TBEA 3GW photovoltaic supplier bidding

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the TBEA 2015-2016 3GW wind turbine and wind power and photovoltaic PV 3GW field based installation and commissioning of fire and other suppliers shortlisted tender announcement.

Accordingly, in the tender include: field Foundation, installation, commissioning, fire protection, and other projects.

Vendor qualification requirements

(1) the bidder should People’s Republic of China registered, has an independent right to conclude a contract;

(2) the tender units should have the ability to perform the contract, including professional and technical qualifications and competence, funds, equipment and other physical facilities, managerial competencies, experience, credibility and knowledge practitioners;

(3) the bidder shall have special professional contractor grade or above qualification;

(4) bidders should have a work safety license;

(5) the tenderer should have similar performance in almost three years;

(6) the bidder is not being closed, the property was taken over, freezing, bankruptcy;

(7) the bidder without obtaining bids and serious breach during the past three years and major quality issues;

(8) the tenderer and its legal representative of bribery crime-free record during the past three years;

(9) the tenderer and tenderer stake may affect the impartiality of the bidding shall not participate in the bidding.

Deadline: February 4, 2015 March 10, 2015 14:00.

Original title: TBEA 3GW photovoltaic supplier bidding

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