Documentary: a PV Sales Manager to make money and maybe you are the next multi-millionaire

Polaris solar PV net news: Spring Festival has just passed, and yesterday I visited an old friend, a PV Sales Manager Gao, thanking you for early cooperation, and secondly to communication for new projects. And share the experience of his years in sales, and now after the change of the role of money, outside the company’s revenue last year, additional revenue of millions and millions of additional revenue this year is expected to be, and, after approval, is now finishing its general meaning to share with you:

As PV product line staff, PV winters experienced in previous years, its sad course I believe we all have the experience, many colleagues have turned around, himself almost didn’t hold up. Last year with the landing of policy, markets, the photovoltaic business sales are rising, competition is increasingly fierce, travel and entertainment, even some orders a glass of drink one megawatt out of the sale is coming up, receivables are also skyrocketing, performance, performance may not be able to come up, sales were up, wages may not be able to come up.

Currently PV enterprise and station owners or EPC, simple of told main around price and account period to negotiations, side is enterprise performance assessment, competition fierce products sales difficult, side is PV station owners financing difficult, didn’t funds procurement, account period also on increasingly long, should accounts receivable paragraph increasingly no guarantees, as PV products sales people, not only to learned how to marketing, also to insight accounts urged paragraph of road. Hard year, a ar haven’t done hard!

Last year, some brands of solar module manufacturer in order to reduce accounts receivable, desperately trying to accounts receivable, almost stopped the sales and even to modify the performance rules. Seen from all listed companies to publish the report, is not hard to find, is behind the boom is the rise in receivables and accounts continuously renewed.

As photovoltaic power stations upstream of the photovoltaic industry, holding a large number of plant resources, Gao, conscious of its roots in PV plants financing, if station owners can finance station, cash purchases, there is no existing accounts, so active last year chose to cooperate with us, its role is from a single full service consultancy sales into a power plant owners.

A change, zhiqian various entertainment, and rushing–marketing products, into has station owners of hospitality–common chat overall programme, not only solution has station owners funds problem, itself products sales also up has, also is cash settlement, no rang up period, also no worries, PV enterprise also can benign development, and station owners also for its prepared a pen expensive of legitimate of red; if station owners not self-sustaining station, needs trading, its extra income more high.

A shift to help solve power plant owner financing problems, closer to upstream and downstream, by introducing more resources and raw materials, from payment to the cash payment, PV product purchase price, power station total cost is much lower, ahead of grid-connected power generation to revenue, financing costs during construction is also negligible, power plant owners more affordable and better value.

A shift, photovoltaic power plant owners, financial institutions benefit everyone, including businesses and sales personnel. Whether you are a sales component, or sales inverters, support, whether you are the face of power plant owners, still face the EPC, in the new year with accounts can say goodbye!

Three core for PV plants financing: context, quality and light, through the integration of new energy resources, background we can provide, can work together to ensure the quality, so having owners of PV development indexes, we can provide funding or cooperation, power station, of course, have better investment value–lighting conditions!

Small high to I forget a pen account, through and we cooperation to owners built station, cash procurement and account period compared to, overall built station cost reduced 10% around, ahead of grid power, a months electricity equivalent each w a angle more, financing cost and low, construction during several months of interest almost can ignored regardless of, save so more, to points consultant fee is natural of, cash procurement home products, performance, and account period also without annoying has, if will station sold, also can took points electricity, according to he currently hand Shang hundreds of MW of project resources, This income can be tens of millions, but all legitimate income.

A change, explore the resources in the hands of, cock wire can also counter attacked this year, maybe you are the next multi-millionaire!

Original title: documentary: a PV Sales Manager to make money and maybe you are the next multi-millionaire

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