Interpretation of modified: China will be ordered into the distributed new energy age

Polaris solar PV net news: recent Central Government issued the opinions on further deepening the system reform of electric power files (in [2015] 9th number, hereinafter referred to as the 9th article), marks the beginning of electric power system reform in China’s second wave. Electricity reform in China’s history, a long and difficult process. First wave is modified in 2012, issued the notice on printing and distributing electric power system reform programme (5th), put forward the “separation of grid, primary and secondary separation, transmission and distribution separated, bidding” reform policy. 13 years in the past, this approach is only half done. Even for this half of the reform, agreed that the industry is not complete. Grid is separated, but compete in generation-side wasn’t realized. Main and secondary more thoroughly. Reform’s greatest resistance comes from the power grid and its related interest groups, step by step to ride out. In a Word, the first wave of change: no and determination thoroughly, didn’t touch the core.

The second wave of reform will enter a critical stage. Throughout 9th text, change reform policy was, “control of intermediate and open at both ends.” Ordered open competitive aspect other than transmission and distribution electricity prices ordered open to social capital placements business, ordered free electricity other than welfare and regulatory plans, promoting the trading firms are relatively independent. In a word: narrow the range of power system in power industry chain of control and return to its power transmission and distribution job, open grid equitable access, open space of distributed renewable energy development in China.

Behind China’s development and application of power system to adapt to the new energy

Grid monopoly in China’s power industry at present besides the generation, transmission, distribution and supply the entire link, exclusive coverage from China have complete low voltage in high voltage transmission and distribution of natural monopoly network resources. As a single purchase of electricity purchase electricity from the plant, sold as a single end user sales. Repression of grids for distributed renewable energy grid access and power output.

Both photovoltaic or the wind, any new investment in energy projects profit approach relies on electricity. Power generation using two approaches: 1. use 2. sold to the grid. Both profit approach is the premise of grid access. Even after the network into new energy power station, power can be output to electricity customers, remains uncertain. Large-scale photovoltaic/wind power station, abandoned, abandoning wind, have occurred. Grid connection and output limitation substantially curb private capital for investment in new energy such as solar power station initiative.

Incorporation and official explanations of the output difficult due to security problems is essentially a profit distribution. Grid-connected violated the monopoly of power, new energy and spontaneous use of electricity directly led to the system of reduction of electricity price income. So the power grid for grid-connected renewable energy are not enthusiastic about. And interests of the root of the problem is institutional. Under the current system, the grid is the only buyer on the electricity market (power plant) and the seller (for the user). Vertically integrated monopoly power transmission, distribution and sale of electricity grid system is the problem. Distributed energy violated the network’s monopoly for the sale of electricity, giving users more independent electricity right to choose; violated the monopoly of power distribution, new energy generation needs to be connected to the distribution network.

Distributed energy problems all in the country’s original sin is the power behind China’s physique does not adapt to the new energy development and application. Although under the national coordinated, distributed energy grid for grid introduced the admission policies, change in attitude worthy of recognition. But did not conduct electricity system reform, would not solve the grid for a new energy shock exclusion of its monopoly profits from electricity sales, the grid can’t really accept the new energy grid. State from administrative pressure is unlikely to solve the problem. Grid although the compromise had changed its policy, but the rigid power system has not changed, fundamentally determines the grid did not accept new energy initiative. Only the old system in order to liberate new sources of energy.

Open grid fair access to open new domestic energy market

9th civilization, “reform and standardize the power grid Corporation operation mode. Grid companies abandoned the Internet and sale price spreads as the main source of income, according to transmission and distribution prices charged NET fees approved by the Government. ” “Change the grid companies set electricity distribution, electric power monopoly, scheduled transactions of power grid Enterprise principally engaged in the investment operation of the grid, the electricity transmission and distribution, responsible for network security, protect the network fair and non-discriminatory open.” In other words, future income mainly comes from the transmission and distribution of power grid over the net, rather than selling spreads. New energy grid and outputs, the grid can also be received over the net. New energy power generation no longer impact power’s electricity sales business. Fundamentally solved grid for a new energy shock rejection of its former monopoly profits from electricity sales. Power grid is like a freeway, it not only monopolized the road, also monopolized the operation of all vehicles on the highway, causing the ends of the power plants and electricity customers have no choice in the matter. Change is to make the grid only after highway tolls, is no longer involved in the operation of vehicles on the road. Your coal and electricity utility trucks can run I solar wind power passenger cars can also be transported. “The gradual breaking monopoly and ordered open competitive businesses, supply diversification, promoting fair competition, the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection”. Effectively solves the “new energy and renewable energy generation, barrier-free access without discrimination”. In this sense, 9th text if post two years earlier, the fate of China’s new energy industry would not be so miserable.

Distributed renewable energy development, which will in turn promote the reform of

Each time a new energy system will dramatically change people’s living and production, creating new patterns of economic and social relations, and distributed renewable energy is no exception. Renewable energy brought about by democratization, will form a horizontal distribution and network expansion of cooperation in energy development and use framework, thus changing the electric power industry, make it to the flat direction.

9th of the text makes it clear that, “establishment of market access and withdrawal mechanism. Under the liberalized marketing electricity side the requirements and the actual situation in various parts of the market, scientific definition with technology, safety, environmental, energy efficiency and social responsibility requirements for sale of electricity subject access “. “Allow user or with distributed power micro-grid system in power-trading” or “distributed power and the opening up of the user-side market. Active in all kinds of pilot and demonstration of distributed generation projects. Open user side construction of distributed generation, support businesses, institutions, communities and families in accordance with their respective conditions, according to local conditions invest in solar, wind and biomass power generation and gas “heat” cogeneration and other types of distributed generation, allowing access to distribution networks and terminals electrical systems different voltage levels. Specialized energy service companies and users are encouraged to cooperate or to energy contract construction of distributed power management mode “. These provisions for distributed PV power plant owners to enter electricity retail market, provides the possibility of policy. Distributed PV if the roof is large enough, owners of power to dissolve a lifetime supply of case, owners may consider selling surplus electricity to his neighbors or the surrounding factories.

And unlike the traditional energy, distributed energy would be “development for all energy, universal energy, universal access to energy, energy benefits all people become masters of energy” possible to target, opens the door to a democratization of energy. When everyone can produce energy, can sell energy, have access to energy markets, when original high density high concentration of capital threshold of energy development and energy control system will no longer exist. Grid-connected power source as long as the technical standards to be equality of treatment and access, everyone share the production of electricity to sell at home. Monopoly power will be forced to constantly open, transparent, and trading platform. This, in turn, promote the reform of. Forming a virtuous circle. In a sense, not since the last three years, photovoltaic, wind power represented by the distribution of energy in the domestic energy market, left and right, and 9th, estimation of change could be delayed.


Can be expected, if the 9th, to be put in place, along with the reform of grid separation of monopoly and competitive businesses, power dispatch agency separate from the profit. Through policies and regulations, electric power supply Enterprise compulsory units of new energy in production, so power users prefer using renewable energy and electricity. Implementation for distributed renewable energy fair, open, equitable access, and create a good environment for the development of renewable energy. Distributed new domestic energy will be ordered into the new era. Impregnable as the iron, now moving from scratch.

Original title: modified interpretation: China will be ordered into the distributed new energy age

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