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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

Central document first: according to local conditions to take grid extension and solar power supply

Recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued regulations on increase the intensity of reform and innovation to accelerate agricultural modernization a number of views. The opinion notes that: the continued implementation of the rural power grid upgrading. Adjusting measures to local conditions to take grid extension and solar, wind, small hydro and other power supply in 2015, no-electricity population the problem.

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Market review

1, the Energy Board request for comments: local photovoltaic building too slow will cut the following year indicators

Recently, the National Energy Board the National Energy Board issued a comprehensive Department letter of consultation with the 2015 PV implementation programmes, proposed construction of photovoltaic power generation by 2015 year implementation plan. Energy Board decided in 2015 to the provinces under the photovoltaic construction of floating targets. National Energy Board quarterly statistics all regions the progress of the project, such as power plant region will enjoy faster progress National Energy Board appropriate indexes to append. However, if a province at the end of the third quarter as power station started or built power station scale of 80%-is not in the 50% area, its target for next year will be affected.

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Kill 2, the giant photovoltaic technology competition launches

In China’s domestic market, PV industry technology innovation and market competition is fiercer. Foreign, apart from Kang Weiming, DuPont Teijin cost-effective PV industry as a goal, to increase research and development efforts to new heights is trying to seize the Chinese market. Has experienced brutal PV module price competition, PV technology is becoming a new bright spot.

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3, the Central Bank is about to officially launch the asset securitization issuance registration system would detonate PV asset securitization

It is learned that the Central Bank is about to officially launch the asset securitization issuance registration system, securitization of credit assets from the Bank line, a registration, self released in batches. However, the issuance of registration subject to the approval of the State Council, if approved, is expected to launch after the Spring Festival. The explosion throws an asset securitization, asset securitization will no doubt set off PV plants.

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4, jiaxing patterns were shelling: per unit, up 8 cents for much money

Wu xinxiong, erstwhile praised former Secretary for national energy “jiaxing mode” once considered a promotional model of distributed PV all over the country. But surprise, held on January 15, 2015, “commercial/seminar on financing mode of distributed PV for rural development”, and “dare to speak” of climate change, national development and Reform Commission Li junfeng, Director of the Research Center for strategy and international cooperation the shelling as a “high.” “I’m not particularly optimistic about the Department of energy recommended ‘ jiaxing mode ‘. “Li junfeng said, because it is on the basis of State subsidies and to increase the number of levels of subsidies,” burn high subsidies “to preserve is” vanity project “. Journalist investigation controversial “jiaxing mode” and I found the “subsidies” promotion mode greatly aroused the enthusiasm of investors on the one hand, on the other hand, the “burn high subsidies” did not last.

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5, grid pitch cracked “abandoned” gridlock PV “rationing” is expected to ease

According to the figures released by the National Energy Board estimates, 2014 new PV installed capacity surpassed 10GW. Although 14GW annual plan set up before there is a gap, but for the PV industry, the growth rate is not low. However, for the photovoltaic industry, behind the beautiful performance still cannot hide behind the fundamental difficulties remain, such as after the incorporation of the “brownouts” problem. And the publicly available information, including power grids, have basically reached a consensus on how to address this issue, the use of large data, Internet, remote control, and the application of new technologies to solve the problem.

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6, 2014 the Chinese PV market full record (multi-map)

China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua in recently held of “PV industry development and investment analysis–2014 years recalled and 2015 prospect” seminar Shang revealed, in faced overseas “double anti-” of adverse situation Xia, 2014 China polysilicon production still reached 132,000 tons, compared with growth 57%; wafer production reached 38GW, compared with growth 28%; battery tablets production reached 33GW, compared with growth 32%; component production reached 35GW, compared with growth 27.2%. Even more important is that our PV enterprises profitable. “Enterprise gross profit rate most to return to double digits, business conditions have improved markedly. All aspects of the industry chain enterprises to enter the top ten in the world, such as polysilicon, wafer, 8 4 home cell 5-6, module 5-6, and were the first for Chinese enterprises. “Wang Bohua said. 2014 the Chinese PV market, what happens?

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Comment article

1, 2015 solar energy Council planning illuminates the roof really distributed it?

On January 26, the National Energy Board National Energy Board issued by the Division on the letter of consultation with the 2015 PV implementation programmes. Draft for comments made in 2015, new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity target 15GW, centralized PV 8GW, distributed PV 7GW. Considering characteristics of distributed solar power projects and areas of the roof construction conditions, minimum target in all regions, but no annual limit. As the roof policy paper distributed single them out for the first time, it was generally agreed that the development of roof distributed very positive because “no limit”. PV CEO believes that draft for comments on distributed no substantive help.

