Ping an of China: 1 billion water PV

Polaris solar PV net news: finance bosses enter PV is not new, but peace on this shot but a little different.

PV Group jointly announced late last year, and China’s ping an insurance subsidiary of Fang Tao Shi Shi Tao of energy equity fund management equity investment management (Shanghai) Ltd signed agreements on investment, merging together photovoltaic power plant.

Under the agreement, Tao Shi company subscription combined PV total amount of RMB 1 billion (equivalent to about 1.26 billion yuan) a 7.5% three-year convertible bond conversion price is 1.03 million Hong Kong dollars, for combined merging 300 megawatts of photovoltaic solar power plants.

From safe investments, though, which had begun as early as 5 years ago in the energy field layout, it can be said that BoomTown energy strategy has entered another 5-year plan, photovoltaic power plant, or peace hope hit the first target.

Ping an’s new layout

It is understood that Shi Tao is one of China equity investment management company focused on energy sector investment, shareholder behind it, ping an of China and San Shan (Hong Kong) limited.

Shi Tao funds managed by the company known as “China’s biggest energy equity fund” initial size of around 10 billion yuan, according to the original plan “to raise $ 100 billion in 5 year” goal now Shi Tao founded five years of less than 9 months, then it puts far more than 10 billion yuan of capital is very likely.

Shi Tao is the current Chairman of the company three capital founding partner, former head of Bank of China International Li Shan. Tao Shi San Shan capital, companies owned by ping an, and half and half, and Li Shan as a veteran of the financial industry, in the grasp of policy, industry contacts and on the capital’s immersion, is already higher than a lot of financial executives.

Back in the early days, Tao Shi company has shown on the industry’s ambitious, in less than a year in 2010, Shi Tao used to visit Shanxi, and in the crucial period of reform of Shanxi coal industry as a whole, with the local Government on the integration of coal resources and other aspects of cooperation talks, it can be said a good command of rhythm.

Based on publicly available information, Shi Tao was never to invest in PV industry. This was shot, has a great relationship with industry policy. In retrospect, we can see that the PV subsidies mainly consists of two stages, the first stage is the Golden Sun and rapid development of building integrated photovoltaics of policy support, based on the construction cost of the subsidies. Phase II is based on generation of electricity subsidies. So the upcoming stage of phase II will be the rapid development of photovoltaic, PV power plant with very high investment value.

It can be said that current wave stone has been quick to sniff out the next taste of PV power station, and then only enter, sustainable access to low-cost capital and enough high quality projects of enterprises, capital financing, development, operation and maintenance aspects of the project lay a sufficient Foundation, borrowing policy East stand out over the next few years.

Combined advantages of PV

And why did you choose combined PV?

Not difficult to find, in the investment financial chiefs, peace does not belong to the first echelon, but only after many financial institutions invest in seeking cooperation with integrated PV. Which, combined with growing photovoltaic PV power station is certainly an important factor in the ownership. By the end of 2014, the national PV cumulative installed capacity will reach 30GW, United Solar have accounted for 1.9%.

In addition, the combined PV such as pioneer, has been active in various ways, excluding securitization of assets cannot be quagmire of the photovoltaic industry in the past, through a share swap and a special “chips” to attract large financial institutions to manage related projects so that multi-year projects could not be invigorated is activated again. In the process, combined with Taiwan in terms of capital already has draw a certain amount of experience, and many financial institutions or broader capital, are most concerned about such operations, there are good at both capital accumulation of certain enterprises.

In addition, China’s power sector has been there is fossil energy and clean energy supply debate, competing with, and in many cases, traditional power plants and clean energy power plants belong to the same family company involving the interests of more complex. This makes clean energy and coal-fired electricity was never able to resolve conflicts, is why many investors have been under unclear circumstances, reasons for not fully invest in the industry.

However, the situation in 2014, has already begun to change, with stock of PV’s gradually expanded and deepened understanding of the industry, power plant owners demand for power plant operation optimization provided by a third party is on the rise. By remote technology, cloud computing, big data, Internet technology combined with the energy sector, power generation-side intelligence operation and maintenance can be achieved on the one hand, and reduce maintenance costs on the other, genetic diagnosis can be running, increased customer power station operation and output efficiency, and at the new joint enterprises such as photovoltaic energy power plant operation and maintenance, it is a need to discover new blue sea.

Thus, BoomTown approach slowly, but not to lag behind, because nothing else, combined photovoltaic power plant assets, operations and industry opportunities, such as the value will gradually over the next few years.

This subscription nor that subscription

Although ostensibly a plant asset acquisitions, but in fact, the industry can see at a glance, MA the funded nature and reasons for the Giants, zhongmin, hang, China merchants and other investment institutions are not exactly the same. One of the most obvious characteristics, is mentioned in the agreement of a 7.5% three-year convertible bond.

Institute of shenyin wanguo securities analyst Han Qiming said earlier that safe convertible bonds subscription combined PV and more investment, rather than a substantive entered the photovoltaic industry. Because if the boomers really want to enter the industry ping an of China, they are more likely to be funded jointly with Enterprise mergers and acquisitions fund, launched to directly participate in decision-making and operational, rather than “a 7.5% three-year convertible bond” in such a way.

Combined with PV there were announcement, orient asset management firms to 1.03 Hong Kong dollars price, the subscription combined PV total amount of us $ 30 million (about 186 million yuan) of convertible bonds, to 50MW solar power station. Oriental assets management company is State-owned non-banking financial institutions, with registered capital of 10 billion yuan, the full funding by the Treasury.

Is not difficult to see from the combined PV of a series of moves, companies such as more relevant concept is popular nowadays to raise, and major financial institution would be raised by participants.

It can be said that peace and many other companies though not directly into the photovoltaic industry, but remains bullish about the prospects of photovoltaic power stations.

At present, due to fall in international crude oil prices, PV sector collective pullback, but founder securities, analysts said that impact enough to worry about. First of all, the fall in crude oil prices and international political game, competition for oil and shale gas, in the long run will not change the limited reserves of crude oil and shale gas accounted for relatively few of the patterns of energy supply, so prices are difficult to sustain low, and photovoltaic power generation costs will continue to decline in the future, so there would be no change in PV development trends.

Second, China develop PV applications, there is another very important factor is the environmental protection, so PV installed capacity growth in the country will not be subject to international crude oil price effects, so that only company associated with PV development should not be affected.

Ma this foray into photovoltaic power plant by means of subscription combined PV CB field, indicating a potentially significant industry development prospects are attracting more and more capital speculators rushing in points of interest. Believe in the future, for promising PV industry chain downstream, more financial institutions will also be available to bet on photovoltaic power plant.

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