Installed but not grid-connected? Distributed PV generation it will be closed!

Polaris solar PV net news: Mr Wang, a teacher who lives in Langfang, a chance learned from television news reports after the PV, they can’t wait to get hands-on practice.

The morning of March 6, Wang told his friend that he was home to install a PV system in the afternoon, a 3KW system built in. It is reported that Mr Wang this photovoltaic power generation system using a total of 12 250W poly, covers an area of about 40 square meters. See here, dear readers must have and ZOOM make the same laments this fast, almost all users bemoan the installation of photovoltaic power systems when it is too long, Mr King day actually did it! But don’t worry, Mr Wang Jia PV story has only just begun.

“Exclusive coverage” installed but not grid-connected? Distributed PV generation it will be closed!

Top of Wang who lives in a modest apartment building, although the roof is great but it does not belong to Mr Wang’s unique, so Mr King to install the PV rooftop systems had to pass by the consent of all residents inside the building, and then to get the property agree. Mr Wang has always been good with people, the first cross-boundary checkpoints easily in front of PV. The thought that after the installation could be grid-connected electricity generation, the problem came again.

It turns out that area of Wang is higher self-governing community!

High self-regulatory hinder PV cases also have been reported before, in February this year, “new energy and sea” published in a blog article, calls for addressing this obstacle. Grid for residents electricity user into straight purchased electric user and high-pressure since tube households two big class, so-called high since tube, is refers to powered sector will power line sent to community property electrical room, to first circuit breaker device clear property, community within line equipment property belongs to property all, community within powered facilities (transformer, and switch, and cable, and user meters,) no transfer to powered sector qián by occurred of maintenance costs and security accident by property itself is responsible for, powered sector only meter total table power, line loss and internal power distribution by property bear processing. Power supply put power lines into a residential power distribution room, dress total calculation total community powered by property management, owners, purchasing electricity from the property purchasing power in the community, rather than directly to purchase electricity from the grid.

Since Mr Wang Jia are not users direct-purchasing electricity grid, but from the property purchasing power, therefore, if Mr Wang at home photovoltaic system power when there is a need to upload, is to upload to the community intranet, rather than directly by the community within the General tables uploaded to the power grid. In this way, Mr Wang electricity from the PV system have either been neighborhood spot to dissolve, if you want to sell electricity to the national grid, when uploaded in calculating PV power, will involve trilateral power grid, and the owner of the property settlement issues.

Now Mr King seems to be the only two solutions, one is the photovoltaic electricity is sold to the property, and another is the photovoltaic power generation system into off-grid systems. According to press reports, Mr King also installing PV systems and power grids, as well as property multi-link negotiation, but as of now, the grid does not agree to Mr Wang’s grid-connected PV power station alone, community property in which Mr King has not yet agreed to buy electricity. Grid-connected systems off-grid system, you need to install batteries, cost is often too high. Therefore, the grid was shelved.

About belonging to the high pressure pipe owners within the community, the “new energy and sea” suggested that owner has the option to “full use” of grid-connected, or at least can get PV subsidies. If owners home occupied during the day, large amount of electricity, photovoltaic electricity a few, more than significant. If the owners usually no one at home during the day, PV basic contributions to the property, and is not suitable for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Mr King’s road to photovoltaic power generation how to proceed? Reporters will continue to pay attention, also hope that the industry will have advice, solve problems for Mr Wang. (Text | Amy)

Original title: installed but not grid-connected? Distributed PV generation it will be closed!

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