In wuwei city, Gansu province, accelerating the development of new energy industry to seize the commanding point of green energy

Polaris solar PV net news: early spring season, from Golden Avenue city connection all the way to the North, driving for about 10 minutes, entered Wu Wei new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park. To pass into the flying wind turbine blade manufacturing plants, under the warm sun and silver-finished blades, become unique landscapes in the Park.

A Gobi Luan Shi Tan five years ago, has become an emerging industrial parks. Wuwei municipal force which is “a powerful industrial city” strategy to bear fruitful results, but also seize the commanding point of green energy in our city, a microcosm of accelerating the development of new energy industry.

In recent years, in wuwei city Rob caught State on “optimization space layout, promoting regional coordination development, construction in Hexi corridor green economic zone, focus on strengthened anti-sand sand, vigorously development new energy” of important opportunities, seriously implementation provincial, and provincial government construction Hexi new energy base of major strategy deployment, insisted nothing caught project, and has in the born excellent increased benefits, science integrated planning, pay close attention to the project construction, innovation development concept, strengthened based facilities, coordination supporting advance, relies on rich of solar, and wind resources, To develop solar and wind power, as well as supporting new energy equipment manufacturing industry, to extend the industrial chain, new energy and industrial development and achieved remarkable results. By the end of 2014, aerospace wanyuan, Hunan industrial, energy-saving, Gan power Investment Corporation, China Guangdong nuclear, and a number of well-known enterprises settled in the city, the city’s total implementation of wind-power project 3.9935 million kW, and total investment of 39.9 billion yuan, have been completed and 2.1505 million kW.

Scientific planning and clear development direction

Are important components of Hexi new energy base in wuwei city, is rich in solar energy, wind energy resources. In recent years, has set up 31 wind monitoring Tower in wuwei city and metering stations, wind and solar energy resources assessment work has been done.

Wuwei solar energy resources between class II and class III region, annual average sunshine hours 2,945 hours percentage of sunshine 58-68%, total annual radiation 5530 MJ/m²-6300 MJ/m², and belongs to the rich solar energy resources, theoretical reserves of more than 100 million-kilowatt, the exploitable area of over 2300 square kilometres.

According to meteorological observation information analysis, in wuwei city in Minqin County and in Tianzhu County for wind rich district, 70 meters height annual wind speed in 5.5 mph-6 mph Zhijian, annual wind power density 219 w/square meters-300 w/square meters Zhijian, wind farm wind power density grade for 2-3 level, years wind effective using hours number 1800-2000 hours Zhijian, wind resources can development volume up 26 million-kilowatt above, can exploitation area 4000 square kilometers above.

Combined with the distribution of resources, energy resources development, industrial development, and actively developing new energy sources such as solar and wind power in our city planning work in wuwei city, completed the new and renewable energy development plan (2013-2016), established the construction qianwanqianwa-level wind power base, important new energy equipment manufacturing industrial base in West China and national development goals for the new energy model city. At present, the liangzhou district, Minqin County is listed as 7gebaiwan-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation base in the province, Jin (Chang) (Wei) qianwanqianwa wind power base in Gansu province, is listed on the “Twelve-Five” of new energy and renewable energy development plan accelerated.

Minqin County alone was commissioned to design the Unit completed, red sand Ridge and West of Castle Peak Road drains and Matsuyama in Tianzhu Tan wind farm planning, Songshan in Tianzhu Tan million-kilowatt wind power base of the planning has passed the national water Institute review, to be implemented after approval. Million-kilowatt desert in Gulang County of the ecological planning of photovoltaic base implementation report has been submitted to the National Energy Board for approval. 2.3 million-kilowatt wind power base in Minqin hongshagang II plan has also been reported to the provincial development and Reform Commission. The wuwei city “Thirteen-Five” energy industry development plan is being prepared.

Meanwhile, in order to further strengthen, increase the output point of the grid structure to effectively address new energy and electricity output, the city passed to the State power grid company in Gansu province actively pursuing, implemented a stone mine in liangzhou, Gulang Minqin hongshagang 4 door, Tianzhu, and 330,000 volts of power transmission engineering. At present, the Liang province Minqin Red Stone mine, Tianzhu, Berlin, Sha gang 3 330,000 kV substation has been completed and put into operation, an effective solution to the energy problem of electricity output for the Internet. Ronghua tamping Coke group of 1.5 million tons and a number of modern energy projects have been put into operation, Tianzhu, 1 million tons of carbon-based new material base has become a 400,000-ton production capacity of silicon carbide, by 2018, when the city’s electricity consumption will reach 8 billion-kilowatt in 2020, when you reach 24.6 billion-kilowatt is bound to realize new energy power to dissolve and speed up building a foundation to promote new energy base.

Pay close attention to the project to speed up industrial development

In recent years, wuwei city, seizing on a national and provincial overlay opportunities encourages the development of new energy and industrial policies, planning and construction of the wuwei wuwei solar new energy high-tech zone, new energy equipment manufacturing industry in Minqin red garden, Sha gang industrial zone.

