Li Hejun billion “bet” to win multi-billion dollar net worth

Polaris solar PV net news: Abstract: previously not known to too many people Li Hejun, whereas Jack Ma and Wang, topped the hurun list of the richest man in China after the top, for a time the eyes followed by many questions. Where did he come from, where are they going to? Sohu finance on February 4, an interview with Li Hejun, trying to uncover the mystery of the richest. 12 years ago, the far Southwest of the jinsha River, a life Li Hejun “gamble” that “game” Li Hejun down tens of billions of dollars of “bets” at the national development and Reform Commission, the block, the Central enterprises “carved up”, financial pressures under great difficulties, Li Hejun shocked won.

Sent stems from tanggula mountains of Babel River, entered Hengduan Mountains district Hou called jinsha River, jinsha River in Hengduan Mountains district of Alpine Valley winding flowing, to Southeast Pentium straight Xia, flows through Lijiang shigu town near suddenly to has a 180 degrees of big turning folding to Northeast, cut Yulong, and HABA two seat big snow, hit out has a tiger jumped Gorge, to infinite estuary, again to 180 degrees of big turning, around with jade dragon snow mountain turned has near a circle, from North to South straight and Xia.

River winds hundreds of miles, height difference almost 3000 metres above sea level, currents, unstoppable, is the untamed River, also because of the raging river, once the closure generation, will be able to “waves the gold rush”.

On February 4, 2015, when hanergy Holdings Group Limited (formerly huarui group) Li Hejun, Chairman and CEO of the Board when she told the story to a reporter, it is already a relaxed expression: “I’m an absentee leader, my management is particularly trusting, ask someone else to do it. We all know jinanqiao hydropower station, I handed out more than 20 billion, spent more than eight years, I went to a total of six times, and also have two is just to keep the lead. ”

On February 3, Rupert hoogewerf, hurun Research Institute, issued by 2015 Chateau in the global rich list, Li Hejun 160 billion dollars worth to become China’s richest man. Face many questions about the Li Hejun worth, hoogewerf said Li Hejun Chinese films the generation of a listed company in Hong Kong market value of 80 billion, there are also unlisted parts of hydropower, solar energy and other industries, “very considerable indeed. ”

Shares of Chinese films the generation Li Hejun leaped into the richest man in films generating industry and he could afford a huge investment, confidence stems from the jinanqiao hydropower station on the jinsha River. He said: “the hydropower station is the printing presses, every year billions of cash flow. ”

“Tiger’s son away the restraints”

But in that year, Jin Sha Jiang Liu Li Hejun is not money, but wild river.

“As the jinsha River flowed, some 20 tons of stones bound together and tossed into the water, just floated away. “When spoken of in December 2005 closure, Li Hejun still haunt.

In 2002, when Li Hejun went to Yunnan to investigate, and he might never have imagined after 9 years, his background and future bet on the river. Li Hejun hydropower business quite by accident. In 1994, selling electronics, based in Zhongguancun made a 70 million or 80 million Yuan by mineral assets, at the suggestion of a high school classmate, Li Hejun acquired Leshan, Sichuan, a publicly traded company, 6000, $ 70 million was spent to buy finished, but the listed company is just a shell, but with a little cash, nothing, so you need theme hype, would have to buy the assets.

“We are talking about what to buy? Don’t know why says a hydroelectric power station. “So, through the acquisition of an installed capacity of 1500-kilowatt small hydropower station of Dongjiang River in Guangdong, Li Hejun officially entered the water and electricity industries.

In those years, it was during the heat of the Chinese private capital investment in small hydro, small hydropower stations are sprouting up on the various rivers in North and South, coming out. After promising Li Hejun found this industry began in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Qinghai and other acquisitions or new small hydropower stations. By 2002, Li Hejun MUJING hydropower stations has installed capacity of 30,000-kilowatt, 1500-kilowatt of medium and small power stations such as small hydropower station of Dongjiang River in Heyuan.

Believe power promising Li Hejun, has ambitiously set his sights on the Southwest. There are China’s hydropower resources of the highest quality.

