And Director meeting approved in principle renewable portfolio standard

Polaris solar PV net news: reporter from a number of people close to policy development was informed by the latest edition of the renewable portfolio standard has been submitted to the State Council. As early as August 2014 the renewable electricity quotas appraisal procedures (trial implementation) has been Director of the national development and Reform Commission Office will be discussed and approved in principle, thereafter to the ministries, local governments and national energy Board network for advice and amendments. According to some provinces reflecting new energy quota ratio requirement was too high to finish, final version of the way data are adjusted accordingly, guiding ideas are “above the energy planning, and won’t let you reach the” incentives and punitive measures by reference to energy saving and emission reduction and carbon trading schemes, official documents are expected in reforms after the launch.

Renewable energy will guide the file 2015-2020 eliminate tasks, good wind and PV to dissolve. Qilu securities analysis, from the improvement of memory capacity, quotas for the most favorable wind power, seen from the installed drive, quotas for the most favorable distributed PV.

As far as wind, first half of 2014, in addition to local areas such as Xinjiang, most parts of the country to abandon the air rate is still declining, quotas will abandon further improvement in wind power, Qi Sheng will create larger profits for wind turbine manufacturing flexibility. As for the photovoltaic industry, distributed a new deal, such as quotas, “landing” policy issued, plus power project a lot of starts, distributed business model will accelerate the formation and is expected to come of age.

Original title: renewable energy quota system has been submitted to the State Council benefit wind power and photovoltaic

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