According to “support does not support small, fast support is not supported with” new energy industry development, the city has introduced aerospace wanyuan, Hunan industrial, energy-saving, Gan power Investment Corporation, China Guangdong nuclear, and a number of well-known enterprises, focus on continuous development and construction of solar and wind power projects. By the end of 2014, the city’s total implementation of wind-power project 3.9935 million kW, and total investment of 39.9 billion yuan, have been completed and 2.1505 million kW, 768,000-kilowatt photovoltaic projects have been built in liangzhou district, PV projects have been built in Gulang County 150,000-kilowatt, completed PV project in Minqin 634,500 kW wind power project to be 598,000 megawatts, and construction in the pre-development 1.843 million kilowatts.

Golden Sun new energy high-tech zone located in liangzhou district, wuwei Feng-Zhen, an empty star DUN Tan Jin Shan Xiang junction, about 35 kilometers from wuwei city. District planning area of 67 square kilometers, divided into three plates of ⅰ, ⅱ, ⅲ area. ⅰ and ⅱ in area planning to the solar power industry, the provincial development and Reform Commission to carry out preliminary work reply total of 1184 MW of PV power station installed capacity.

“At the moment, focus area has been China Windpower group wuwei wuwei solar, solar energy and energy conservation in Gansu, Gansu electricity vote for Chen Xu liangzhou district of wuwei in Gansu province, solar energy, photovoltaics and other 21 companies. Orientation and development of district goal is to build the country’s solar energy industry demonstration base, the province’s largest concentrated solar power plant and the province’s larger-scale chemical building materials industrial base. “Li Changdong, Park Director told reporters.

Minqin hongshagang million-kilowatt wind turbine base 2014 province is a major project with a total installed capacity of 1.2 million-kilowatt, 9.716 billion yuan of total investment, 200,000-kilowatt experimental wind 1 million-kilowatt wind power project investment of 2 billion yuan, 7.716 billion yuan investment. In May 2012, the project approved by the National Energy Board to carry out preliminary work, June 2013 as approved by the provincial development and Reform Commission approved the construction of cgnpc (400,000-kilowatt) new energy, aerospace (300,000-kilowatt), Datang renewable energy (300,000-kilowatt) three wind farms, supporting two 330,000 volts booster station. So far, has been completed and installed capacity of 600,000-kilowatt, namely, pilot and China Guangdong Nuclear wind farm 200,000-kilowatt 400,000-kilowatt, 7.496 billion yuan investment project is done. After the project is completed and put into operation, and annual output of 2.33 billion kWh, annual electricity sales revenue of 1.35 billion yuan.

China Guangdong Nuclear wind power to build the first wind farm construction began in March 2014, on December 30, 2014, putting into operation, so that the year starts, then build grid-connected electricity generation. Projects totaled 3.089 billion yuan investment, built of 400,000-kilowatt kilowatts, annual design capacity of 740 million kWh, years of achieving revenue from electricity sales of 430 million Yuan. The second and third wind farm equipment has been ordered and completed wind turbine Foundation poured 350 base, accounted for 100%, lifting, 73 per cent of the total 20.86%, owners are trying to hoisting two projects is expected to completed in March this year grid.

Now, in the vast expanse of the vast desert, criss-crossing the base road, extending in all directions, “Wai” became a large “field” Word squares, hongshagang renewed vigor of silent all these years.

Innovative concept exploring win-win model

In the South margin of Tengger Desert, Northern deserts of Gulang County area, the sliver of PV modules, white Hoop, Golden Desert, combine into a magnificent picture color landscape painting.

To further consolidate the gains on key management in shiyang River basin, the city will be building a new energy base combined with the desert control in shiyang River basin, focused in Minqin County, liangzhou district, Gulang County, along the desert and Gobi wasteland areas and even the construction of large solar photovoltaic power generation demonstration ecological zones. By installing a photovoltaic device, fixed dunes, reduce evaporation, while power array area drip irrigation planting desert plant, Windbreak and soil improvement, explore industry development and ecological construction in desert areas, resource utilization “Trinity” of new energy industry development in new ways.

“The end of 2011, zhenfa wuwei branch General Manager shangsongqing to visit Gulang, new energy, neither into the desert, nor into the wasteland, but directly to the desert. “Development and reform Bureau in Gulang County Project Office Director Dang Yuzhong said, Jiangsu zhenfa company vision, coincides with Gulang County plans to develop new energy industry. See Gulang is available high desert area, solar radiation and long hours of sunshine, there are good conditions for building large-scale photovoltaic power generation base. Northern deserts of Gulang County regional solar radiation per square meter 6613 MJ, analyzed data for nearly 28 years, total change in radiation levels increased, with an average annual sunshine time about 3,000 hours, belonging to the solar energy resource-rich regions.

In April 2012, the two sides signed a total installed capacity of 500 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project cooperation agreements, Zhen FA company plans to spend 5 years invested 5.2 billion yuan, beach tree farm northern desert areas in the road to produce 500 megawatt photovoltaic power plant in the desert, planned area of about 20,000 acres, complete managed 18,000 acres in the desert, built the facility agriculture and the desert 5000 acres of cash crops.

