Against Eclipse moment “dark” resources in the event of changes

Polaris solar PV net news: If you have a lamp, it must be someone somewhere threw a shovelful of coal, this is the golden rule of the traditional grid system. Recently, Germany one of the mainstream media, Le Monde published a cover article: Eclipse creates double the darkness? People set off a thousand waves: the original natural phenomenon not just for the public to watch the solar eclipse, there are so many stories and hidden behind.

Eclipse will create twice the darkness?

The morning of March 20, 2015, a rare total solar eclipse was observed in the northern hemisphere as a whole. For astronomers, this is a rare good news, but for new people in the energy sector, especially for the PV practitioner and sounds is the disaster.

Germany photovoltaic power capacity of about 39 million-kilowatt, in the bright summer sunshine at noon, photovoltaic power generation accounted for Germany’s largest electricity consumption by more than half. But in 2015 March 20, this pillar were broken–this day Germany and Europe as a whole will experience solar eclipse will make a large number of photovoltaic equipment without power, grid operators, concerned that it would affect the security and stability of power supply.

Although media is more concerned about the Eclipse event until early 2015, but experts in the energy sector, especially power companies a year ago began to quietly deal with the Eclipse could bring great harm, even in 2003, when the solar eclipse will be prepared.

Compared to the last Eclipse, after a lapse of 12 years, Germany first met after so many PV modules are installed above 80% occlusion of Eclipse. Although the next solar eclipse will occur again in the summer of 2026, but again so close to the darkness of a total solar eclipse will be reproduced until 2081–then maybe solar and other new energy were all super automatic and global power of the Internet has been built, people use technology and jet lag (European dark China happens to be the day when and jet lag can be used to support scheduling) to survive.

Eclipse of the Sun on the photovoltaic effect is obvious-no wind, no light, will not be able to output power, EU power Union which did not rule out blackouts may occur.

Oldenburg energy and climate system studies commissioned by the grid operator to carry out studies, research has shown that, at the beginning of Eclipse Germany around 9:30, photovoltaic power output may be instantly reduced 12 million-kilowatt. If the day is sunny, which is equivalent to 10 nuclear power plants as well as decommissioning.

And after 2.5 hours, the Sun emerged from behind the Moon at about 12 o’clock noon because the Sun suddenly illuminated by, increased to 19 million-kilowatt within a short time of photovoltaic power into the grid, the equivalent of 20 nuclear power plants suddenly connected to the grid.

Guangdong Province, half the electricity disappeared

Why the Sun, your back will be so great and so different effects?

For the dispatch, sunny day, PV power burst around the table at noon, but the impact of this is not the greatest challenge, even more terrifying is the sunset. At noon and in the afternoon there are plenty of PV power to override the load, the majority of conventional thermal power plants are in the lowest power state, pushed but must be followed by rapid decline in generation in thermal power plants to make up for the space–it’s not hard to shovel coal, and it can be resolved. Speed and degree of power plant succeeding PV must be very high otherwise grid from the oscillating easily crumble.

Very bad is that when the Sun, is met every household lighting, ignition Cook, watch TV, wash clothes, these loads in a traditional power supply system tracks – and industrial load have downtime from work than they are child’s play. Problem was pretending to be a lot of distributed PV family, these load daytime is for use and integration of photovoltaic power generation mix, dispatching Centre is around a series of magnificent scenes of the intrusion. But by evening, they distributed “power” suddenly turned all guns were “loads”, not only do not help, you ask me first, the grid burden you can imagine.

Fortunately Germany grid is not unique, and inside and outside is rich in resources available for scheduling, grid architecture is quite strong, and makes it possible to enlist the power of the mass. In addition, the Sun soft long hours of preparation time should not apply for a power plant but just barely, and then there is the electricity market across Europe such as France Poland Austria will help Germany.

Frustrating is that Eclipse speeds up the replacement of the sunrise and sunset, and it isn’t against Germany a country, don’t forget that France also has 5 million-kilowatt, Italy also has 17 million-kilowatt of photovoltaic power plant. Black in a Flash, almost half of the electricity disappeared in Guangdong Province. Even more frightening is soon, which also comes in full and become worse–now is 12 midday, produces photovoltaic output, of course, be greater than the 9:30 Sun.

Different from the usual noisy energy debate, this Eclipse in Germany has not led to widespread media attention, because most people think that if we can make it through the night, and why we can’t live without the Sun by day? Germany famous poll published by the weekly focus, almost all of them chose not to believe Germany will Eclipse blackout risk.

Professionals were not so optimistic-the Eclipse moment of danger is not posed by the Sun disappeared, but midday light. Expert in grid dispatching Center no time to his care at the moment, the preparations would have done, the fate of the other only.

Emerging changes

If it really happened, not just Germany and all of Europe could be plunged into darkness.

2014 late rate mission and Guangdong grid access Exchange of Germany Chinese New Energy Association of expert were once in Guangdong grid led before image metaphor road: Eclipse occurred on like is let a people hungry belly, days not dinner, although sad destroy but also barely can got past, real let people cannot stand of is immediately and let you eat a heap bun, that brace died of feels is born than died.

Germany’s four power companies claim after increased spare capacity, combined with plenty of pumped storage power station and natural gas power plants, such a situation is brought under control. But this is only theoretical reasoning.

For the moment, Germany there were many welcome changes.

First of all, people begin to reconsider must be hundred percent renewable energy law access new energy times. Indeed the harm caused Eclipse in Germany the most, that is because Germany compulsory for grid-connected PV must eliminate all satisfied. Such a provision may not always meet the needs of power system security.

Secondly, people began calling attention to the grid for the guiding role and contribution in the development of new energy sources. PV of automation and electrification joins should be more guidance and coordination of grid companies, people have become accustomed to the grid’s high-handed and capricious and are discontented, but invisible in ignoring the power everywhere in the service and support, on the difficulty and complexity of the industry is often underestimated.

Once again, people began under the conditions of free market economy full of speculation and anticipation. In a completely free market of electricity, if everyone know that Eclipse will make electricity production problems, most of the tendency of traders to short or long? Whether the needs of ordinary people will be bound? If the enterprise does not produce, residents without lights, power encounters the impact will be much smaller.

Finally, people’s level of knowledge of the energy industry and greatly increased their expectations of energy Internet. Next step in the energy sector to get more attention and effort, it must be through energy efficiency, electric vehicles, smart home and intelligent building management directly connected to the person most closely, once connected directly to energy supply and demand and the ability to adjust at any time, so when it encounters a similar natural events, global mobilization and management becomes possible.

But no matter how perfect technology and ready to engage, nor totally against the constraints of the natural world, as 1.3 billion people if the electric vehicle charging, grid and then strong will collapse. European Solar Eclipse spectacle at this time, would be the ambition of nature to man’s technological progress and their ability to survive a new challenge.

Of course the best solution is: we pray to March 20, 2015, heavy rains, or at least clouded, it is best to heavy snow, covered with photovoltaic panels.

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