Quest’s largest solar-powered aircraft: why grace not to temperature?

Polaris solar PV net news: flying planes full of dreams in the Sun, but how is solar driven air? The appearance of such a large, how people can have such a devilish charm of weight? Flying at an altitude of 8500 m, why should be have to grace not temperature?

Secrets that only we know.

Solar: in the sky, huanyu with you, accompany you for a ride

It is well known that solar energy is a renewable, clean energy. In everyday life, solar energy to produce heat or electricity, depending on solar energy use. When the Sun’s rays into heat (such as boiling water or home heating), is what we call the thermal solar energy, and when the Sun’s rays into energy is then converted to electricity, we call it thermal solar energy. “Shinin” aircraft using of solar energy comes from the Sun’s rays are photovoltaic cells (solar panels) capture and electricity to the grid, photovoltaic solar energy that appears.

Solar panels: romantic hug you if sunset

If we say that the aircraft the process of capturing solar energy, is like experiencing a comfortable “sunbathing”. Made of photovoltaic solar panels, is actually a “collector of energy.” The Solar Impulse flight powered by solar power during the day, but it had to rely on batteries at night. Panels the greater, the more electricity produced. Sunlight, consume large amounts of electricity, power 2nd, 17248 photovoltaic tiles directly on the wing. About 270 square meters (2900 square feet) of solar panels, daily absorption 340-kilowatt of solar energy. They will convert the Sun’s rays into electricity, supply power to aircraft engines, and to charge the flight battery. It is worth mentioning that, form a solar panel batteries are designed to be very thin, each battery only 135 µm thick, thinner than a human hair.

Carbon fiber: most gentle care, waiting for warm

“Shinin 2nd” gigantic wingspan up to 72 metres, wider than a Boeing 747. However, weighing 2.3 tons, equivalent to the weight of a car. So what this behemoth, is how to achieve weight loss? “Shinin 2nd” is used in the overall structure of the 80% carbon fiber material honeycomb, carbon fibre will be lighter, weighing only 25 grams per cubic meter, one-third of the density of plain paper. But its strength was sufficient to meet the mission requirements, at the same time, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation effect of carbon fiber materials. Even when flying at an altitude of up to 8500 feet, temperature decreasing with height in líng xià 30℃. “Wear” this body made of honeycombed carbon fibre materials “clothes” and “Sun power 2nd number” remarkably well against high altitude cold. By extensive use of carbon fibre as a substitute heating equipment. Also saves more power in the aircraft during the flight.

Original title: Quest’s largest solar-powered aircraft: why grace not to temperature?

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