Photovoltaic shed enjoy: under the dome of the distractions!

Polaris solar PV net news: with the people on the importance of environmental protection, solar power has been applied to the place where the Sun can shine on, such as “solar carport” with electric cars replacing traditional cars, photovoltaic carport is also a very necessary distractions. Both to car visor and insulation, and can recharge the car, it was a cool wood? Let us look at these wayward photovoltaic carport bar ~

Photovoltaic shed 1, BMW

BMW probably think their I-series models is too ornate, traditional charging methods is difficult to match, so they designed specifically for I-series models of solar carport.

Adhering to the concept of electric cars, using bamboo and carbon-fiber skeleton of this solar garage, garage roof is translucent solar panels. BMW says that, as long as the sunny, garage, absorption of solar energy is sufficient to charge the I-series models, spare parts can even supplement the family income, and the shed life of up to 30 years or so, an investment benefit for a long time.

Photovoltaic shed 2, Volvo

Volvo sees BMW shed so cool, to be outdone, has introduced collapsible portable solar charging tent.

This folding charging tent style fantasy, is said to be made of high density polyethylene fabric, and is equipped with a lightweight carbon fiber frame. Usually folded in the trunk, took charge when needed, by the way also for car sun visor, avoiding exposure.

However, creativity is always good ideas, who knows one day electric cars can charge small overhead panels, ran the charge, from now on no longer have to worry about the way the electricity goes out.

Photovoltaic shed 3.Google

But for now, we’re focusing on what you can do, is to build a solar carport in the parking lot. Environmental protection enterprises have to start first! See, Google the company’s parking lot, not only for car visor and rain, but also to charge electric wayward!

Photovoltaic shed 4, to the Tesla

Original title: solar carports appreciation: under the dome of the distractions!

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