Shandong 31.1 billion social investment in social capital investment and new energy photovoltaic power generation accounted for nearly 90%

Polaris solar PV net news: development and utilization of new energy resources, and for promoting the adjustment of energy structure, promoting pollution prevention is of great significance. By the end of 2014, the Shandong social capital investments in new power generation amounted to 31.1 billion yuan, of which, 90% solar photovoltaic power generation investment in social capital, contributing to the Novo Group (referred to as “linuo group”), Qingdao changsheng power solar technology Ltd (“Qingdao changsheng”), and other famous enterprises.

Nearly 40% capacity is derived from social capital

Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission official, said due to the short development time, high costs, payback period and other reasons, development and utilization of new energy in our province has faced single investment issues, financing channels are limited. In recent years, with the national decentralization, encourage and guide social capital to expand the energy sector investment, renewable energy development and utilization has become a new growth point of social capital investments in the province’s energy sector.

According to the provincial development and Reform Commission statistics, by the end of 2014, Shandong province, wind power, solar power, biomass power generation investment in new energy fields, such as social capital amounted to 31.1 billion yuan.

But judging from the generation capacity, social capital to invest in new energy power generation sector achieved a total installed capacity of 3 million-kilowatt, accounting for 38% of the province’s new energy generation capacity. Among them, the wind power installed capacity of 1.87 million-kilowatt, 30%, biomass power 690,000-kilowatt kilowatts, accounted for more than 63%, solar PV installed capacity 690,000-kilowatt, accounted for more than 83%. It is understood that in September last year, Shandong province promulgated the opinions on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry (referred to as “views”), and strive to put forward until the end of 2015 to achieve PV cell and module production by more than 3 million-kilowatt, photovoltaic power generation capacity by more than 1.8 million-kilowatt and foster 3-5 strength, have strong competence in key manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad. Views are given specific preferential policies to clear 2013-2015 grid-connected PV power plant, electricity price determined as 1.2 Yuan per kilowatt hour, higher than the national benchmark price partially borne by the Shandong province.

In addition, the 2013-2015, the scale of distributed solar power projects into national annual guidance, all electricity in the United States by 0.42 Yuan subsidy per kilowatt hour standards set on the basis of Shandong province granted 0.05 Yuan per kWh of electricity price subsidies. Introduction of the opinion has stepped up its support for distributed PV, from the Shandong provincial power company national grid’s data show that by the end of 2014, the province’s grid-connected photovoltaic project 281, photovoltaic power generation capacity of 382,500 kW, 202.4% surge than the end of 2013.

PV social investment accounted for nearly 90%

Last May, the national development and Reform Commission issued the first batch of infrastructure encouraging social investment projects in the fields of law, transportation, information and clean energy fields such as engineering, modern coal chemical and petrochemical industrial base launched 80 pilot projects, encourage and attract social capital in joint ventures, sole proprietorships, franchising and other ways to participate in the construction and operation.

This head of the provincial development and Reform Commission, told reporters that solar photovoltaic power generation sector the province capital is the most adequate areas, currently the province’s enterprises for investment and development in this field has more than 330, of which nearly 90% per cent of social capital, and the emergence of linuo group, Qingdao changsheng renowned solar products.

It is understood that the linuo group of private enterprises in 2002 to enter the field of PV, mainly the production of photovoltaic modules, is one of the earliest enterprise of China PV industry. 2008-2011, the company has 80-kilowatt grid-connected power station construction technology building, the linuo 1.6 megawatt photovoltaic building integration technology park project, 10-megawatt photovoltaic power plant, was the largest PV project in Shandong.

In addition, the linuo Group China Mobile was also built in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan and other provinces of the base station. This reporter learned that, by the end of 2014, the company completed PV project 127, with a total capacity of 560 megawatts, of which 32 projects in Shandong province, installed capacity of 70 MW.

Linuo group as distinct from, nsesi is focused on agricultural photovoltaic power generation, as China’s leading solar solutions for comprehensive utilization of agricultural services, the company has from the project development, planning, design, production, project management, operation and maintenance of power stations, one-stop service.

Nsesi the relevant person in charge, in 2011, the company’s innovative “photovoltaic greenhouse agricultural science and technology” comprehensive utilization mode, now in provincial mainland cities such as Qingdao, linyi, Zhaoyuan agricultural greenhouses in building photovoltaic power plants, and in Jiangsu, Hebei, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and other 10 provinces and French, outside the province get PV record over more than 300 MW.

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