2015 solar demand in China is expected to reach 18GW

Polaris solar PV net news: according to Bloomberg new energy finance (BNEF) ‘s latest forecast, 2015 China PV demand will hit 18GW.

BNEF stressed that 2015 PV installations in China the lowest possible 15GW, while its “optimistic scenario” for installing the 18GW.

What’s interesting is, BNEF pointed out that by 2016 electricity price subsidies, increased demand could be brought forward to 2015, promoting the optimistic projections of installed capacity is higher than the 18GW.

However, BNEF mid-range numbers in line with China’s national energy Administration set target 17.8GW PV installations in the country this year.

In an interview with reporters, Bloomberg new energy finance’s solar insight Director Jenny ˙ Algis Budrys (Jenny Chase) said that as 4GW completion of grid-connected PV projects are not national energy Board count as China this year could actually install 15GW.

This would mean 2015 when the new grid projects around 17.8GW quotas 60–80% can be reached.

In fact, Algis Budrys noted that its earlier forecast for 2014 installations has been temporarily pushed up to 13GW, up from a previous 12GW, mainly due to the completion of the project differ from those of the official number counting the number of incorporations.

Although the national energy Bureau recently canceled quota targets distributed generation, but BNEF expects 5GW to 2015 distributed generation projects 7GW. For roof-mounted project without restriction.

Original title: 2015 solar demand in China is expected to reach 18GW

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