National CPPCC called for vigorously developing the solar thermal industry

Polaris solar PV net news: “the adoption of science and technology pilot, expand the solar thermal market. “This year, the” two sessions “, the Federation of industry and commerce has submitted to the General Assembly’s promotion of the development of the solar thermal industry recommended.

Although the advantages of solar thermal industry, but over the past couple years issues of industrial development is facing a slowdown. Therefore, speed up the development of rational industrialization of solar thermal policies, with emphasis on application development and support of solar thermal industry, to improve the ecological environment and adjustment of energy structure, promoting socio-economic development is of great significance.

Promotion of solar thermal applications, social and economic benefits highlighted

Thermal energy is the energy of national economy and people’s life, accounting for 50%~55% of the total national energy consumption. Solar energy converted into heat energy that is, solar thermal energy instead, ensure energy security and reducing the emission of major initiatives.

According to statistics, in 2014, our sales volume has reached 52.4 million square meters of solar collectors and systems, population 414 million square meters (per cent of total global solar thermal utilization 67%), ahead of “Twelve-Five” development goals. In the 14 years since entering the 21st century, China’s cumulative savings of the solar thermal system totaled 371.67 million tons of standard coal, total emissions of 12.01 million tons of sulfur dioxide, soot 9.29 million tons, 797.78 million tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, energy saving and emission reduction effect.

Reporter learns, especially in cold areas, and vigorously promote the use of solar thermal systems, house heating, biogas can be realized not only insulation, industrial drying, drying and other related applications, can also provide compensation for greenhouse heating, address the shortage of winter farm and sideline products, and its social and economic benefits are outstanding.

According to the Federation of industry and commerce-related charge, in 2008, over more than 20 academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering, and 28 research institutes work together on a “China renewable energy development strategy of” project report. Report shows that solar thermal utilization in place of the standard coal volumes, the proportion reached 13.7%, second only to hydroelectric power. Research results show that the solar thermal industry is China’s great support to achieve a high proportion of renewable energy target is to implement the revolution must rely on the power of energy consumption.

Solar thermal industry slowdown can not be ignored

In the “Twelve-Five” in development planning, the State made clear for the first time in 5 years, direct government investment of 4 trillion yuan in nine major industries such as new energy, energy saving and environmental protection technology development. As at the same time across the “new energy” and “energy conservation and environmental protection” are two major industries of solar thermal industry, became the focus of all levels of Government and industry policy, speak for themselves.

“But we have to see clearly, although the advantages of solar thermal industry, and has been developing rapidly, but over the past two years of industrial development is facing a slowdown. “The National Federation official says.

The reason, partly because major brands product market concentration is not enough. “Current industry top 10 market share was less than 20%, industry manufacturers, dispersed, small scale and less featured products, upgrading of industrial development. “The Federation of industry and Commerce official said,” in addition, solar thermal application range is small, poor product quality and the problem still persists, manpower shortage also restrict industrial progress. Meanwhile, lack of international market development, are in need of extensive expansion. ”

Urgent need to focus on the development and support of solar thermal industry applications

On November 19, 2014, the State Council issued the energy development strategy action plan (2014-2020). Which makes it clear that, to the steady implementation of solar thermal power generation demonstration project. Meanwhile, 20 focus on solar thermal power generation was also highlighted in the direction of innovation. Immediately after a month, the National Energy Board National Energy Board also issued a comprehensive Division on solar development “Thirteen-Five” notification of planning work.

Among them, solar thermal power is as important to be mentioned.

This means that solar thermal power generation will become China’s “Thirteen-Five” during the development of the industry. Therefore, speed up the development of rational industrialization of solar thermal policies, with emphasis on application development and support of solar thermal industry, must be put on the agenda.

To this end, the Federation of industry and Commerce during the “two sessions” suggested: speeding up the solar energy and building integration research and demonstration work, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs at the earliest opportunity, active through various channels to promote solar thermal technology applications to achieve combined with the construction of small towns, building a well-off society, poverty alleviation. Through science and technology pilot, expanding applications market.

In addition, the Federation of industry and Commerce also recommends that, to speed up industrial upgrading, and to cultivate large backbone enterprise. Strengthening the construction of the whole industry chain, equipped with modern State of the art equipment business, form of mechanization and Informatization processing lines.

Same time, improve the modern enterprise system, improve the level of management and be internationally competitive. Increased government support to promote scientific and technological progress. Encourage and support new technologies, new processes and new product development and research and development, science and technology as engines of industrial development. Speed up technical standards, raise the standardization level and barriers to entry, health technology system in order to promote industrial upgrading. Multiple ways, foster scientific and technological talents. Strengthening international exchange and cooperation, and actively introduce foreign funds and advanced technology, increased exports.

“In terms of strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, on the one hand, the Government should strengthen macro-control and management of the industry, the implementation of production access or export approval system to stamp out bad products out of the country. The other hand, the products need to be independent of enterprise independent property brand support; to avoid killing each other when enterprises participate in market competition. “The Federation of industry and Commerce official further explained.

Original title: China called for pilot extended the market develop the solar thermal industry

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