National grid to support distributed PV

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, Liu Zhenya said at the State grid in 2015, meeting in 2015, national grid company will force represented by the PV distributed the new energy and industrial development. State grid Corporation plans this year to invest $ 420.2 billion yuan building, rose up to 24%. Record amount of investment.

How to spend it?

Liu Zhenya said the focus this year is to break through the smart grid. 50-a new generation of intelligent substation will be built this year, 60.6 million installing smart meters, 316 million household electricity consumption information is automatically collected. National grid also will build a demonstration project of Xiamen flexible DC operation, completed 36 sets of system upgrade, speed up “three-link” intercity highway network construction of interconnecting fast charge.

Take to finish?

State grid Corporation of distributed PV seriously, from the rapid development of the domestic distribution market. In 2014, the new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity of 10.6 million-kilowatt which added PV power station 8.55 million-kilowatt, distributed 2.05 million-kilowatt, PV power generation rose 172%.

In 2014, the rapid growth of the domestic PV market, in addition to factors such as policy, the major PV power is undeniable. To ensure that 2015 will continue to get beautiful results, major domestic companies at market timing. Earlier, Yingli launched a “Golden Goat” grid-connected generation system, ATP joint ICBC, in Shanghai launched a “staging treasure” business.

Flower values?

Project acceptance of grid-connected PV is the key link in project implementation. Photovoltaic market will grow rapidly, State grid Corporation cooperation is essential. 2015 420.2 billion of your money makes any sense, is in use on the blade, please let us wait and see.

Original title: “secret” 420.2 billion a year, national grid spent

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