In 2002, the central United Front work Department, the National Federation of “Guangcai program” organized private entrepreneurs to invest in Yunnan visit. In the jinsha river expedition, Li Hejun know Yunnan 100 million-kilowatt hydropower resources in developing States. The Yunnan Provincial Government is eager to introduce private capital to develop its rich water resources. Hit it off both sides, Li Hejun decided developing jinsha River power project feasibility study. Subsequently, in the middle reaches of the jinsha River planned an 8 mega-kilowatt hydroelectric power station, total installed capacity exceeds 20 million-kilowatt, the equivalent of 1.1 Three Gorges hydropower project.

In April of that year, the State Development Planning Commission review agreed with the development of the middle reaches of the jinsha River and agreed with Jin Anqiao, and several other development projects in hydropower station. In July, Li Hejun was signed with Yunnan Provincial Commission of development and reform of the middle reaches of the jinsha River hydropower project in Yunnan province and development of letter of intent for preliminary work, and signed one 6-seater, planned total installed capacity of about 14 million-kilowatt, with a total investment of about 75 billion yuan. At the time, Li Hejun huarui group formed just 11 years, not only the huarui, there were no private businesses do million-kilowatt hydropower station.

Agreement was that “everyone will not believe this is true. I talk to people, and people say you’re bluffing, private enterprise to do what big hydropower stations may do so. When we were in junior high school, high school textbooks reads, cover all over China gezhouba dam. Our projects as big as gezhouba. Who would believe that private enterprise can do this thing? Everyone thought it was a joke. ”

From gezhouba dam construction began in May 1971, completed in December 1988, before and after the use of 55,000 troops, which lasted 17 years, with a total investment of 4.848 billion yuan, which is the value of the last century 80 ‘s.

Such large-scale projects must be approved by the various ministries. Ministries when the green light to continue, only the national development and Reform Commission disagreed. In desperation, Li Hejun told the national development and Reform Commission.

“Frankly speaking, who was suing the Administration is a necessity for it, we took the six power plants, national development and Reform Commission to prepare the plants showed State-owned enterprises, one does not leave us, do very, and cornered me. Zhang Guobao, Director wouldn’t have it at that time (our project can do), how can you do it, what was going on inside. He doesn’t believe you, so will all take away. We worked hard for many years, were all taken away from me, not to us, we are in a hurry. ”

When he was Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission Zhang Guobao, who has always been regarded as robust official. From the perspective of the development and Reform Commission, and Zhang Guobao, does not agree that there is good reason – a large hydropower station, co-ordination, resources consumed, only immigrants, Jin an Qiao hydroelectric power station involving 3 towns 7 village, Yongsheng group of 17 villages. It is unthinkable for a private enterprise.

The situation is made more complex is, Huaneng, Huadian power, Datang and other State-owned enterprises have settled on the rich hydropower resources of JinShaJiang River, wants to carve up the middle reaches of the jinsha River hydropower projects. In 2005, under the national development and Reform Commission, a red tape, indicating the 8-4 in front of a power station in the Middle will level all by the hydropower development in the middle reaches of the jinsha River in Yunnan province, Ltd development. Huarui group, said it was part of the preliminary work has been done, raised 300 million yuan in compensation, or refused to surrender. Cost about a year’s time, finally, national development and Reform Commission coordinated, a certain amount of compensation, to resolve the problem.

See worth, Li Hejun strategy is against sides of hands. On February 20, 2003, passed the pre-feasibility report for jinanqiao hydropower station. On August 8 of that year, jinanqiao hydropower station entering the establishment. In December 2003, approved agricultural Bank of China invested 10 billion yuan credit line to support group construction of jinanqiao hydropower station project, which is the largest single private enterprises in State-owned banks to the project credit line.

That year also “power shortage” of the year. With China’s rapid economic growth, energy demand has spiked, the 2003 national large area “power shortage”, 19 provinces had adopted rationing measures. “Power shortage” to be “2003 top ten electric power annual news”. Li Hejun saw an opportunity at the time busy preparing jinanqiao hydropower station, has spent 1.2 billion dollars acquisition of Nina, an area located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River hydropower station.

