Taiwan city, PV manufacturers, industry insiders expect that some spontaneous exit Central MIP Protocol

Polaris solar PV net news: last week, the European Commission accused of Sheng photoelectric and solar solar power, renesola violates EU minimum price undertakings (MIP) Protocol, it is proposed to be removed.

Taiwan industry insiders expected that other Chinese PV modules manufacturer carry out the agreement, turned to Europe for sale in other countries (regions) manufacture of PV modules. Based on this, the orders are likely to release to Taiwan for crystalline silicon solar manufacturers.

Sources predicted that once mainland China PV manufacturers out of the MIP Protocol, will have to pay an average of 47% “double reverse” tariffs, so they are likely to outsource production to other countries (regions) in order to avoid heavy taxes.

To the European market to sell in other countries (regions) production than photovoltaic modules manufactured in mainland China are much more price-competitive. Therefore, the PV module manufacturers in China are likely to Taiwan companies purchase solar panels, in other countries (regions) production of PV modules, the industry further claimed.

However, the Taiwan solar cell makers should keep an eye on orders from the city, PV module manufacturers, because importing a large number of Taiwan photovoltaic cell manufacturing of photovoltaic module is likely to prompt the European Union to Taiwan enterprises launched anti-dumping investigations, insiders stressed.

Original title: Taiwan industry insiders expect that some photovoltaic manufacturers quit spontaneously in central city, MIP Protocol

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