Gansu delegation: recommended the introduction of measures to ensure that the province’s new energy and electricity sent out

Polaris solar PV net news: deputies pulse of circular economy development in Gansu province

Gansu delegation recommended the introduction of measures to ensure that new energy power in Gansu province sent out

On December 24, 2009, the State Council approved the development planning of circular economy in Gansu province, only our province as a whole was declared a national circular economy demonstration area. This is a major opportunity for our province’s economic and social development, opening a new phase of the transformation of the economic development of our province. In recent years, construction of circular economy in our province have achieved good results, but also face a number of challenges. This time the “two sessions”, many deputies to focus on circular economy development of our province, co-province recycling economic development stress for me.

Gansu delegation: Let me new energy and electricity sent out, send out

My new energy province, by the end of 2014, the province’s new energy and renewable energy grid-connected capacity of 23.3853 million kilowatts. Among them, the installed capacity of wind power ranked second, grid-connected photovoltaic capacity ranked first in the country. However, subject to various conditions, but now there is new energy in our province, it sent out of the dilemma. To this end, the Gansu delegation submitted to the General Assembly the recommendation on establishing inter-provincial renewable portfolio standard, expressed hope for new renewable electricity quotas introduced management practices, improve our province’s new energy and electricity distribution index, the province’s new energy and electricity out, out.

Gansu delegation recommends, national according to each provinces city of can renewable energy resources conditions, and economic total, and power consumption total and power conveying capacity, as soon as possible introduced implementation across provinces can renewable energy quota system, expanded non-hydropower can renewable energy power consumption range and proportions, support “three North” area new energy rich set provinces accelerated resources conversion using, put new energy resources advantage as soon as possible to, and maximum to conversion for economic advantage, both for national energy institutions adjustment and energy security do contribution, and for East area adjustment structure, and Provide space for environmental improvement. Administrative measures for the implementation of new renewable electricity quotas as quickly as possible, so that new energy sent out, send out, ensure sustainable development and the promotion of new energy. Renewable energy quota management approach, further strengthening of renewable electricity quotas to assume the responsibilities and obligations of the subject. Renewable electricity quotas into the provinces, control of energy consumption and energy conservation appraisal system. Clear incentives for renewable electricity consumption of more than basic indicators part according to the equivalent converted into energy, the control limits are not included in the total energy consumption in the region.

The national people’s Congress, Vice Governor of Gansu province, Xia Hongmin: it is recommended that countries invest more in energy-saving projects in our province and financial support

“At the moment, energy conservation and emission reduction in our province have achieved good results, but because of our province’s backward economy in General, the ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ during the energy conservation still more difficult. “The national people’s Congress, Vice Governor of Gansu province, Xia Hongmin focuses on the province in the” Thirteen-Five “period on how to better promote the development of circular economy. Xia Hongmin analysis, developing circular economy in our province, particularly with regard to energy-saving three-pronged difficulty: first, energy conservation is very difficult, for a long time, for various reasons such as historical and geographical resources, the province developed the energy industry structure in resources highly dependent, secondary sector share of energy consumption in the short term it’s hard to change. Second, energy saving potential is small, with the province’s economic development, the energy consumption will increase significantly, saving space is limited. Third, energy demand.

“In view of these difficulties, recommends that the national development and Reform Commission to increase technical guidance on our province’s energy transactions, mainly in regional energy trading system design and construction guidance, energy trading platform. Simultaneously release ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ due consideration of our province’s future when the energy-saving targets to further accelerate the development of practical, relaxing the rate of decline in our province’s energy consumption per unit GDP indicators. Incremental energy consumption targets. “Xia Hongmin said. Meanwhile, he expressed hope for increased support for our province’s capital, increased from 2014 on the basis of 60 million Yuan to 120 million Yuan; national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of environmental protection industry in our province to set up an energy investment fund to give 50 million dollars to guide financial support.

Xia Hongmin said: “recommends that the Ministry of finance, the State development and Reform Commission in the province arrange 2 to 3 cities in national fiscal policy composite energy saving model, encouraged the province to implement more energy-efficient projects. ”

Member of the Standing Committee of the national people’s Congress, the province Zhao: I hope “Thirteen-Five” will have the province designated as ecological demonstration areas

“Where the new impetus for the development of our province is to further readjust the industrial structure, vigorously develop the circular economy. This time, I recommended to the General Assembly is the State would continue to support the national circular economy demonstration area in Gansu province. “Gansu province, Member of the Standing Committee of national people’s Congress, Zhao expressed his concern about the circulation economy of our province.

“Our province’s economic base is weak, limited funding, in addition to speed up its investment, needs to strive for national support. , “Zhao said. Insufficient funds on the one hand, on the other hand is a weak infrastructure. “Park loop transformation funds under a lot of pressure in our province, our province’s most widespread Industrial Park Road, pipeline, electricity and other infrastructure, needs to invest a lot of money makeover. But the province limited finances, support capabilities are limited. “The view of the present situation, Zhao suggested metastasis and recycle economy in industrial restructuring, industry support and tilt on the distribution of major projects. Our province has 7 national parks loop transformation demonstration pilot, due to financial difficulties the slow progress, countries can do more to support Park improvement funds. “The national development and Reform Commission in the ‘ Thirteen-Five ‘ will have designated as ecological demonstration areas in Sichuan province to consolidate promotion circular economy development of our province. “(Correspondents Cui Yaming Liang Xialin)

Original title: Gansu delegation recommended the introduction of measures to ensure that new energy in our province electricity sent out

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