“Seize the Jin an Qiao”, Li Hejun and biggest game continues. Event a turning point at the Executive meeting of the State Council. Meeting, and the private companies will be able to enter the rail, road, water, electricity and other country’s large infrastructure construction.

Consequently, “finally gave us a Jin an Qiao”. On December 1, 2005, the Hina group and China Huadian group, China Huaneng group, China Datang group, the investment and development company in Yunnan province signed an agreement here, joint hydropower project in the middle reaches of the jinsha River Development Corporation, Hina Group 11% per cent stake. In the middle reaches of the jinsha river cascade hydropower station, developed by the joint venture are between one and four, five to eight grade consists of Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, hanergy holding companies to build a power plant. Hanergy holding group controlling the development of jinanqiao hydropower station.

6 projects in the Central took the other 5, but left Li Hejun jinanqiao is 6 large hydropower resources in a better, was planning “a grade” fifth level, belongs to the State a large hydroelectric power station. As a compensation for Li Hejun upfront investment, Li Hejun partial stakes in other power stations.

Actually, has comments on think, Central intervention jinsha River Middle hydropower development, only to Han can a seat Jin an bridge, instead is help has Han can, because jinsha River hydropower development involving geological, and environmental, and immigrants, and ecological, many problem, Central of entered many big degree attract has opinion of idea, opinion of concern points will in central body, to Han can left has enough of space. More importantly – to Hina’s strength, can’t eat 6 cascade power plant.

Subsequent history has proved this comment very prescient. Central development of xiangjiaba dam, xiluodu, Lu, Lung opening has been halted, and Hina was unable to complete the jinanqiao hydropower station.

But this is another story. Li Hejun was in a rapid race against time. The first half of 2005, Jin an Qiao hydroelectric power station completed, occupational safety and environmental protection, water and soil, land acquisition, resettlement and geological hazard assessment, Bank loan commitments, feasibility studies and other documents submitted for approval.

Until January 2006, the closure has not been approved by the national development and Reform Commission, were also asked, “without the prior approval of the State Council, as well as not complying with the provisions of the approved shall not be built.” But the huge project has been unable to halt.

Li Hejun has its own interpretation: “since the founding of all large hydropower stations, none not of first built it. ”

Last 10%

Engineering more than Li Hejun, the difficulty of imagining.

Jinan bridge is located in Hengduan Mountains, Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, 52 km from Lijiang city, traffic on the main road in Lijiang, panzhihua city, Sichuan, transport facilities, left and right on both sides of the dam site belong in gucheng district, Lijiang and Yongsheng County, Yunnan province, is dry-hot River Valley landforms, geology is very complex. Jin an Qiao hydroelectric power station built in the jinsha River Valley, wind is blowing to the bottom, year-round tropical climate and lush vegetation, humidity is very large, the bottom can reach temperatures of nearly 40 degrees, so hot and stuffy. Hengduan Mountains lined the road leading to the power station site, weathered stone structure, wind or rain was very prone to landslides and collapses.

“China hydroelectric” engineering construction main, in which Hydro has four limited hydropower station diversion tunnel, dam construction and metal works, main engineering capacity of 7.3 million cubic metres of Earth excavation and 4.4 million cubic meters of concrete pouring, hydropower eight limited responsible for the 11.8 million tons of artificial aggregate processing system for power plant construction. Digging two tunnels of diversion the diversion tunnel of the surging. Large construction vehicles drive in and out of the construction site.

Engineering problems can be solved by the professional team, the biggest challenge comes from the pressure of large sums of money. Li Hejun, do not need a field supervisor, his biggest task is-to raise money.

