Exploring global energy must understand the Internet 10 concepts

Polaris solar PV net news: exploring global energy essence of the Internet, clarify the global energy development concepts and thinking of development of the Internet need to know these 10 concepts.

Along the way

“Along the way” (OneBeltAndOneRoad, abbreviated OBAOR; or OneBeltOneRoad, known as OBOR; or BeltAndRoad short for BAR) is “Silk Road economic belt” and the “21st century Silk Road at sea” for short.

XI in September 2013, and October, respectively, proposed the construction of “the economic belt of the new Silk Road” and the “21st century Silk Road at sea” strategy.

“Along the way” will China and Russia, and Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and other neighboring countries in petroleum, natural gas, electricity and energy, extensive and in-depth cooperation in the energy sector, “energy Internet” is combined with “along the way” development strategy of opening the energy sector’s global Outlook.

One pole

From clean energy resources distribution in the world, Arctic circle and its surrounding area (“one”), wind resources, and areas near the Equator and (“together”) is abundant solar resource, referred to as “pole”. Focus on the development of the Arctic wind and solar energy resources the Equator through of UHV power transmission technique to the load centers on all continents, with large energy base in all continents and distributed generation mutual support, provides a more secure and more reliable supplies of clean energy will be an important direction for future energy development.

Arctic wind resources are abundant and widely distributed, technology development is about to 100 billion-kilowatt, accounting for about 20% of onshore wind energy resources in the world. Ring the Kara Sea of the Arctic Ocean, Barents Sea, the Bering Strait and Greenland are the most abundant wind energy resources in the Arctic region.

The low latitude regions near the equator, the Sun was shining, and some of which are mostly arid and semi-arid or desert regions, less diffuse solar, solar energy resources are abundant and are the focus of future large-scale development and utilization of solar energy. In addition, Equatorial area also boasts a large number of high quality wind and water resources, such as the Congo River in Africa, South America, the Amazon basin is rich in hydropower resources.

Clean alternative

Clean alternatives, refers to energy development, to replace fossil fuels with clean energy, low carbon green growth path, gradually change from fossil fuels, clean energy as a supplement to clean energy, fossil fuels, supplemented by changed. Clean alternatives will fundamentally solve the energy supply of mankind’s resource constraints and environmental constraints, is a strategic move to achieve sustainable use of energy, but also the future development trend of global energy.

Energy alternatives

Energy alternatives, refers to energy consumption, electricity as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas consumption, increasing the share of energy in final energy consumption. With the accelerated electrification, energy will play an increasingly important role in the final energy consumption, and eventually became the most important end-use energy varieties, achieving more clean, convenient and safe sources of energy use.

Global Energy Outlook

Global Energy Outlook is to follow the law of energy development, to adapt to new trends in energy development, formation of basic ideas and theories about the global sustainable energy development. Global energy views of core is insisted to global, and historic, and differences sex, and open of views and position to research and solution world energy development problem, more focused on energy and political, and economic, and social, and environment of coordination development, more focused on various concentrated type (base type) and distributed clean energy of integrated development, requirements to “two a alternative” for direction, to global energy Internet for carrier, integrated global energy resources development, and configuration and using, guarantees world energy security, and clean, and efficient, and can continued supply.

State pan in the smart grid

State pan in the smart grid is a component unit of global energy Internet, widely connected domestic energy resource base, all kinds of distributed power source and the load Center, and energy interconnection with neighboring countries, to undertake a global transnational configurations across continents energy Internet, clean energy. Countries should stick to strongest pan in the smart grid and smart development principles play a big role in power and a strong grid based on effectively random, intermittent problem of clean energy generation and realization of centralized power and pan around in optimal access and efficient distributed power to dissolve, more reliable energy supplies.

Four supporting techniques

In the development of energy, all the energy revolution, all depend on major breakthroughs in energy technologies. The first energy revolution, steam power pushed leading energy shift from wood to coal; the second energy revolution, the invention of the internal combustion engine and the electric motor drive leading energy shift from coal to oil, electricity. At present, the third energy revolution, from conventional fossil fuels to clean energy development and utilization of large-scale development and utilization changes need power supply, power grid, energy and information and communication to promote technical innovation, support global energy Internet construction.

Power technology

Led by clean energy, centered on electric energy picture, determine the power technology and its key role in future energy development. Its core is to continuously improve the efficiency of clean energy development and economy, focus areas, including wind power, solar power, and ocean energy and distributed generation technologies. These technological breakthroughs are building global energy source of power of the Internet, in promoting global energy development of clean and low carbon technology is very important.

Grid technologies

To electric for Center, and global configuration of energy development pattern, decided has grid technology in future energy development in the of key role, needs constantly improve grid conveying capacity, and configuration capacity and economic sex, focus around power system each links, accelerated strong smart grid technology full innovation, main field including special high-pressure transmission technology and equipment, and submarine cable technology, and superconducting transmission technology, and DC grid technology, and micro grid technology and big grid run control technology,. These technological breakthroughs are an important foundation for building global energy Internet.

Energy storage technology

Energy storage technology development is clean energy development and the key to the safe and economic operation of power network. In power systems, energy storage technologies can increase energy storage links, makes real-time power balance “hard” power systems has become more “flexible”, particularly tame volatility from large-scale clean energy power generation grid, improve safety, economy, flexibility of the power grid. Energy storage technologies are generally divided into thermal energy storage and electric energy storage, Internet applications throughout the world’s energy future is mainly stored energy.

Information and communication technologies

Information and communication technology is the implementation of intelligent, interactive and an important foundation for large power grid operation control, including aspects of information and communication technologies. Information technology focuses on information encoding or decoding is related to information collection, identification, extraction, conversion, storage, transmission, processing, retrieving, testing, analysis and utilization of technology. Communication technology is focused on the dissemination of information delivery technology, consists of transmission access, network switching, optical fiber communications, satellite communications, mobile communications, wireless communications, support, administration, private network communications technology. Information and communication technologies are considered to be an important engine of world economic growth and social development in 21st century, is the integration of multiple technologies, as well as the cross-border integration of a variety of industries, is leading to profound industrial revolution. To fit the contents of global energy development of the Internet, information and communication scope expansion of rapid growth, information and communication, ICT security, real-time and more stringent reliability requirements, the urgent needs in the field of information and communication technologies have a lot of innovations and breakthroughs.

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