Knowledge sharing – photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance supplies warehouse management

Polaris solar PV net news: 1. goods code management

Material code’s goal is to create an electronic information database, full record and maintain stock supplies important information (including product attributes, quality assurance, inventory parameters, etc) to facilitate power station visitor (demand side and supply side) and queries, thereby improving the efficiency of materiel management, ensure that hydropower production. Material code is the first link in the supply chain, are the basis of materials management and procurement, material coding work containing material coding system, the material code coding, alternative supplies coding rules, production supplies, materials quality assurance grading and identification and updated material code weight code, material code system build, coding, data entry, material code maintenance.

2. warehouse material management (Tools, spare parts, consumables)

To full using resources, according to business management similar sex, and coordination and convenience sex of principles on production material implementation unified management, warehousing material management contains warehousing job organization process, and warehousing regulations and program management, and warehousing job management (material acceptance, and material differences processing process, and material packaging, and out storage, and back library, and inventory management, and procurement and inventory control, and material maintenance and maintenance,), and warehousing security management, and material grading management, and warehousing equipment management, and material transfer management, and temporarily save material management, and Layout warehouse management, warehouse management, materials management, life cycle management, material scrap process exception materiel management processes, storage and file management, and more.

3. warehouse management

Configuration of the storage facilities, maintenance, will decide how much the materials safe, efficient and orderly. Storage facilities include racks, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, fire systems, lifting equipment, transport devices, heating devices, scan code devices, communication devices, information systems and so on. Warehouse inventory of facilities management includes facilities management, facilities maintenance, facilities replace the inspection record of periodic tests, facilities management, facilities management, and so on.

4. inventory and purchasing management

Plant materials storage group should be determined according to power station supplies the minimum on-hand inventory, minimum inventory list must be approved by the headquarters audit, Supplement usage according to the plant material procurement, the procurement process should meet the requirements of purchasing process.

Original title: knowledge sharing – photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance supplies warehouse management

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