Currently, Zhen FA new energy phase I and phase II PV power station perimeter, completed projects and desertification control 773 acres, planting the flower stick, and other kinds of desert seedlings 258,000 trees elaeagnus angustifolia. Meanwhile, power station outside of Gulang County as a county-wide voluntary tree-planting bases, complete sand control afforestation of 1900 acres. Infield fixed photovoltaic panels at the plant here, by Zhen FA new energy investment and implementation of forestry-sector organizations, buried putts 1500 acres of wheat straw bases on both sides of the main road and planting windbreaks 4300. According to reports, the next step will build 100 solar greenhouses, using a semi-transparent PV membrane, both light and power, greatly improving the utilization of solar energy.

At present, Jiangsu Zhen FA 150,000-kilowatt desert ecology PV grid-connected power generation, showing good ecological and economic benefits. Project a 50 MW, two 100 megawatt power station had been launched in November 2013, May 2014 grid-connected power generation. Until the end of 2014, when a complete total generating capacity of 86.35 million-kilowatt, when the average daily output of 210,000-kilowatt; the second phase when completing a total generating capacity of 92.84 million-kilowatt, when the average daily output of 520,000-kilowatt. Three 350 MW is reviewing approval, the city completed the kW of eco-planning of photovoltaic power generation base in the desert in Gulang County and has been reported to the National Energy Board approval for their implementation.

Coordinated with promoting the development of equipment manufacturing

Wind power equipment manufacturing industry in my province, “Twelve-Five” planned development one of the key emerging industries of strategic importance, is an important part of equipment manufacturing industry in our province. At the same time promoting the construction of wind-power projects, the city to extend the industrial chain and accelerate the development of new energy equipment manufacturing.

In August 2010, wuwei city starts building new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park in 2011, were identified as pilot projects on circular economy in the province Park in 2013, has been identified as the provincial new industrialization demonstration base. After nearly five years of construction, the Park is taking shape with new energy equipment manufacturing, complemented with General equipment manufacturing industry, supporting the development of producer services in the emerging modern industrial park.

“Beginning of the park planning and construction, urban put forward clear requirements in two-level party committees and Governments, to adhere to the concept of urban-rural integration development, according to the ‘ high starting point, high standard building planning, efficient management ‘ requires planning and construction zone. “The Management Committee Director Ma Shiyou, told reporters that Park nearly five years of development, fully reflects these requirements.

China space wuwei new energy equipment manufacturing industry Park project, by China space wanyuan International (Group) limited investment, Yu April 2013 starts construction, is I city focus merchants introduction funding project, including wuwei space new energy investment limited wind generator group manufacturing assembly line, and wuwei space wanyuan motor manufacturing limited MW level wind generator line, and wuwei has can new energy electrical technology limited wind electric converter and the solar inverse variable device line, 3 a child project.

“Wuwei city level led to the concern and support of the project, the Park of enterprise cadres and workers with comprehensive services, strengthened our investment confidence and determination of the wuwei wuwei, rooted. “China Aerospace new energy Industrial Park infrastructure manager Wang Chih-kang told reporters.

Up to now, wuwei new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park has introduced Chinese Aerospace wanyuan, China singyes solar and other famous companies, invest in generators, inverters, wind turbine towers, blades and other equipment, as well as solar photovoltaic modules, inverters and other new energy equipment manufacturing industry. Aerospace in wuwei, China new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park, 300 sets electro-magnetic direct-drive 2 MW wind turbines, megawatt electrical excitation generators, China singyes solar (Gansu) industrial park of 300 MW of PV modules, pass into flying 300 sets of wind turbine blades PV module production line has been put into operation, wuwei Hexi new energy base, has become an important part of it.

Meanwhile, on November 4, 2014, combined with a number of powerful equipment manufacturing enterprises both inside and outside the province, in my city, Gansu province, founded the wind power equipment manufacturing industry chain Alliance. This is big and powerful measure of wind power equipment manufacturing industry chain will carry out “to improve enterprises ‘ innovation ability and building an innovation-oriented country” strategy, play a wind power equipment manufacturing industry aggregation effect in Gansu province to enhance the ability of independent innovation in the field of wind power equipment manufacturing industry in Gansu province and the support of core competition power of industry to play an active and leading role. Meanwhile, wide wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises ‘ participation in contracting enterprises, set up an exchange of information, business, research and analysis, a common platform is of great significance to the development will promote the adjustment of economic structure, transform the mode of development of our province to play an active role.

Next, wuwei city will actively develop Hexi new energy and new energy equipment manufacturing industrial base, using “wuwei new energy equipment manufacture China Aerospace industrial park” in good condition, and actively introduce domestic and foreign well-known wind turbine parts supplier in wuwei production development. City Admiral to space wanyuan has international advanced, and domestic pioneered of MW level series electric Reed magnetic straight drive wind electric unit manufacturing for core and leading, gradually build wind machine machine, and generator, and bearing, and converter, and leaves, and cabin wheels, wind electric precision casting and the mechanical processing, and control system, and cable, and electromagnetic line, and high strength bolt, and Tower tube, full industry chain system, formed baiyiji wind electric equipment manufacturing industry.

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