Perovskite among high solar energy absorbing material

Polaris solar PV net news: perovskite on visible light absorption is very good, but its a perfect single crystal structure has never been thoroughly studied. According to the latest issue of the journal Science reports, Canada engineers using new technology to grow large crystals of perovskite-type solid, so as to develop cheaper, more efficient solar panels and light-emitting diode laid the Foundation.

By the Department of electronics and computer science, University of Toronto Professor Ted ˙ Sargent led the research team, using a combination of laser-based technique to selected properties of perovskite-type crystals was measured. By tracking the fast-moving electrons in the material, the researchers determined the electron diffusion length and mobility. Diffusion refers to the electronics can be accomplished without suffering from material defects or how far, mobility refers to the electrons in a material can run much faster.

Researchers say this work determined the perovskite materials the ultimate ability of capturing solar energy, which compete for the new record photoelectric conversion of the race added a new Member. In recent years, the perovskite materials for photoelectric conversion efficiency has been confirmed, surged more than 20%, beginning close to the performance of today’s commercial-grade silicon-based solar panels. Given that it can be manufactured by liquid precursor chemicals summary, perovskite materials have great potential to further reduce the cost of solar power.

The study is expected to have a significant impact on green energy, and create new sources of light. Perovskite crystal manufacturing solar panels as an exotic glass slab: Crystal surface light is absorbed and excited electrons in a material, electrons easily through the Crystal to the underside of the electronic contact form current. In reverse order, to power up the slab into the electronics can emit light. This high performance electro-optical conversion device means perovskite materials or to open a new area of energy-efficient light-emitting diode.

Original title: perovskite among high solar energy absorbing material

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