Development of distributed PV or as an energy Internet

Polaris solar PV net news: 2015 proposed by his Government work report, “Internet +” action plans, capital market concern, Premier Li keqiang also stressed that energy production and consumption revolution relates to development and people’s livelihood. Analysts believe that the Internet “+” action plan combined with the revolution in energy production and consumption, brewing energy concepts and the Internet industry, has great room for growth.

Recently, a reporter on the subject of Internet concept of energy and related industries, with central China Securities Research Institute Director Yuan Xuya, Chief Strategist at Minsheng securities Li Shaojun, Datong securities senior investment advisor Zhang Cheng, people in the industry were discussed.

Reporter: what is the energy Internet? energy which plates are included on the Internet?

Yuan Xuya: energy is the Internet based on advanced power electronics technology, information technology and intelligent control technology, a large number of distributed energy harvesting devices, distributed energy storage devices, and various types of load of a new interconnection of electric power networks to achieve the two-way flow of energy energy peers exchanging and sharing network. Energy Internet consists of six segments: Smart power, Smart grids, smart energy, smart power smart energy trading, intelligent management and service, these six plates make up the complete energy Internet.

Reporter: energy investment opportunities in Internet is deterministic?

Li Shaojun: energy development of the Internet in China has just begun, and there is a large space in the future, it will provides a wide range of investment opportunities for investors. First, the energy of the Internet is the developing direction of China’s future energy strategy. Second, the deepening of reforms in the energy sector will bring more opportunities to the energy Internet. Thirdly, the energy Internet is the main path propositions solve national energy and environmental protection. Finally, energy of the Internet related industry development will bring many new business models.

Zhang CHENG: intelligent energy concept is the combination of the Internet industry under the background of the escalation, as well as energy saving and environmental protection concept bred epiphytic, vigorously promoted economic restructuring and Government under the background of energy conservation, environmental protection, energy future Internet-related varieties exist with certainty many opportunities.

Reporter: energy which risks exist on the Internet?

Zhang CHENG: the energy Internet based intelligent control-oriented integrated energy saving and energy management network, its upfront investment is huge, policies to foster and promote early development is the key element. Under the background of a decline in energy prices in recent years, as the energy use of industrial enterprises, lack of motivation, future energy Internet countries promote the development of power grids and large State-owned enterprises is the key. So the overall risk remains its biggest policy risk. While basic energy such as crude oil, the price of electricity is the key to rapid market acceptance factor.

Reporter: how institutional investors should grasp the development opportunities in the energy future of the Internet?

Yuan Xuya: energy industry based on the mainstream view, global energy Internet has the following main characteristics: one is represented by wind, photovoltaic, renewable sources of energy as the primary energy; the second is able to support large scale distributed generation system with distributed energy storage system access; the power system of the intelligent Internet; four, new energy vehicles and wide application of energy storage. For this reason, institutional investors may focus on wind power, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, smart grid technology, new energy vehicles, UHV construction sector, such as the theme of investment opportunities.

Li Shaojun: energy Internet development prospects huge, and will into energy industrial of each links, makes energy industry occurred fundamental of change, energy enterprise will gradually by current of energy products provides commercial change for integrated energy service provides commercial, in this a process in the, electricity equipment, and storage can equipment, and micro grid, and lost distribution network, and energy trading market will will ushered in many of development opportunities, smart big grid data acquisition analysis, and smart grid interactive Terminal, and smart grid needed party response, and smart substation, and Intelligent distributed energy micro-grid technology will usher in accelerating development.

From the current situation of energy development of the Internet, investors should focus on strong smart grid and distributed PV field investment opportunities. Based on the UHV strong smart grid can significantly improve asset utilization, reduce energy consumption in transport and pollution on the environment, while distributed PV than centralized power generation more flexible in meeting the energy needs of users. Both of these areas are likely to be China’s energy development was first implemented parts of the Internet.

Original title: energy Internet is in the ascendant

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