Li Hejun in China leading a put-third times industrial revolution in China a book in the wrote to: “to should peak Shi daily 10 million yuan of inputs, Han can put Qian some years construction of benefits good of quality station a a to sold, these project are condensed has Han hotshots of effort, which most unfortunately of is Qinghai NI that hydropower station-Han can in 2003 to 1.2 billion yuan acquisition, at has grid power. In the most difficult times, who have years of accumulated risk reserves all in, jinanqiao hydropower projects that would always be filled like a bottomless pit, and finally even Chinese executives to borrow to invest in personal and home of jinanqiao. ”

Despite 10 billion yuan approved by the agricultural Bank of China, credit, but also Jiangsu Rudong wind farms and other projects in the same period, funding pressures are considerable. This dark time to Li Hejun was quite impressed, so much so that in later “did not owe the banks ‘ capital and interest” Si Xun.

Jinanqiao long 10-year construction phase of the project, at the time it seemed completely endless, much money and energy as boulders into the surging, inaudible sounds. There are different views within the company, and “there was a Vice President in charge of jinanqiao project ran in the Middle, and he followed me out. “Li Hejun recalled. But Li Hejun was determined that more executives assured that duration 8 years, he only visited 6 times, others left to executive management.

In jinanqiao project is going to be the final stages of approval, it is the most difficult stage Li Hejun, at that time, the three gorges hydropower project development Corporation asked whether Li Hejun was willing to sell the item. “They were looking at me hard, that offered $ 45 billion to buy I hydroelectric power station,” Li Hejun, said that “if sold, we can earn 30 billion net. ”

Temptation is strong. Hina Board again the expression of different views within the company. “There were only Wang Yong, Chief Executive Officer of the company and I don’t want to sell, and is supported by all other people to sell,” said Li Hejun, but eventually he persuaded everyone that “jinanqiao can’t sell, this is not a money thing. Once done, we will not be short of money, but if you sell, we can’t explain it politically. ”

The so-called “politically can’t explain” is jinanqiao hydropower station has become a private enterprise into the symbol of hydropower construction of major infrastructure in this country, when Hina quit, is likely to trigger public attention. In 2007, a ministerial official said Li Hejun: “If Hina very jinanqiao project difficulties, nothing will get in the future. ”

In addition to the difficulty of the project, financial pressures, political, and cloaked in the jinsha River hydropower development on the head, there are shadows of ecological damage. Jinsha River and other rivers are many migratory fish spawning grounds and cascade dam is completed, watershed habitat types will be a fundamental change, the stack effect will be much greater than the effect of single station, will seriously affect the survival of the fish in the Yangtze basin. To this end, the environmental protection departments of great concern.

Far more serious is that the jinsha River is located in the transition zone of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, new intense tectonic activity in the Valley, mountain crush rocks, landslides, avalanches, landslides and other disasters occur frequently, poor geological conditions are far worse than the three gorges of the jinsha River. Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, also will be a large crisis to a seat of reservoir induced earthquake in May. Public opinion forced the State to re-examine the hydropower development in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

National attitudes on hydropower development, too, such as the jinsha River, to a 180-degree turn. From 2007 to 2009, the country was almost stopped the approval of large-scale hydroelectric projects. Data display: approval of the national hydropower installed capacity from 19.51 million-kilowatt in 2006, plunged in 2008 to 2.67 million-kilowatt in 2009, 7.37 million-kilowatt.

And environmental issues are equally heart-rending is that counties are the State-level poverty-stricken counties in jinsha River basin, huge investments in hydropower development is considered the maximum opportunity for local development. The dilemma of environmental protection and people’s livelihood, jinsha River hydropower development time into swing.

Han while accelerating jinanqiao project, on the other hand is trying to dispel the worries of environmental protection departments. In addition to start restocking activities of jinsha River to protect fish, build a permanent fish releasing conservation station, also initiated evaluation of induced seismicity risk, the construction of jinanqiao hydropower station reservoir area of earthquake monitoring network.

Looking back on those days, Li Hejun says, “persistence is an entrepreneur, very important quality. If you can’t carry on, couldn’t have done; persistence will not do it, can’t make it couldn’t have done. My recent view is ’19 rule ‘. One thing, when you insist on 90%, you will get only 10%, but until you see it 10%, you will gain a 90%. 90% ahead is very difficult, you can’t stand it, only 10% harvest is even lower. ”

Many people die that adhered to the 90% darkest before the dawn of time. But Li Hejun eventually stick to the end of 10%.

