Hina: how far is the distance between dreams and reality?

Polaris solar PV net news: adhere to non-mainstream film power of the photovoltaic market for many years technical route of Hina, and is becoming more and more confident. But when will this confidence by successfully negotiating?

In recent days, its Hong Kong-listed companies–Chinese film the generation rising stock prices, not only making hanergy Holdings Group Chairman Li Hejun assets beyond Ma and Wang, who could fetch as much as 170 billion yuan (equivalent to the sum of the global solar industry di2-6ming companies by market capitalisation).

“Markets gave the most powerful response, power generation represents the future of film direction. “On February 2, Li Hejun Conference, held in Beijing, the first” mobile power “strategy, with the civilian market. In his view, future PV mainstream is distributed and mobile energy as an energy revolution, humans will use thin-film technology like chlorophyll, anytime, anywhere access to energy.

After a round of thin-film technology on a global scale large mergers and acquisitions, who has formed a Silicon-Germanium thin films, glass, flexible Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (sputtering), flexible Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (total evaporation), 5 technical route of gallium arsenide. At the annual who meeting in 2015, known as the “decisive year”, is the fruition of years of capacity release.

To achieve the goal, who has now established BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics), household electricity, agricultural facilities, automotive, electronics, General goods, commercial UAVs, 8 special products division. Allegedly, every niche market capacity in trillion-dollar scale. According to the Chinese official press release of the day, the size of the market for thin-film battery in electric and electronic products, estimated that by 2020, totaled 46GW, 37GW respectively.

Faced with such an enormous market, Li Hejun even said in a recent interview, film industry now is the question of capacity release takes time, Hina is not selling out, but not so much the products available for sale.

For some in the industry “products on the market it is difficult to see who films” doubt, Li Hejun responded, Han will products in many foreign countries, China has not, who this year will be a 1GW Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium (CIGS) put into production, since then will release capacity.

The problem is that even though the capacity to keep up with, the product must be able to sell it? Since 2009, as c-SI costs go down, thin-film battery market share from 15% to 10%. Although crystalline silicon technology, advances in film technology in a large space, thin films of gallium arsenide in the lab conversion rate and even 30.8%, but an indisputable fact is that the thin-film solar module conversion efficiency of industrialization is still lower than the crystalline silicon, the cost is much higher than that of crystalline silicon. According to Meng Xiangan said China renewable energy society, thin film and crystalline silicon solar module conversion efficiency of industrialization gap still hovers, price, the former 8-10/w, the latter under 4/w.

It is interesting that in January 2015, who earlier in the film’s biggest competitor in the field–FirstSolar, reversed course and turn to the technology of single crystal silicon.

Hina position where on Earth? Does the thin film solar cell industry to civilian use after, will no longer be price sensitive factor? Li Hejun had, indeed, had said in an interview, if you are civil, does not need to consider the cost, “such as solar-powered cars, we are more than oil, the cost is just fuel for six to one-eighth. Such as mobile phone charging, you may not care about costs, they’re charged up. ”

Meng Xiangan, thin film products to be accepted by the market, the key lies in three directions: increase conversion efficiency, reduce costs and differentiated technologies and products. Best film to play advantage usage scenarios, it is integrated with building became the standard building material components; one is wearable devices.

Galaxy Securities Research Department of Zou Xuyuan, Chief Analyst of electric power industry were of the view that more flexible thin-film solar applications is undoubtedly, but what the hell can look like, still need some verification of actual projects.

There is no doubt that c end users on the actual efficiency of the scenario to be more selective, imagine if often packed in thin-film solar cell phone pocket, you need to take out Sun several hours to fully charge, nature of his gimmick will be considerably more than practical. Is equivalent to entering a completely different field, sophisticated product design capability will be greatly tested he Han, has always been wide open. It is also for this consideration, Hina on the day of the event also launches global thin film solar power product innovation competition, through cross-border cooperation and promote the diverse applications of thin film technology.

Challenge than that. Li Hejun proud 5 technical courses to complete the integration of technology, it is not easy, as Meng Xiangan said “a lot of his acquisition of overseas enterprises, who all quit, do not go on about his risk and responsibility are great. ”

In addition, the current thin-film technology, although there is no pollution, low light performance, flexibility and other advantages, as used in the production of a large number of rare metals such as indium, gallium, cadmium, commentators from the angle of resources proposed, this will affect the mass adoption of thin-film technology.

Despite the challenges, Li Hejun film generation this is to spell and spell talent industry Fund insist, won a lot of respect for him, and grateful. A venture last year CIGS thin-film technology companies–Shandong Zhou Zhen, General Manager of the Higgs energy LLC said in an interview, “I am particularly grateful for Hina, so that everyone is fully aware CIGS is a good thing. ”

“1-2 changes we tend to overestimate and underestimate the change of 5-10. “This is Li Hejun often talks about the word. Believe who will major breakthroughs in the next 1-2 Li Hejun, and will overestimate the market?

Original title: Han: how far is the distance between dreams and reality?

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