation project supervision report distributed power generation operations, power companies to the public on the implementation of national provisions relating to renewable energy policy and so on.

18th distributed generation projects unit (owner) and grid companies violate these rules, Shanxi Energy Regulatory Office in accordance with the People’s Republic of China renewable energy law, investigate its related responsibilities such as the electric power regulation.

The fourth chapter by-laws

The 19th article of the rules be interpreted by the Energy Regulatory Office of Shanxi province.

The 20th article of the rules from the date of their execution.


1. application form for access to distributed generation projects

2. parallel debugging applications between distributed and grid-connected power generation project acceptance form

3. grid-connected distributed generation project acceptance form

4. network security assessment record sheet

5. parallel operation between distributed generation project information

Original title: distributed generation, Shanxi province on printing and issuing the regulation implementing rules (draft) notice

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