Hareon yukui before pushing send stuffed bitter pill suspected of putting illegal investigation

Polaris solar PV net news: hareon senior drama directed by recently making a “Thunder”. Several important annual report shareholder proposal for “10 to 20” distribution, then it is also an important reduction of shareholders and short-term transactions. Today, the company has finally tasted the bitterness of homegrown. Late Friday, hareon received notice on suspicion of putting illegal Commission survey notification.

Yukui ago big reduction

On January 23 this year, hareon said in a statement, based on future development needs, the company’s three largest shareholders Yang Huaijin, jiurun pipe industry, the purple e-2014 proposed distribution of profits and capital reserve increase equity plan: for every 10 shares converted into 20 shares. “Normal production and management company so far, Fundamentals did not change. “The company said in an announcement.

Subsequently, the second shareholder of the company, Jiangyin jiurun pipe industry from January 27 to January 28, today sold 78.4488 million shares of the company’s stock, the company’s total share capital of 4.98%, today bought 200,000 shares of the company (a “sell” mishandling “buy”), the company’s total share capital of 0.01%. After this change, jiurun pipe industry together holding 35.8975 million shares of the company, the company’s total share capital of 2.28%, a fall of about 690 million dollars.

The evening of January 30, hareon, posted notices, is expected in 2014 annual losses of 800 million Yuan and a loss of 202 million yuan from a year earlier. Jiurun pipe industry of the sharp reduction in actual control is a Director of hareon Ren Xiangdong. Ren Xiangdong hareon previous Chairman. According to SFC on April 5, 2007, issued by the listed company directors, supervisors and senior management changes in its stake in the company and its management rules, directors, supervisors and senior managers of listed companies in the 10th before the announcements of listed companies cannot be bought or sold shares of the company. A Beijing lawyer, said in an interview with this reporter, Director of behavior on suspicion of insider trading.

Authorities have opened an investigation

Hareon shareholder breaches our were a number of reported and attracted the attention of many investors. Investors had been told reporters, securities and securities and futures have been reporting the violation reporting Center.

The evening of February 13, hareon announced SFC received notice of the investigation, for alleged disclosure violations, according to the People’s Republic of China relevant provisions of securities law, securities regulatory Bureau of Jiangsu Province decided to put the company under investigation. Meanwhile, securities regulators have turned the main shareholders in the company proposed capital reserve share capital Insider transaction start before and after plans for verification.

Hareon said, if a company investigation into matters touching the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s listing rules (revised in 2014) 13.2. Article 1 of the fraudulent issuance or other vital information disclosure violations, company stock delisting risk warnings to be implemented, after the introduction of delisting risk warnings, company stock 30 trading days. Deal expires, the suspension of the company’s stock, the SSE [Twitter] will make a decision for suspending shares within 15 days.

Hareon announcement on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the same day letters of inquiry for replies. Hareon said sharp losses in 2014-main reasons for include: four-quarter gross margin of about-about 20 million; three cost about 470 million and 350 million write-off, and verified, YANG HUAI JIN (Yang Huaijin), jiurun pipe industry and purple e-related holdings to shareholders, the proposed provident fund converted into equity capital programme 2014-performance-related situation of the company is not known. On February 16, the company’s stock to resume trading.

Original title: hareon yukui before pushing send stuffed bitter pill suspected of putting illegal investigation

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