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2, don’t let the “flagging” tripped the PV’s footsteps

The so-called “photovoltaic flagging” PV development project is for government departments to be on record and included in the construction plan approval of a commonly known. Due to the photovoltaic project development rights, particularly for large PV power plant project development on the ground right now is a scarce resource, so companies in acquiring “flagging” when there is competition. At first glance, this Government approval of corporate actions, this is no problem. But could not breed many qualified “flagging traffickers, leading to sharp increase in power plant construction costs, resulting in the burden on enterprises; also easy to build in order to control costs and reduce engineering investment, pose a security risk.

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3, the most complete history of PV power plant project issue summary

Domestic PV market after more than two years after the downturn, ushered in a spring belonging to the PV market, setting off a new round of large-scale power station construction. 2014 construction of PV continuing favorable policies, the domestic PV market has been further promoted. Combining the development of PV power station, a summary of the issues that you may encounter during development.

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4, how to troubleshoot small photovoltaic corporate financing, financing your questions?

Financing, financing your problems has restricted the development of the photovoltaic industry’s “chronic” problem. Expert opinion, solve the financing problem of the difficulty, financing, banking solutions is not enough, have to rely on direct financing.

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5, comments on the PV shuffle

“Shuffle” was often came along with the development of the photovoltaic industry. This industry with the “cleansing” have nothing with “Chess” and there is no fate, but always let people watch it at the development history and present situation of, can not help but think of a game, or a deck of cards.

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PV 6, bank loans of the change of thinking

Bank loan classification management for risk control is understandable, but loans for PV thinking whether loans should be a main inspection standards, should still loan programs as the main inspection standards? Banks choose the former thought worth exploring.

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Enterprise version

1, hareon 10 to 20 as “bait” 5 billion to offer funds quilt cover

Hareon then saixiang technology, one in Shanghai and one in Shenzhen; both have received letters of inquiry from Exchange. Although individual stock industry, operating conditions differ, but their movements in the capital markets in the near future is very similar – high dividend and transfer of “mix and match” shareholder reduction plan, which is what Exchange inquiries focused on content. In Exchange, “concern”, the saixiang technology tumbled 5.48%; hareon is suspended directly, after the resumption of the trend is not optimistic.

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Jinke after 2, evergrande real estate came across PV so unreliable?

Wanda is concentric diversification, evergrande was diversified in parallel. From beauty, PV to cereals, Xu jiayin 2014 series constant big shopping list. Jinke real estate Huang’s passion for PV power plant does not lower than Xu jiayin, PV Jinke transition even become a major trend.

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3, LDK LDK Solar polysilicon business recovery plan two years listing recently not expansion

LDK LDK President tongxingxue said that “has arisen now after completing the restructuring of the foreign debt will be sought over the next two years in United States New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq trading resumed, while Solar polysilicon business spin-off plan.” In 2015, the LDK LDK’s main focus will be placed on the internal management, and marketing.

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4, Canadian Solar to spend 1.66 billion yuan to buy Recurrent market valued at $ 2.3 billion mark after 2 years?

Large—solar solar PV enterprises won the Japan subsidiary of sharp Corporation United States independent power plant developer, bid of 1.66 billion yuan, a move that will undoubtedly strengthen their “development, construction and sale of” the implementation of the strategy. Despite company on a very optimistic outlook of the acquisition, but he calculates that brought the company 2 years later valued at as much as $ 2.3 billion. However, trading is cost-effective and can be achieved to maximize the value of the new company, we still have to test.

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5, secret vote strategic layout: two strategic 9 plates

Less than half of people voted in the recent action in the capital Giants frequently, no nonsense layout to multiple industries frequently present, zhongmin cast strategic layout silhouetted, but the layout has not been known, in this exclusive people voted in the secret details of the strategy.

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Character articles

1 Zheng JianMing, the mystery of capital predators: I’ll spend years waiting for an opportunity

As Zheng JianMing and rarely in the public eye, and this name seems to be insensitive to many people. He entered the people’s vision, because integration of wind for clean energy of Hong Kong listed companies 2012. In 2014, he use his personal capital of 3 billion yuan to acquire Wuxi Suntech, World War I fame.

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2, Rupert hoogewerf, the 2015 global billionaires list: 48 Li Hejun 160 billion into China’s third richest man in Ma

On February 3, the Chateau Star River Rupert hoogewerf, hurun Research Institute published the 2015 global rich list, Li Hejun against Ma and Wang become the 12th richest man in China in 16 years.

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3, Lv Jinbiao polysilicon “left is King”

2015 has arrived, and polycrystalline silicon industry into “left is King” era, the future business is strong, and Kings with 35 wolves.

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