Alternative hareon: high dividend and transfer of concealed carry mystery

Polaris solar PV net news: hareon “high dividend and transfer of” turmoil has yet to subside.

On March 23, at the forefront of hareon once again issued a suspension notice on any major issues, saying that the company will be proposed to the shareholders holding a stake out, which could lead to actual control of the company changes, in order to avoid causing abnormal fluctuations in stock prices, applying for stock suspension.

Since the beginning of stage “high dividend and transfer of” farce since hareon every popular market concerns. In the capital market, “high dividend and transfer” is thought to be one way to reward shareholders, but upon hareon, into a poison harm shareholder interests.

From the launch of “higher dividend and transfer” plan, to inflate prices, and then to shareholders ‘ cash holdings, announced huge losses predicted, less than a month time, hareon stock turns, all the way down. In the meantime, hareon’s three major shareholders (Yang Huaijin, jiurun pipe industry, purple and electronics) and some executives began a frenzied holdings of cash operations. According to media reports, “College transfer” before and after, hareon three shareholders and executives cashed more than 2.5 billion dollars.

Move immediately met with shareholder activist denounced. Shares, such as forums, deep-set shareholders questioned believe hareon using so-called “high dividend and transfer of” gimmick, in order to achieve for the unlawful purpose of shareholder’s holdings of hedge. Now, the SFC has investigated on the matter, the answer to whether there are related party transactions inside stories are being uncovered.

When arbitrage

Back on January 22, evening, Yang Huaijin, jiurun pipe industry, purple and collective electronic three shareholder proposal: in base hareon December 31, 2014, share capital of 1574978384 shares, capital reserve per 10 shares 20 shares to all shareholders.

The news came out, the capital market is beginning to stir and, under the popular retail funds, hareon answered the next day trading.

Hareon released “high dividend and transfer” prior to the plan, company share prices swept away the previous Yin fell around and behave well. Since January 5, hareon price will continue to rise. From January 14 to publish “high dividend and transfer of” plans on January 22, hareon achieved a rare “seven up”, shares rebounded to 9.37 Yuan. The next day, the price limit to 10.31 Yuan.

Starting from December 31, 2014, as of January 22, 2015, hareon in just 15 days, from as low as 6.69 Yuan, jumped between January 22 and Intraday high of 9.79 Yuan, or 37.79%.

At a time when investors cheers the caper, hareon shares the turn, fell back around. Just a week later, hareon throws yukui 800 million yuan of “bomb”, the stock was suspended. Hareon solar stocks such as roller-coaster ups and downs, investors by surprise.

During this period, shareholders ‘ holdings of cash operations are carried out in an orderly manner. Author survey found that Yang Huaijin, jiurun pipe industry, zijin electronics the three shareholder proposals “high dividend and transfer of” when all list reduction plan, reducing stock volume of 0~3453 million shares, 0~11414 million shares and 0~8500 million shares.

Data show that as early as in “high dividend and transfer of” before, at a time when share prices rebounded, the three shareholders have implemented a reduction plan. Only on January 7, 12th, 16th and 20th Grand electronic block trading cumulative reduction of about 177 million shares, set on 1.26 billion yuan, and there are Yang Huaijin is December 31, 2014, a fall of 2.5 million shares; jiurun pipe industry during the January 14-28th, cumulative reduction of 157 million shares, cashing more than $ 1.3 billion yuan.

“If the surge occurred in Indonesia after the Spring Festival, the market also jerking off, many investors would not consider hareon specially for it. Point is, before the announcement of the above 37.79% risen completely and deviates from the largest increase in market of only 5.61% in the same period, the dealer do disc formation is very obvious. “The head of a private agency said Jin Tao, hareon behind-the-scenes wrong time period selected, and also enables the rapid whirlpool into doubt.

Suspicious clumps

Under normal circumstances, “high dividend and transfer” is a way of return to shareholders, which means that companies with good earnings trend. However, hareon announced “high dividend and transfer” option, just released a huge loss of 800 million yuan in one week in advance of their results, this unusual Act caught the attention of the SFC.

However, what’s ironic is, hareon in response to public inquiries on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said the above shareholder proposal “high dividend and transfer”, the “do not know if hareon 2014 for information about annual results”.

The major shareholders of listed companies, unexpectedly, in the performance of the company’s case is not known, will work together to put forward returns to shareholders “high dividend and transfer” option? Hareon response caused more investors as well as institutional investor criticism and questioning.

“Stands for, as listed company of main shareholders, on company of operating performance will has basic of roughly understanding, impossible appeared so big of losses is not informed,” a bit unwilling to named of securities analysis persons on author said, “in proposed high sent turned programme zhī qián, Board internal also must will after a seriously of discussion, so, big shareholders and how will on company of profit and loss information without informed? ”

Author survey found that formal announcement “high dividend and transfer” prior to this message have circulated shares Forum communication platform, such as start, share prices also rebounded.

But it is unfortunate, then hareon thrown bomb of the performance deficit of 800 million dollars, shares fell. In between the ups and downs, hareon they successfully cash holdings by billions of dollars.

Whether through “high dividend and transfer of” concept to inflate prices, give shareholders the opportunity to plunge in arbitrage? Today, hareon on suspicion of insider trading stock price manipulation has been the Commission survey. If the above questions were added in support of, hareon nightmares may be only a start.

During the interview, the author repeatedly call hareon several public telephones were unanswered for a long time.

Original title: alternative hareon: high dividend and transfer of concealed carry mystery

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