Will emerge as a new energy photovoltaic and wind power benefits

Polaris solar PV net news: thin-film solar and hydropower station started Li Hejun, who by virtue of their control of thin-film power (00 in placements and other assets of mysterious, incredibly over Ma, MA and many other Internet “God-man”, firmly sitting on a Fortune list of top spot. People cannot help but ask, is this what the new energy and the eye of the storm? can this fad swept through 2015?

Although Li Hejun himself built in the film Kingdom of questionable, but its new energy industry have a lot of money into, and an impact on the market. What industry can see the future of real money, find new energy opportunities appear to 2015 will be crucial. In the industry, whether it’s lithium-ion batteries and materials, or the wind, solar, and nuclear power, and this year will usher in bursts and growth phase.

Materials for lithium batteries and will be the first to benefit from

In mid-February, Tesla has just released earnings reports or a little disappointed. Its fourth-quarter revenue of us $ 957 million, an increase of 56%, but its net loss increased from the original $ 16.3 million to $ 108 million, wider than last year by 562%.

“This does not mean, the industry as a whole is bad, but only representatives at the fourth quarter of last year, Tesla’s own performance,” China Merchants securities analyst Wang Liusheng told reporters that the momentum of the development of new energy vehicles in 2015 will be very quickly, from 2014 will be able to see this trend.

According to 2014 new energy vehicle produced 83,900 vehicles, an increase of nearly 4 times; the largest increase, a plug-in electric hybrid passenger car production of 16,700, an increase of nearly 22 times. “Such a strong pattern, materials for new energy vehicles will be the first to benefit. “He said, lithium batteries and lithium-ion battery materials will have good demand. Using lithium-ion batteries, for example, Tesla Motors nearly 30% per cent of the cost of the batteries, and 38% for percentage of BYD E6.

Continue to observe the composition of lithium-ion batteries can be found, mainly from the positive and negative electrodes, electrolyte, battery management systems and the diaphragm consisting of, and positive than the 48%, followed by the diaphragm, cathode, and electrolyte and so on. In 2015, the rise of new energy vehicles in these areas will also appear to be promising trends. Worth noting is that in cathode materials of lithium cobalt oxide, ternary material, lithium iron phosphate and manganese oxide is a key direction, but these materials have yet to achieve a dominant situation, are regarded as mainstream in the last 1-2 years, estimate is difficult to separate out.

When the wind again

In addition to the new energy vehicles in addition to momentum for the development of wind power industry is also worth looking forward to. 2014 promulgated by the global wind energy Council, global wind power installed capacity statistics show 2014, global wind power capacity reached 51.477GW, 44% annual growth, also hit a record high in 2014, Asian capacity for 26.161G tile, installed capacity as the world’s most populous region, China 23.4G w, up by 45%, India 2.32G w, in second place.

Shenyin wanguo analyst Han Qiming told reporter, 2013 global wind power market constitute in the, dimension Republika Tower Republika accounted for than for 13%, and goldwind technology for 11%, next for An Nai Kang (9.8%), and Siemens (7.4%), and GE (6.6%), and song beauty SA (5.5%),, and 2014 estimated seating of changes does not necessarily is big, China of goldwind technology will continues to led domestic products of sales. Moreover, the current wind turbine manufacturers also have their own wind farm operation management, wind-luck-dimension chain, although fans on their prices, but revenue and profit source of wind power companies in the future will be more diversified.

Compared to offshore wind power company, has the advantage of cost control ability of Chinese enterprises, while its technical innovation does not exceed overseas, but through cost control to enhance their market share at home, so as to gradually rise in the rankings in the global market.

In addition, the construction of offshore wind farms in the world, in the toddler stage, especially some good offshore wind resource area, over a period of time in the future, demand for wind power equipment will slowly rise. Expected in 2020, the global offshore wind power installed capacity of 7.1 times times than 2013, compound annual growth rate reached 28%.

Solar and nuclear energy market popularity

Talking about wind power, immediately thought of the solar energy market. Changjiang securities analyst Wu Bohua told reporters that by 2015 the country’s determined after 15G Watt grid plan, the domestic PV market development of distributed PV projects, will also be the new opportunities.

“In 2014, the State distributed PV courses were established, continue to enact policies to support development of the industry. However, companies still balked, distributed development in a dilemma. “He said 2015 distributed will be very promising in the field, on the one hand policy has been in place, another bank will gradually loose support for distributed, credit and other financial channels, get through, will make the whole distributed industrial look.

“Overseas, distributed and is much sought after, and in 2013 the new PV installed capacity in Europe, Japan and the United States distributed accounted respectively, 66%, 68%, 40%. Of course, uncertainty is still the greatest constraints in distributed development. These uncertainties include: distributed developers and have a roof, electricity, electricity is not uniform settlement and other uncertainties, project return on investment risk, and so on. ”

—In nuclear power and other new energy industry of change has accelerated this year, the most prominent is the merger of power and State nuclear group. This design for nuclear power capacity weaker CPI, State nuclear group that owns the AP1000 technology profitable. According to huatai securities of is expected to, from currently to 2019, China also will ushered in new plant inputs commercialization run of intensive period, annually will has 3 to 9 Taiwan of nuclear power project dizzy, than 2013 (2 Taiwan and the 2.21G w) has substantially rose, is expected to in 2020 late built voted shipped of project many Yu 9.44G w, and 8 Taiwan unit, will or achieved total scale 58G w of capacity target.

The great development of China’s nuclear power, will also be raising the proportion of nuclear power equipment localization rate, which not only concerns China’s nuclear power construction process, as well as an important national strategy. And improvement of many nuclear power plants in China, will also increase the production of nuclear power equipment, all kinds of nuclear technologies and benefits will also be verified and improved from the side help to increase the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the field of international nuclear power say.

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