National development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Board on improving electricity regulation promotes clean energy multiple full guidance

Arctic star solar PV network news: Beijing city, and Hebei province, and Jiangxi province, and Henan province, and Shaanxi Province, and Tibet Autonomous region development reform Board, each province, and autonomous regions, and municipalities by letter Board (workers letter Board, and workers letter Office, and economic and Trade Commission, and Commission), National Energy Council sent institutions, China power Enterprise Federation, national grid company, and China South grid limited responsibility company, China China can group, and China Datang group, and China China electric group, and China country electric group, and China power investment group, and Shenhua, China three gorges project Corporation, limited liability company, the State development and Investment Corporation:

To implement the Central Finance and Economics leading group at its sixth meeting and the first meeting of the National Energy Commission to deploy, implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on further deepening reform of the electric power several opinions ([2015]9 number) requests, improving electricity regulation is hereby made, promote sustainable and healthy development of clean energy, offer the following guidance:

, Overall annual electric power and energy balance, actively promoting clean energy to dissolve

(A) provincial (district, municipal) Government organizations when preparing its annual programme of electric power and energy balance in the region, should adopt measures for the implementation of renewable energy generation in full security system, on the premise of protection of power system security and stability, full arrangements for renewable energy generation.

(B) in preparing their annual power generation plans, priority reservations and hydropower, wind power, solar power and other clean energy generation space; encouraging clean energy generation to participate in the market, has been determined by direct methods of trading and other market-oriented power, can be deducted from the schedule. For similar different clean energy production in the same area, in the reserved space should be fair and impartial. Wind power, solar power, biomass power generation according to the region’s resource conditions full arrangements; hydro-balance resources and historical averages to determine electricity; nuclear power in ensuring a safe balance between peak-need to schedule generation gas turbine based on heating, peaking and balancing the need to determine the capacity. Coal-fired power unit further increase the intensity of different power plan to ensure an efficient and energy saving and environmental protection unit of utilization hours than other coal-fired power units, and may increase emissions of air pollutants within a specified period of concentrations near or at the coal-fired generating units using gas turbine generator sets emission limit values in hours.

(C) provincial (district, municipal) Government departments in integrated and balanced annual electricity power, added electricity demand clean energy generation, in principle, give priority to arrangements and eliminate areas of clean energy, and more incentives for clean energy and peak coal for power generation.

(D) energy resource-rich area, installed a larger proportion of clean energy in the integrated and balanced annual electricity power, added electricity demand such as unable to meet clean-energy multiple full output, should be market-oriented, encouraging clean energy a priority deal with customers, and fully tap the potential power in the region, dissolve the maximum clean-energy.

(E) the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and smaller proportion of clean energy in the integrated and balanced annual electricity power, added electricity demand to meet clean-energy to dissolve, and unequivocally accept the transmission out and gradually increase the proportion of clean energy, promoting air quality improvements.

(F) the Government Department in charge of the Organization of State grid Corporation, China Southern power grid companies send annual inter-provincial incoming plan, should be the effective implementation of the national energy strategy and policy, making full use of existing power transmission channels, increase scheduling flexibility, and consider supporting power and clean energy, and prioritize the utilization of clean energy and clear transmission ratio, improve the stability and security of transmission. For different similar clean energy production in the same area, in the send schedule should be fair and equitable.

(VII) across provinces send electricity and manpower in electric power supply and demand, transmission and channel capacity, fully independent consultation to determine annual sending electricity plan to maximize clean energy out and dissolve, to avoid water, desert wind, abandon light. Unable to reach a consensus through consultation, coordinated by the national development and Reform Commission to determine and coordinate the results copied to the National Energy Board.

(H) the national development and Reform Commission, in conjunction with provincial (district, municipal) Government authorities, electricity companies, in accordance with the requirements of decentralization and standardize administrative procedures for examination and approval, and sound power supply plan made by the provincial and inter-provincial power planning consultation mechanism. Annual power generation of the provincial plan, across provinces send electricity annually submitted to the national development and Reform Commission before filing in the first quarter. After filing of annual power generation plans, across provinces send electricity into provinces (regions and municipalities), electric power and energy balance, power grid enterprises are responsible for organization and implementation.

And second, strengthening the day-to-day operation, making full use of benefit compensation mechanism for clean energy market space

(IX) provincial (district, municipal) Government authorities in determining the annual power generation planning and inter-provincial sent electricity plan, electricity purchase electricity for sale should be made accordingly in consultation, and alternative power generation (generation rights trade), auxiliary services such as market mechanisms, achieve benefits of different types of power supply regulation, prone to promote clean energy. Areas with appropriate conditions, can be implemented across provinces.