July 2010 saw the approval of jinanqiao hydropower station, at that time, it has built 7 years. Jin Anqiao has cleared the last obstacle on the identity. After obtaining approval, construction teams shouted “actively mobilize gets 150 days, ensuring that December 25 ‘s first generation” slogan. Workers on two shifts of 24 hours working construction, after 150 days, power station construction completed.

Approved 8 months later, Jin an Qiao hydroelectric power station began filling power.

“The sky is falling when the quilt cover”

In March 2011, 27, 2.4 million-kilowatt unit one of jinanqiao hydropower station power generation.

To this end, Li Hejun, held a celebration. He/she has been Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission Zhang Guobao, Deputy Director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC grid-connected also attended the ceremony.

Zhang once “does not believe” the project succeeded. Zhang Guobao, Li Hejun has turned a big corner: “national treasure Director we are now supported, feel really kicked up. ”

Li Hejun understands China’s political principles. He understood that politics needs most is performance, and Jin Anqiao is an excellent achievement. Only tangible results, in order to actively cooperate with the Government. Jinsha river cascade hydropower station project, has spurred tens of billions of investment to the local economy, Lijiang, built not only to meet the demand for electricity will also be delivered to the eastern region, VAT and corporate profit tax generated per year virtually unchanged from the 2007 local revenue district, Lijiang city.

This is unprecedented in the history of private enterprise engineering: the maximum strength of roller compacted concrete dam of 141,000 cubic metres, normal maximum strength reach 69,000 cubic meters of concrete, concrete overlay strength up to 188,000 m months. Elevation of the end of May 2008 the dam of 1352, power station dam maximum width 26m, Max width of dam 144.8M, divided into 21 section. Including concrete and RCC dam concrete, roller compacted concrete dam by about 2.4 million cubic meters of concrete in dam body of 1.2 million cubic meters. Length of spillway on the right bank dam plunge area around 400m, sand bottom dam section downstream of discharge trough length of about 336m, about 800,000 cubic metres of concrete engineering in the region.

Lump-sum compensation 161 956 people placed small businesses on their own, a one-time compensation self settled administrative enterprises, 13 of 45 people, a total of 431-2151 persons relocation and resettlement of rural migrants, rural migrants 736-2942. Total static investment of 12.501 billion yuan project, dynamic investment 14.679 billion yuan.

After the completion of the maximum height of 160 m of jinanqiao hydropower station, the crest is 64 meters long, design standard of flood control for the 500-year flood event, design earthquake intensity to 9 degrees.

9 years of hard work, Li Hejun field celebration put an end to it. On the evening of the same day, Zhu, Zhu Xun chaired. Tan Jing, Wang Feng, Sun nan, and Han Hong, and Guo feng, Mao Amin, Li Shengsu, Yu kuizhi, and other stage performances.

Li Hejun wins a big “game” that there have been rumors that he is often in Macau.

He is Sohu finance says: “long ago said I on-line is a gambler. Joke, I’ve never been to Macao. Entrepreneurs have to gamble, it is right or not to gamble, but adventurous, if a man don’t even have a spirit of adventure, not entrepreneurs. ”

Li Hejun boast that he was a man full of adventure. He said that it is hereditary. Li Hejun was born in Heyuan, Guangdong Province is a Hakka, favored by his father since childhood, he read me the son of China’s first individual. In 1972, when Li Hejun was only six years old, his father began to “do business”, at that time called “speculation”, is to be denounced. Top leadership at that time did not let him, his father said the money I earn 37 points with you. He said: “when my mother arguing with my father, my mother always say a Word, sky is falling when the quilt cover. I do not understand this sentence. My father is very optimistic, optimism and resilient he passed on to me “

“So difficult of jinanqiao do come, everyone believed that the people doing other things estimation problems is unlikely.” Subsequently, Li Hejun turned into a thin-film PV industry.

Original title: Li Hejun billion “bet” to win multi-billion dollar net worth

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