Citigroup big and invest in new energy declared by 2025 to invest 3 trillion yuan

Polaris solar Reuters: Citigroup declared February 18, 2015 will be investing heavily in new energy, total size of staggering, by 2025, will invest US $ 100 billion, more than 3 trillion new Taiwan dollars, investment projects, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy-saving transport and so on.

International financial institutions continue to expand investment in new energy, September 2014, Barclays plans to invest 1 billion pounds in new energy bonds (GreenBond), to finance new energy and environment-related industries, prior to that, Barclays has only 430 million pounds ‘ worth of investments in new energy projects, said above the doubled bets in the new energy. Zurich Insurance Group (ZurichInsuranceGroupLtd,ZURN) also declared July 2014 will double our investment in new energy bonds, raise $ 1 billion, a total investment of us $ 2 billion; and February 2015, Deutsche Bank has announced a steep rise in investment in new energy-bond scale, from 200 million euros, up to 1 billion euros.

Supported by the major financial institutions, according to Bloomberg statistics, 2014 maturity of bond market can be said to be new energy for one year, the total market size double growth of the $ 38.8 billion in 2014 and general funds to invest in new energy industries is as high as $ 310 billion, annual growth of 16%.

This new energy bonds investment for large financial groups, and only a small test water temperature, the Zurich insurance group, $ 2 billion in total assets, but only 1%.

Citi in 2007 has put new energy

Citi group is early Yu 2007 on set Xia more high target, at Citi declared to investment 50 billion dollars Yu new energy, originally plans Yu 2016 reached, but Yu 2013 on early reached target, and in 2012, United States Bank and Goldman Group (GoldmanSachsGroup) also followed up, former declared investment 50 billion dollars Yu low carbon investment project Shang, which is announced will investment 4 million dollars, now Citi declared will total investment target expanded to 1, 0 dollars, ahead of the Pack again.

Citi said that these investments are sustainable growth of business investment, not charity, nor cost, in fact, these investments can also reduce costs. MarshalSalant, alternative energy sources, the financial sector, said Citigroup, 5 years ago, to make the $ 1 billion investment, it’s unprecedented, but now the wind and solar energy have become mainstream, scale wind or solar power can be easily launched a $ 1 billion bond, while a dozen or so bids from investors.

Citi’s bold declaration, although still lead the industry, but also hinted that new energy investment has been moving towards the mainstream, the scale of investment and participation in international funds will continue to grow.

Original title: Citigroup big and invest in green energy, declared by 2025 to invest 3 trillion yuan

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