Sichuan panzhihua residents first PV invoiced money

Polaris solar PV net news: “the problem has been solved, residents PV finally can be invoiced money ……” March 6, at 9 o’clock in the morning, citizen Xie Minghai, panzhihua, Sichuan residents of panzhihua power company staff who took over from the State grid PV invoice said with a laugh.

In recent years, with national strategies for development and construction of major new energy deployment further develops, the panzhihua unique PV solar lighting resources residents entered the fast track of development. According to statistics, 7 residents in panzhihua city built photovoltaic operation capacity of 74.8 kilowatts, cutting 0 end of February, when the total power generation capacity of 80,051-kilowatt. But due to non-taxpayers, billing difficulties and States for natural reasons such as photovoltaic tax policy adjustment was not timely, for a long time residents of photovoltaic power generation profits has been honoured in a timely manner.

In order to solve this problem, State grid power company in Sichuan province panzhihua electric power company under the guidance and help, to actively communicate relevant government departments, the IRS reported in panzhihua city, fight for policy support and landing. After repeated consultations, panzhihua IRS branch directly under the principal network in panzhihua electric power supply company’s tax, thoroughly solved the problem of residents of photovoltaic power generation difficult to make profits and cash.

It is reported that by the end of February, residents in panzhihua photovoltaic power on electricity bills amounted to 27752.57 Yuan, resident photovoltaic subsidy amounted to 28052.00 Yuan, all costs are in residents receipted invoice to be honored on the date, and future, these costs can be paid at the first residents of PV on-grid customers.

Original title: first residents in panzhihua of Sichuan PV invoiced money

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