2014 United Kingdom new PV installed capacity rose 93% to 2.8GW proportion of renewable electricity for first nuclear power

Polaris solar PV net news: United Kingdom official government data confirmed that in 2014, the United Kingdom contribution beyond nuclear power for the first time in the history of renewable energy on the grid. Statistics show that, in 2014, the share of renewable energy in total generating capacity was 19.2%, over nuclear power accounted for more than 19%.

Report claims that, in 2014, the United Kingdom renewable electricity to 24.2GW, 4.5GW higher than in 2013, an increase of about 23%.

Solar accounted for 6% of renewable energy generation, but by 2014 United Kingdom PV installed capacity soared to 93%, to 2.8GW, 3.9TWh for solar power. At present, there is no other renewable energy can be compared with it.

In 2014, the United Kingdom power grid contributed the largest green power technology is bioenergy, accounting for renewable electricity (64.4TWh) 36%. Onshore wind power, offshore wind energy and hydropower accounted for respectively, and 28% and the 9%.

Meanwhile, the proportion of coal-fired power of the total electricity production of 29%, slightly less than the natural gas (United Kingdom’s greatest source of power) accounted for more than 30.2%.

Data show that 2014 United Kingdom electricity consumption by 2013 4.3%, mainly due to warmer weather and energy efficiency improvements.

United Kingdom, Greenpeace (GreenpeaceU.K.), Chief Scientist Doug Parr said that this is an encouraging trend – renewable energy generation jacked, decline in the percentage of coal-fired power. Today, the United Kingdom Government is the outpouring of support the renewable energy industry, “phasing out” the most dirty fossil fuels, and this trend is expected to continue.

“Last year, and since 2007 and United Kingdom economies grew faster than in the past, sharp decline in carbon emissions. “Parr said,” this is further evidence to reduce carbon pollution and boost the economy can go hand in hand. ”

In 2014, the Scottish renewable energy generating capacity to meet the total demand of nearly 50%, solar photovoltaic, biomass, wind, and water and electricity have reached record levels. However, onshore wind energy in the North of Scotland is still the most dominant clean-energy, accounting for 30% of the total electricity demand.

“In Scotland, and the increasingly important role of renewable energy generation. We are pleased to see the proportion of renewable electricity goal a year ahead to achieve up to 50%. “Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said,” take advantage of Scotland’s vast energy wealth has a wide range of benefits – reducing carbon emissions, increasing employment opportunities and investment, and bring light to the island. ”

National energy and climate change Secretary Ed Davey said: “low carbon emissions, 2014 is our record year. We promote a low carbon economy. In fact, the 8% reduces our carbon emissions, renewable electricity output growth, and the economy booming. We will continue to build a low-carbon energy sector based on local resources, as this will improve energy security, is vital to boost the economy and reduce carbon emissions. “(Translator: Bian Xiaoyun)

Original title: 2014 United Kingdom new PV installed capacity rose 93% to 2.8GW proportion of renewable electricity for first nuclear power

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