“Shinin 2nd” solar plane will fly

Polaris solar PV net news: according to foreign media reports, “Sun power 2nd” solar plane will be late February or early March on your journey to fly around. It was an unprecedented flight, flight designed to justify the use of fossil fuels is feasible. “Shinin 2nd” will set off from Abu Dhabi, flight in India, Myanmar and China, short stays, then crossed the Pacific, the United States and southern Europe, finally returning to Abu Dhabi. Voyage of the world tour will reach 35,000 kilometers, is expected to available for 5 months.

“Shinin 2nd” wingspan up to 72 m over the largest commercial airliner but weighs only about 2300 kg, and a family car. Required energy is completely supplied by the solar cell. In the tiny cabin, two Switzerland pilots took turns driving, fly for 5 days and nights at a time, speeds of between 50 to 100 kilometers per hour, total flight will be close to 25 days.

For this flight, “Sun power 2nd” team has done considerable preparatory work. “Shinin 2nd” co-founder Andre pilots, Mr Borschberg says this feasibility study, design and manufacture of solar-powered aircraft took 12 years. He said: “it is not the world’s first solar-powered aircraft, but it was the first aircraft capable of transoceanic and transcontinental flight of a solar flight. ”

Throughout the course of flight, “Sun power 2nd” in 12 locations for a short stay. In late February or early March, the plane will take off from Abu Dhabi, and Oman’s Muscat travel, followed by India at Ahmedabad and Varanasi. After that, the “Sun power 2nd” will fly to Mandalay in Burma, then stay in Chongqing and Nanjing in China, then across the Pacific to Hawaii. United States Southwest docked location yet to be determined, depending on weather conditions, and then stay in Phoenix and New York’s Kennedy airport. After crossing the Atlantic, “Sun power, 2nd” will be in France landed somewhere in the South, before completing the last flight to return to Abu Dhabi.

“Shinin 2nd” two pilots and 80 support team of technicians, engineers and communications personnel, will take place in Abu Dhabi for 14 days of preparations, completed safety inspection, and testing, and related training. During the call at around, the public can visit the solar-powered aircraft.

In June 2014, “Sun power 2nd” worked in Switzerland put on her maiden voyage. The single seater solar aircraft using carbon fiber material, do not carry any fuel. “Shinin 2nd” built-in 17,000 solar wing, responsible for 4 electric motors to provide power. Daytime solar cells to total approximately 633 kilograms of lithium-ion batteries, and allow the aircraft to fly at night. 4 years ago, “shinin 1th” solar-powered aircraft have been successfully across the United States to fly.

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