Hong Kong Stock Exchange query on “unusual” Chinese stock exchanges

Polaris solar PV NET: stock exchange of Hong Kong has asked Chinese film makers who have (Hanergy) explain reasons behind the surge in its share price in recent trading volume record.

In a paper on the Hong Kong stock exchange requirements, Hina said, it does not know, released on March 3 reasons behind the surplus. The company said the Board “does not know the reasons leading to this round of market price and trading volume, or must be released in order to avoid any false market information or the disclosure of any insider information. ”

News caused shares in the requirements as of press time, nearly 7%.

Since the beginning of December 2014, the company’s share price has increased more than twice. So increase the Li Hejun, Chairman of hanergy holdings became China’s richest man.

Hina’s film equipment manufacturing subsidiary, Fujian Apollo (FujianApollo) last month from Shandong Hualian new resources and new technology co (ShangdongMacrolinkNewResourcesTechnology) won a $ 660 million worth of orders. The components manufacturing sector also revealed that downstream solar business of order total for the group in 2015-2017 1.5GW.

In addition to the review, the company is also under pressure from the Hong Kong stock exchange, who has attracted more media attention, leading newspaper financial times (FinancialTimes) and the Wall Street Journal (WallStreetJournal) recently tried to clarify its complex business.

Original title: Hong Kong Stock Exchange query on “unusual” Chinese stock exchanges

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