Hareon huge loss of 800 million people can’t read

Polaris solar PV net news: in the wake of the high dividend and transfer, hareon recently threw out a notice of a loss of 800 million Yuan. It makes one a little by surprise. After the company’s second largest shareholder reduction programme raises questions about the transfer of what is behind the company’s black-box operation, and still does in return for shareholders.

Hareon solar announcements, the company expects to 2014 to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to-800 million RMB yuan, while loss-202 million Yuan a year earlier, losses increased 3 times as much. Sea run PV explained said, is appeared so big of losses, has two points causes: a is by funds effects, the company of project started more late, earlier starts construction of project advance efforts by has limit; addition, by national energy Council 2014 second half of introduced related policy of restricted, delay has project of sold progress, great to reduced has Dang period project of can achieved profit.

In this regard, one industry analyst told reporters that the first may be justified, because the countries from “approval” system to the “filing system”, many PV projects the actual start time was 9, in October this year, in just 2 months and network into the possibility is very small, so speed is relatively slow. However, after hareon should have some reserve, cannot expect the State to give you a lot of approval, after all, people also know that, even after the network into, the transfer of power does not necessarily appear in the year closing.

And the second reason, hareon says “subject to policy restrictions”, delayed the sale schedule. It refers to “policy” and national “flagging” is involved, it is hard to say. As from the second half of last year, most policies are positive, the only impact is “flagging” transfer to tighten, hareon flagging number in hand, and no detailed statistics. Assuming its hand on the road many, transfer the possibility does not rule out the existence of some problems.

Anyway, 800 million loss for a lot of people are implausible. In the first three quarters of last year, hareon performance despite no losses, but also have improved. There was analysis report, third quarter of 2014 years ago, the company’s revenue of $ 4.843 billion yuan, an increase of 32%, and a net loss attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 41.98 million dollars, compared with 221 million Yuan losses already substantial loss. Single season in the third quarter, the company’s actual revenues for 1.518 billion yuan, down a 5.58% net loss as of 47.3 million dollars. But the company had lost more than 700 million in the fourth quarter.

Worth trying is, in fact, the last quarter of each year, is the peak domestic power plants, grid and settlement, many enterprises are fourth-quarter rally. Domestic incorporations from the first three quarters of last year 3.79G Watt surge to 10.52G for the full year, entirely on the forth quarter results lifted except hareon opposite.

Hareon power station layout, how? According to the sort of hongta securities, in 2013, the company develops 150 megawatts of power plant EPC, 174.2 MW of grid-connected power station, brought a 880 million dollars of revenue, than other listed companies such as oriental rising higher, sunflowers, etc. In 2014, in addition to its own development, and wholly for a 96-megawatt project is expected to generate 120 million Yuan revenue outside the company straight downwind 499 MW of clean-energy cooperation projects, identify revenue this year was 369 MW, in addition, its own project development is also about 430 megawatts, distributed in Yunnan, Shandong, Hebei and other places.

“The earnings come entirely from power station of hairun, and EPC and others, why hairun above explains, there are some doubts. “The former analyst said.

Prior to this, hareon actions who can’t read. On January 23, hareon said in a statement, the company’s three largest shareholders Yang Huaijin, jiurun pipe industry, zijin electronic proposal, companies in 2014, distribution of profits and capital reserve increase equity plans for the capital reserve fund for every 10 shares to all shareholders turning 20 shares. After the news, shares rose on that day, but only after multiple days are also soaring.

But in a time of high transfer, large shareholders in the planned reduction. According to public news, sea run PV of shareholders Yang Huaijin will since January 22, 2015 up future 12 months within holdings stock number not over 34.53 million unit; shareholders nine run tube industry since January 22, 2015 up future 12 months within will through agreement transfer, and bulk trading, and II level market trading, way or all holdings; shareholders zijin electronic since January 22, 2015 up future 12 months within will through agreement transfer, and bulk trading, and II level market trading, way or all holdings. With the release of these messages, hareon 24th consecutive drop.

Original title: hareon huge loss of 800 million people can’t read

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