(J) improve the peak load compensation mechanism should be established, increase the intensity of peak load compensation, encourage the adoption of market-oriented ways to determine peak shoulder to encourage clean energy direct purchase of services. For coal-fired power units in order to avoid water, desert wind, depth peak, or abandon the light unit starts and stops should be rewarded through such means as increased generating capacity, electricity needed in the annual energy plan integrated and taken into account in the arrangements, year-end closing.

(11) the renewable eliminate difficult areas, through market-oriented economic incentive compensation mechanism of coal consumed in peak. Peak depth not reached average peak rate, without compensation; peaking at depths greater than average peak rate, be progressive compensation programs on/off peak-be lump-sum compensation. To compensate for the expense of renewable energy and coal-fired power units according to the extent of the benefit be assessed accordingly. Compensation and cost-sharing should be balanced.

(12) the hydropower installed capacity weighting area should develop hydro power generation mechanism for each other. On the premise of explicit minimum start-up mode of coal-fired power units, organized for alternate power generation hydroelectric, coal-fired power units, in order to protect hydro-prone coal turbine from full and reduced to compensate. Power increase, compensation should be mainly used in coal-fired power units. And may try to cascade Valley cold standby compensation, compensation, stock exchange and other ways to achieve the interests of different power generation main adjustment.

(13) the provincial (district, municipal) Government Department shall, in conjunction with the appropriate energy regulatory agencies, combined with operating experience and the situation of supply and demand, reexamined the coal turbine (including heat) the minimum technical effort and start-up mode, continuous research and exploration of hydropower, wind power, solar power and coal-fired electricity (including electric), joint operation and optimum operation.

(14) improve inter-provincial sent interest adjustment mechanism. Across provinces sent by electric agreement has by national coordination clear price of should follow Executive, market mechanism compared perfect of also can by sent by electric both according to actual run situation, according to risk total Dan, and interests shared principles all or part again consultations determines, and will consultations results submitted national development reform Board and national energy Council; national not clear price of, by sent by electric both consultations determines transmission price and power.

(15) the provincial (district, municipal) Government authorities should co-operate with the relevant authorities to regularly publish generating assessment results, timely public release power system information and regulation parameters and other information. Energy regulators should be on a monthly basis to the provincial (district, municipal) Government departments informed of support services management and operation management of data.

Third, enhance power demand side management and peak load by moving to clean energy to create favourable conditions

(16) the provincial (district, municipal) Government departments should enhance power demand side management to encourage users optimum power load characteristics, participate in peak FM, increasing peak-Valley electricity price difference, by means of price guide peak load shifting, ease peak-power generation-side pressure, promotes elimination on clean energy.

(17) provincial (district, municipal) Government departments to speed up the development and construction of electric power demand side management platform, promotion of online monitoring, help users to achieve power refinement, provide technical support to reduce the power difference between peak and Valley.

(18) provincial (district, municipal) competent government departments should actively try to demand response pilot project, supported by online monitoring and Internet technology, integrated use of subsidy policy, price policy, users of active load-shedding during peak economic compensation, or through direct trade and clean energy compensation.

(19), provincial (district, municipal) Government departments should study complementary policies, innovative thinking, and urged the implementation of grid-connected distributed generation grid enterprises policy led grid enterprises to absorb more distributed generation.

(20) encourage qualified areas of thermal power unit thermal storage technology, low power heating pilot.

Four, strengthen mutual coordination and supervision and management, and ensure the full output of clean energy policies to the letter

(21) the clean-energy grid-connected power generation enterprise should meet the technical requirements, contribute to improving prediction accuracy, strengthen production operation management and improve power quality and ease pressure on stable operation of power network.

(22) the power enterprises should be consolidated under the responsibility of a clean energy generation forecast and scientific arrangement unit, fully tapping the potential of system peak load, adjust the spinning reserve, on the premise of ensuring the safe operation of the power grid, promote clean energy a priority Internet access, implement fully guaranteeing the purchasing of renewable, speeding up ad network reconstruction of transmission lines, improve ability to attract renewable energy. Conditional power grids, scheduling pilot clean energy priorities, which aim to maximize absorptive kWh of clean energy, optimal scheduling, flexible operating reserve capacity.

(23) power enterprises should strengthen clean energy transmission channel in regions rich in construction, development of smart grid technologies, improved clean energy grid conditions, expanding the scope of resource allocation.

(24), provincial (district, municipal) Government Department shall, in conjunction with the appropriate energy regulatory bodies, strengthening electric power dispatching and the supervision of power operation and annual power generation plans, organizations regularly informed of electric power information, coordinate clean energy grid and run contradictory to ensure clean energy.

(25) to renewable energy regulators monitor full Internet access, not full Internet access, the reasons should be identified, and clarify lines of responsibility, urging related parties rectify.

The national development and Reform Commission

National Energy Board

On March 20, 2015

Original title: national development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Board on improving electricity regulation promotes clean energy multiple full guidance

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